Zarco Macross Troops Clone Endos

Cloned endo enemy design.These are endos and beings as robots.Zarco Macross.Macross that is Zarconian and Zarco Macross Pilot troop AI endo
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Zarco Macross Army clone endo enemy design
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branch of Zarconian forces.They are the manpower of Zarconia on Macross.They are soldiers with experience.They have material bones and are war proof.Made of circuitry and CPUCPU and vital parts.They are of electronics.They obey a system and are self thinking with codenames.Robot clone endos with processor for mind and outer exoskeleton plating light weight plastic material.Covers and is attatched to their endo.They are smarter than people.Made to conduct war and are guards.They hae them in Zarconia Army and Space Airforce.AI intelligence.They can feel and understand things as beings.They have alien technology upgrades.They are the troops and network.There are ranks of them.They service and were jinns or spirits.Now born as machines intelligence.Clone endo enemy design
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They can transform to modulate themselves for their duties,abilities for cockpit.They have abilities further than people as they are robots.They have judgement.Attributes.They are designed and will work hand and hand with the Terminal Skylar.Clone endos enemy design.They have technologies from many small empires that are advanced.Ideas are merged and refined by afterlife world of Queen Armada's.Now it has a space government structure and is built by many space companies.Now being made into empire called "Zarconian".We have adopted Terminator HK technology.It is in our troops.Manpower.
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troop endos
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clone endos
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Zarco endo
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Zarco Macross Chopper Pilot troop endo enemy design being
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Gyro copter and battlesuit clone endo
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Zarco clone endo
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Macross technology variant and new troops per new organizations in Macross being Army and Space Airforce.The soldiers are adapted to their section in Zarco Macross military.Army have Army adaptations and systems.Armor is in Army technology and experience.Their scientists make technology for them.Airforce and Space wing are troops and manpower that can also be pilots.Some are pilots but in officers station its who wants what ever jobs pantented for them in stations.Many might want to be head of troops for carriers and bases.They have weapons and armor from Airforce.They are able to fly and avoid falling.They have developed needs to this as Army is for traveling in space they don't fall either.They have stations with their arms and as a people they guard their stations join to other stations.Sections they form.Force field defenses and alerts to spies and infiltrators,precautions guard against enemy gaining technology.Armor is in seperate military sections thinking.Soldier force fields.Expertise and training is elite in computer and module used to immitation a selected area which is to train them on alien turf and in space.It is a huge park for training help them re-create physical terrain.Module then trains them or they go on the course.Structures and in a graphics world.Computer generated world with help physical structures and in space.Rank levels climb with our experience with enemy create situations.Princess Armada was trained like this.Space course and training courses.Buildings were made with devices in them.They get better and better,satellites upgrade training programs.It is more than real.Fighter training training per military sections,stations with officers.
Robotech Rank SystemEditkusoCartoon_13787658153443_.jpg

The Following system is suggested to give a more realistic rank system while at the same time incorporating references made in the Robotech series as being legitimate attempts to call persons by their actual rank.

