Zarconian Empire Macross
Zarconian Empire is an Empire from ON on earth in North America.They have proper universes for each Zarconian Autobot Guardian to go to to grow up and grow into the military in space.They are many units and large armies.Self grown our Zarco Macross military to serve us as our ally in battle.We have no allies and everything self grown.We have European Pretender race which are combiners to add to the military forces.It was started by Queen Armada.This empire grew as in the stock market instead of war a long era of taking over and growing proper military and to turn into a Autobot and Zarconian Leaders King Edward and New Fuhr kusoCartoon_15113916759694_.jpg
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government.Zarconia is territory in outer space.It will grow with resources.Justice will take presidence when they have a growing era.This era to round off their society and resources.They will be part of the Transformer Gobot Universe.Territory as Antarctica and Greenland with plans.Both were from Queen Armada's galaxy in my past.Growing and evolving with machines and every aspect.Parts of their growing society with newly started territory in past.The system of outer space gave it to us to start Zarconia.They will be into life.Living and not living boring Each member as you can see play a high role in their lives,structure.Restore nature but to mix it with urban and suburban.Their alien knowledge and heavy structure.As a power in space with a large planet size of a star.Phases from growth to dormant law enforcing.Zarconian Empire was made to combat the whiteman in investigation and to merger the Outer Space Police of Stargate Atlantis as part of our Empire.Authority to combat any enemy that was be shadowed by the whiteman.Whiteman in space has allies which covers up for the Dinguil and Bolar Empire.Bolars hide behind the Federation and EDF.Our cause is against the powerful holy creator old man Aryan "AllahPak".Allah has been fueling the whiteman as a mob.Allah is very old in thinking.He though takes offense to Napoleon 1 New Fuhr Space Alpha [WWW]
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small things and has inner frustrated anger and is not a muslim.Allah will be the final battle as he can change to entity that created the universe.Allah made a system of the government system and gave white people abnormal Vittorio Veneto CraneTruck
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powers.Angels were offended and began to portray white people and government.They have argumented with Allah to be absurd things.Allah won his argument on them cheating.Allah has paranoid man thinking a little bit.He is very ironic and very very stubborn.He needs a counsel he ran away from angels.Special help to understand as an Allah family.He though is old man clean shaven and tells he is a Dr.Zarconian as in the Tool songs will bombard him like Astro fighters.Based on surface of asteroid like planet could be the size of star.But the intenses energy of our bombardments on Allah and firing of HEL weapons and Super weapons.Heat of his galaxy increased and first night started to glow.Allah was very difficult to fight invasion fleet.Allah made Alien Empires of military to carry Robotech Combiner Overtech2DDDF7A8-E51A-41E4-B63B-A682C40E751D.jpg8F960DCC-2BFF-4019-82D8-D7300D3D65E7.jpg
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out his warcrimes.Allah is the source of all conflict with his sillyness of bugging warmongers.Our ship and mecha Queen Armada Galacticabot F-18 Space fighter Zarco Macross is the military and allegiance of Macross world in Zarconian.They are now assimulated in technology and manpower,resources are all Zarconian.They fight for Zarco purposes and reasons as like a branch of Zarconia.They are new class warships and mecha beings.They are corrected out by Transformers Gobots Zarconia.Now a huge branch of warfleets class are made and new troops.New bases.New technology as Skylar who is also observant.He is going to be a great deep space fighting terminal and create new technology and troops.New added energies as reflex energy.Particle beam technology and have made the Invid Inbit into a Regime to be a branch of our fleet and military.They don't fight our Alphas.They are on the same side as the Alpha beings.We also as Zarconian have relationed and linked up stories of mechas all together like an All-star cast of mechas and ships.It is the story of the SDF-1 and where it took us that it went to another galaxy.No one cared in material world and even in Macross world.Whiteman made more blunders for Zarconian to cash in on.Now we have our own class SDF-1 and got to it before it crashed on earth class.We are advanced and have things in robotech that they have in the future we build them in the present and follow the story of robotech to gundam and to Star Blazers.All of this alien technology made use of.Now our ideas as a whole empire.
