Zarco Macross Fiction
Back in earth class in Brampton,Princess Armada was captured by the Shark Man.Firoz was in underground parking lot.The Shark man was around the lake area sensing the vibration underground.He was ready to escape but wanted the stash and things to the point of evacuation to space by space ship.Space bikers were ready.Firoz was captured.Queen Armada of the present could do very little in this situation.Space ship and Firoz was gone.Now in the afterlife Feroz and her body was being extrated by Transformer Gobot system and it was taking her body to space.It then took person and blink of an eye transformed her to a machine extracting and shifting around her appearance.It had Queen Ruler all militarized and her face could transform as a mask over her face.She had verniers and was interpreting her power to machine and mechanical.Her "Greatest America Hero"instuction booklet powers.Now as a family as 4gshtqbborgen21kmv3qerrr66460816.jpg-final.jpgA2DE1387-40B4-4050-B9BE-76CD433CC265.jpgkusoCartoon_13630518418964_.jpgPrincess Armada was changed and they had their being mode.She could transform and they were a family flying at light speed and a starship sighted them rendez vouz to the planet of a giant futuristic population.They were to re-entry and were going to their house and base property.They had landed and changing and walk to their front door.They were entering the futuristic home and needed rest for a few days and went through the home basement to upstairs.It was excellent to Princess Armada.They phone to government and were on their way to the city .They were going in the few days to the government.They then split into groups to take to the air and on the roads.They all went full speed to the government.They then found the government building and they hovered down.Space police told to carry on to the public.The then were waiting for the other 3 by road and streets and then were coming.The all were greeted by admininstrator.They all went in and were with a surprise.They were shown to a room and it was Queen Armada of present and past.She said that Firoz was abducted.And the adminstrator explained that the Shark man and a new maniac "Macross Man".Macross man had merged his suit to outer space with radiation from a nebula cloud.He was a machine.And a new law breaker.He was going to find out of the Shark man who used a space ship to land on this planet and commit crime.They were looting banks and had warehouses under their control with space bikers.New threat to this planet.So right after the meeting they formed patrols and sent out Princess Armada to find her sister and they hovered full speed forward in groups to search low plan.Maybe a crime might be in action.Queen Armada of future was with Queen Armada past.They now could be stationed at the government building while searching.APB and bandwidth back to Mom.Feroz was self sufficient and talking to Princess Mylene McLaughlin Armada.Mylene and Amelia were talkng and Florence was with Feroz.Florence was talking.But then they could see what Mylene was seeing.Mylene hear a noise and they hovered down to cover.Laser fire.Mylene then transformed her mask and to another mode with her gun out.Amelia too.And Nova.They had their guns out laser suppressed submachine gun.It was near warehouse.More fire at them now.They could see some space bikes coming out and were firing at them.Amelia transformed and so did Mylene and Nova.They were after the thugs.It was a high speed chase.Now Amelia wanted to follow them.She was out of sight from far back jammer system going.They were fooling bikers making it to the shore.And from underground of the shore was a humanoid but Orca.He had an armament.Shark Man was underground and saying about "Macross Man".Space bikers were far away.Now to get into the fortress by the shore and docks.Getting in stealthily.They then took down some bikers with a charge.Brought down.Going in and wanted Firoz.Used gagets to travel to her at her holding chamber.The nanonites went and to Princess Armada as a listening device.She talked.And she was leaving within the hour.Changed invisible and had knocked out guards.Firoz was laser cutters on bars.Now they had her and a big giant stomping from a webbed feet.Use their speed and get out of here.No time to battle and they escaped and with their thrusters had Firoz full speed up in the air.Shark Man was angry.Bust out.Queen Armada was talking to Firoz and was happy then had her.Now it was both of them remain in the operation at the government building.They had Firoz.Going back and landing on the roof.Queen Armada McLaughlin was in ready room watching the new threat the "Orca Man."He was watched and talking of "Macross Man".Queen Armada wanted to explore the shore area with a scower of the area.They all took off tranforming.Flew throughout the city.The split up too but regrouped.They were flyng."Macross Man"was at a warehouse.He was laughing silent to himself and wanted an encounter with the new enemies.Macross Man was loading a new launcher.He was going to go out with his MP's on a tour of the city.First encounter with Princess Armada.He then spotted her and loaded launcher and fired many shots at each.Princess Armada Florence had on her sensors incoming fire.Nova and Mylene and Amelia reacted and fired countermeasures flares to destory the missiles.Barrier system was on.They then circled and fired back with laser fire at the MP's and destroying their space truck.Florence then used her power to fire a shock waves at Macross Man.He was hit and sent flying back.Now he was angry