Zarco Transformers Gobots

Transformers and Gobots are characters and are brought in as a unit for Zarconian Macross.Queen Armada brought in her people for this matter with leadership about mechas and veritechs and lost autobot colonies.Primes to order and get the veritechs and mechas to think like robots again.Lost their lines with the Transformers and Gobots.And to learn my favourite lineup of Transformers all working together in Zarconian Macross.Dream lineup.And their smarts and expertise.And their annalysis.They are much more ahead than any robots.They are the beings and they had a lost colony as humans have military weapons and vehicles,machines.Now its back in our hands.Our leaders to expand and now we have terrtory we have claimed back to autobots.Now our high ranks have bases in Macross and more in robotech.We have full control and are planning the future.More wisdom and collaberation.Gobots and autobots.Guardians in matter of Zarconian Macross.We are re-aligning and sorting out from decepticons and more factions.Learning of new enemy factions other than decepticon.More autobots and ideas.More warships and resources.This is for Queen Armada's family and systems.Supernatural systems in religion Islam.Space Systems and Transformer Gobot Guardian Angels work in space systems and creator powers.Afterlife.Our Prime. Subcategories

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