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are led by a first name expert.I will build things to explain.Go to each expert.They are Machine robot vehicle beings.They are vehicles that think and change to robot mode.This was members of a Cybertronian and Gobot colony Robotech.Gundam. image 2d56130375ae7e6bcb1259fa6a3710ef527438-final.jpg Piloted works as someone is using a crane or machine operator.They are not the machine.Machines can be droid soldiers.Carriers is a habitat for robot beings.We though retained our people being traits but as machines.We can transform large to robot size.And change to our vehicles.This as a new era being assimulated by Zarconian.Zarconian manpower could be stalked up by ideas and inventions,resources by Macross.Making them alive but sorting through who is trusted.Sorting out and adding them to our empire.Future has been changed. We'll have built class ships upon their need.Joined entire Macross universe.Have new class fighters.We'll have planets.New defenses.And to add to our ship.Robotech Wedge Carrier.Most of Macross assimulated for Zarconia and companies.Industry.Many troops can be when suitable to be Transformers Gobots as their inner soul.Deserving the chance.As many mechas.Screened by my system and creator angels.Manpower and rankings We cannot use pure Macross and their universe robotech for its a dangerous thing when we have demands in different areas for our fleets and technology.We are the highest level in enemy and that is what it is to cope with them.Macross could throw us off and get defeated.Our fighters are meant for heavy and fast paced battle and to enflict damage in many roles.We need accuracy and Macross will throw us off.We can't have them in battle or used.We can assimulate some partially compatible.We would have to destroy the rebelling Macross.Or ships president.Having a powerful technological ship does not mean its earned a rank to serve in Zarconia.It means their ships were born screwed up.They can't fulfill many needs to enemy demands.They will cause recklessness and cowardly tactics of surrendering.We can pit out Macross as they are ours.We sent in warships for small war on holdout Macross and any other enemies.They are not leaders even in battle with fighters.We use fighters very violent and its not our bread and butter.Our dreadnaughts are.Our Space Frigates.They are one aspect of technology that is behind in Zarconian.Making them beings and we'll have a stockpile.Many fighter designs can be adapted and ended in production.Our theories are much different and are of high demand.Macross will play a role.We will findout out of safety what they do and enter them in.From earth North America 20th Century we have fighter designs made to space like F-4 Phantom.Macross like VF-1 and VF-X can be built into something that plays a role in stocking up on fighters and Space planes for Zarconia.We have over ride code on all them in Universe.We go on our warships and they are involved in dodging ending laser fire and firing back salvo's at the enemy.The ones marked for destruction will do massive damage out of the enemy before that.Macross is example of an enemy and our art scenes of confronting Macross in battles and robotech.Zarconia fleets doing damage.Shuffle of pilots as Macross pilots can be made into endos and pilot our other many designs not Queen Armada of Transformer Gobot Universe Star Armada is combiners with Queen Armada's people with Princess Armada Treleste Khan.They have combiner into Star Armada.Star Armada has powers and high technology.She has all sorts of optical weapons and armaments.She is big and very fast.She has the archives of Jane and Alex.She can use their systems and Instuments sensor combine.She is more a warrior and can assault.She has her own missile launchers and cannons.She has confidence and can be stealth by jamming.She is alert.She has some authoratative powers.She can figure out puzzles and can't be tricked.She is ultra fusion operation.She has fusion weapons.He deals with using energy.She has her enigatech systems barrier and has countermeasures.She can deal with problems militarily.She is very intelligent.She is in this world from forming up.
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Macross.Many planes can follow the load and multi role.Delivery of selected weapons pack per type of sortie.Re-alignment and no more just Macross.Alien fighter.And their secrets with UFP.But fighters are troops and robots as beings as we'll make them.They are combinering and Headmastering with pilot endo.Macross add massively for Terminator warfare and add to Terminator HK.Adding technology to many areas in Zarconian.HK Terminator Red Sector A.They can stockup and manpower.And the Macross Computer to be made into a TerminalPrincess Armadas
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for Zarconian.Skylar Zarconian Colony Computer Terminal
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This terminal was created on assimulating intruders.He can network like a Terminator computer but can do more abilities and is different.He is to counter threat to Zarconia.To survive as a high ranks and to make judgements,decisions,actions,change networks,design new drones and machines.He can also fight.He is like a base.You don't want to find where he is hidden.He works intel from HK warfare sattelite Deep Space Bouy.Teaches him things and he has added adaptations.He can work in a
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shipyard and has alien upgrades and design.He knows of space military and government bandwidths.He now working in Macross.He works with continent Zarconian.

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