and got up and flew forward but to reload his gun and Florence fired stream to send his launcher far from his hands.He then ran forward and Princess Armada grappled with him and threw him into the car slinging his arm.He reached for a knife and Amelia fire a charge at his arm.Florence kicked him and Nova put restraints on him.He was being taken down.Police were coming and obeyed Princess Armada.They had the Macross Man.From the tunnels under roads sewers "Orca Man" came out and destroyed many police cars.They fired current at him but many Space bikers broke Macross Man free.Princess Armada was going to dismantle his systems."Orca Man" stopped this and they all made a gettaway.Macross Man was gone.Launcher he fired many shots at a building for it to crash rubble on public.Space bikers had blown their fuzes and their were explosions in the city for the gettaway.Queen Armada was airborne and going to many sites and firing her power to reverse flames and nature on them to rain down.She had grabbed some rubble flying but Queen Armada from past had debris in her grasp.Heavy part of a building to crash on the public.Both pushed the building back but call Princess Armada.Amelia came and was pushing the building back and Florence was using her power to put out fires.They had the debris caught with force.Pile was made in the part of dead end.Fires out and building pushed back.Evacuated and to be demolishined very quickly.They made off causing mayhem.They had to find them.Orca Man used his intelligence to planning things.Now a battle had to be done to bust them.Fires out and emergency done with the full backing of police.They wanted to get each.Next part getting over the demolition.That was done.Queen Armada then went out on any call and was at a bank robbery.The space bikers and MP's were workng together.Queen Armada transformed when she landed and took out her high powered hand gun laser and fired on them.She had direct hits.She then fired a laser as power on the gettaway cars.Taken out.They fired laser on her and it was deflected and dissapated.Then Princess Armada came and they got answers out of the suspects at headquarters.They gave in locations now Princess Armada was going to.Intercept course to a place by the harbor.Entering.Mylene was going in to the base.She was invisible and creeping on them and their conversation.They were talking about hitting the city and having space ships.Space ships and hord of wealth.They wanted to conquer the city.Queen Armada heard of this .Now it was to get them out of their underground.Nova and Florence were going in with C4 in space.They were wiring this and they were going to blow the base.Wired things and the space authorities were ready full scale operation.Then detonation with Mylene with Florence.Streets were caving in on the thugs.Queen Armada then after the detonation went to explore.And then the rubble went flying.Macross man was from afar and Orca Man sent out a punch and lunge at Queen Armada.Amelia knocked Feroz out of the way and Nova and Mylene fired a current to sent the Orca Man forced a direction.Macross Man was firing more launcher fire.Guided munitions.Queen Armada made a barrier.Police were from afar watching the battle.Shark Man errupted from rubble with his launcher.Orca man was going to fire.Barrier projected everywhere protect the buildings.Princess Armada fired back on them.They combined streams on both Shark Man and Orca Man.Amelia went after Macross Man firing dispensing fire and countermeasures.She was after him and then cut him off and clipped him uppercut.He went crashing and Amelia followed and landed.She fired on him.And fired many shots and he got up and thrustered full speed.Dodging the fire and hiding around the building cover.Shootouts.Amelia was punching and threw the Macross Man through a building and landing on space cars.Police decided to fire on Macross Man and his MP's causing shootout.Space bikers entered the scene and started to attack at the police and went to distract Princess Armada.Queen Armada took them out with energy and force.Restraint by EM.Orca man side by side with Great White Shark Man.Both fired their launchers at the police destroying many targets.Queen Armada and Princess Armada fired nature's force on them sending them flyng.Clearing space cars.Then the Orca Man was uncovered and a physical battle Queen Armada and Princess Armada acrobatics and landing in hits on the huge creatures.Landed and fired a charge and were making a EM net.Netting was tangling up the SharK Man with his missing bites.His mouth had a charge put into it .Both of them and their life ending bites.Lunge and bite. Princess Armada fired on their fire.She had destroyed with flares and force.Tug of war with Queen Armada getting away from those bites.Very unstable and out of control.Amelia won vs Macross Man.He was taken into custody and Amelia came it to lower the blow the both Shark Man and Orca man.Dragging them and taggling up in a charge.Tyng this around parts of the city.Fell.Trucks were brought to loader them onto.They were taken to a military hangar and put in chambers.Now in the government building things were back to normal for this planet and a free privlages of flying through the city and police popularity.Starship were happy seeing them fly in space and their transformation sound.As in their being mode and their consecutive powers and flight through the city and landscape to their base and home.Princess Armada at her station.Landing and practicing.They were heros and Queen Armada and Firoz were returned back to earth class.