Officer's RanksEdit
Grade | RDF/REF Naval Branch | RDF/REF Marine Corps | Southern Cross
O-11 | Admiral of the RDF | |
O-10 | Admiral | General | Field Marshal
O-9 | Vice Admiral | Lieutenant General | Lieutenant General*
O-8 | Rear Admiral | Major General | Major General
O-7 | Commodore | Brigadier General | Brigadier General
O-6 | Captain | Colonel | Colonel
O-5 | Commander | Lieutenant Colonel | Lieutenant Colonel
O-4 | Lieutenant Commander | Major | Major
O-3 | 1st Lieutenant | 1st Lieutenant | Captain
O-2 | 2nd Lieutenant | 2nd Lieutenant | 1st Lieutenant
O-1 | Ensign/3rd Lieutenant# | 3rd Lieutenant | 2nd Lieutenant
■ The Southern Cross of Robotech never had any of these, as it never attained a size large enough to need them. This is why Emerson was 2nd in command of the SC, but only a Major General.
1. Ensign is the general term for this rank, while 3rd Lieutenant is used for "mustangs": persons who earned a promotion to officer rank from combat action. Mustangs who complete OCS are promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. All ground officers who go through academy training (not OCS) start out as 2nd Lieutenants. Enlisted Ranks [1]
Grade | RDF Naval Branch | RDF Ground Branch | Southern Cross
E-9c |(on reaching this level, | Sgt. Major of the RDF [2] | Sgt. Major of the ASC [2]
E-9b | technicians become either | Command Sergeant Major | Command Sergeant Major
E-9a | Officer or Warrant Officer | Sergeant Major | Sergeant Major
E-8b | Master Chief Tech Sgt. [3] | First Sergeant [3] | First Sergeant [3]
E-8a | Master Technical Sergeant | Master Sergeant | Master Sergeant
E-7 | Chief Technical Sergeant | Gunnery Sergeant | Gunnery Sergeant
E-6 | Senior Technical Sergeant | Staff Sergeant | Staff Sergeant
E-5 | Technical Sergeant | Sergeant | Sergeant
E-4 | Technical Specialist | Corporal | Corporal
E-3 | Technician 1st Class | Private First Class | Private First Class
E-2 | Technician Apprentice | Private-2 | Private-2
E-1 | Technician* Recruit [4] | Private-1(Recruit) [4] | Private-1(Recruit) [4]
■ Technician is a generic term. Usually, the specific titles include the job description (such as Machinist's Mate, etc.).

[1] Note that in the Robotech world, even aircraft and mecha pilots start out as NCOs (albeit corporals, based on the show). However, most pilot types enter OCS on promotion to Staff Sergeant (unless their records indicate they would make poor officers).

[2] There is only one of these per military at any given time. It is primarily a public relations role.

[3] These get slightly better pay than the regular E-8s, and there is only one of these per company. They serve as administrative assistants, though aren't above getting their hands dirty. Command Sergeant Majors serve in similar roles on the division level.

[4] E-1 Ranks are used only during training. Most get promoted beyond it before ever leaving training, and the rest are promoted on reaching their unit. The term "Private" for a non-training unit almost always refers to a Private-2 or Private First Class.

Warrant Ranks (RDF)Edit
Zarco Macross Guerilla Soldiers clone endos
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W-4: Master Warrant Officer W-3: Senior Chief Warrant Officer W-2: Chief Warrant Officer W-1: Warrant Officer
Soldier Clone endos are Guerrilla soldiers that are machine beings.They are'nt ordinary troops.They have better adaptations to war and alien terrain than poeple and skills in environment.They have machine abilities to cope with adapt to war terrains.They have verniers.Armor and fields.Regenerative and pilot vehicles.Covert Ops.They have ranks from soldiers to commandos.All types of troops.They have super abilities.They have Hunter Killer in them Terminator from Zarconian.Zarco Macross are new branch and breed of terminators.They have processors that don't break down to alien elements.They are very rugged.They adapt to war situations and environment and enemy.They have combat skills to adapt to enemy.They are big and strong like guys.They had guys put in them by Skylar and Terminals.They have warfare alien sensor systems and space soldier BETA.Imagery tracking system.They can't be stuck from natural phenomena as in space,they'll fly over and out of it.They have jumping abilities and crawling to re-transform to missions.They adjust to disasters and danger,emergency.They have energy firearms and phasers.Our soldiers modelled weapons from Dark Ages.We made a modern version using sciences and physics,anti-matter.To charge them up and make them modern era and future.They are ideas for our weapons.To make them for mechanical war.Upgrade and make them electronic and with potential to get into kinetic energy.Mecha beings can carry large version.With high tech and alien technology.Give them distance in Space measurement.Give them effectiveness in space.Give them more modern effectiveness. User:Queen_Armada

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