Macross changed to Zarco Macross Southern Ontario.A region was selected by the Autobots for SDF-1 as a being to rest and many more class SDF-1's in service in outer space and Sol.system and to land on the moon on a base.The threat was terminators and their alien race Dark Star Empire.SDF-1 was a base and city.Southern Ontario had their fighters and airshow inside Ontario from afar Toronto.They had merge bases Toronto.Many fighters would shuffle and fly from their area.They had lakeshore further south.Enemy Dark Star wanted to seizure a ship fo the enemy in an operation to send vessels to releases mechas to takeover the ship.But to guard the mighty battleship a call from SDF-1 to future by transmission to ARMD's with gundams beings and Alpha fighter beings.VAF-8 with a stealth device .They were going to counter the enemy ambush.They were going to intercept the enemy fleet that was going under radar in space to fold.Once in the boundries of Sol System to release an attack.So the Alphas and their fleet folded to the past and got in the way of the ambush.Alpha beings launched in battloid mode from a gundam like launch.Propelled in space to take out legendary GU gun and start blasting enemies.Support to get a war vessel to atmosphere level and release gundams and Alphas.Release theto combat vs HK terminator mechas of Dark Star.They had a lineup of enemies lined up to firing plasma lasers.Many flying HK units engaged the enemy.SDF-1 was staying put and sending out fighters like space F/A 18 to action sending out for a stage and mode of combat not sending out choppers.Sending high speed and Kestrels which would engage the enemy at high altitude in outer space.Outer space to start attacking warships.Launching munitions from SDF-1.And another SDF-1 and another one from moon area folding support.Sending out gundam and VAF-8's to combat the enemy.Old Contra Grey was in war at high altitude and standing its guard and using its legs to fly further in posture.War was going and F/A-18 Space fighters were in action and doing well at beating the HK interceptors.Gunning them down.Technology vs tech.Going up to space and shooting down enemies.Squadrons were with Cpt.He was radioing to SDF-1 and wanted to land some fighters on SDF-1 in space to reload.And they touched down like a carrier all ready to put the fighters through process and shifting around and rolling it in place like a pitstop.It was all ready and the Lt.'s and Col. back into space when on the runway SDF-1 and full speed to mach 30 and off the deck.Back in space and to engage the Terminator enemy.Terminals talk on SDF-1 class in space was going to take over us and threatened war on humans but we were robot beings of Zarco Macross branch.Terminal did not send out forces yet but was going to play a role.Terminals on earth like in Europe counter attack and plea for more power from their Terminator Dark Star Empire.They were under a rule that earth forces would attack them if they sent out anything during this siege.They could send in a squad of terminators to manpower with the outer space forces.Shootouts the machines were having with the Transformer Gobot beings force.Sending out Kestrels and A-7 Space Corsairs with Space F-15 and to space Space F-14 Tomcats engaged heavy power to destroying the enemy.F-15's procede to Terminal zones like in Florida and in Manitoba and in North Bay and even Mount Cheyenne Mountain area.Barrier would be sighted and was up.Alphas halted from crashing but they fired some missiles that hit the mountain.HK interceptors in battle with the squadrons.Warship of enemy was sighted and to get to it before goes behind the barrier.Drop their munitions to score direct hit and downing warship.Some go through.Alphas talked and and were accompanying the squadron in fighter mode back to SDF-1 in Ontario.Reload.Base back in Ontario massive war with Terminals and them sending in manpower.Armored land units and they were engaged with the base's and SDF-1's space leopard tanks and Tiger Tanks.Energy fire and exchange in fire and to invade North Bay sending out tank units.Tank Units were firing energy fire AA.Antiair.Firing in range to space in tracking systems.Making a spike like a zone.F-14 Spacefighters were doing their monuves and firing upside down many missiles and hitting targets.They were going to launch from SDF-1 in space to attack and support forces North Bay and hit them hard.Loaded for ground attack and some goodies for interceptor war.They were lift off the deck in space and downward to Ontario region.Intercept time and support tanks.Space speeds they were there leaving space to engage enemy ground forces.Terminals ground forces.Dropping weapon pack and many munitions air to ground and destruction of enemy ground forces.Now in mach speeds slow down to attack ground.Ground release fire at the fighters.Terminal was in a base and probably hard to get at.But his subjects to be destroyed.Alphas and gundams made it to earth.Called off to let the fighters attack.Kestrels came in full speed and released munitions spread and destroy enemy.Hovering and gunning down mechas.Engaged war enemy.The space F-14's were getting armed with anti ship space munitions to attack the Dark Star Fleet.One of the SDF-1 now was going out to space cruising speed.The other was informed that the Terminals have a barrier up.They wanted to bombard them now some gundams and Alphas were making their way to earth.Many of HK drones and mechas destroyed many enemies of theirs fighting fierce.UN earth forces suffered in combat and one of the SDF-1 was theirs.UN wanted to use the VF-1 Valkyrie.And was using it.Zarco Macross military used spacefighters.As an assault the SDF-1 then had readied their fighters and were intercepting the enemy fleet.Scramble many of F-14 Spacefighters gone left the deck at space mach speed and were going in to catch and find the enemy within Mars,space fold was done by SDF-1.Fighters were then coming within range and to release their load on the enemy ships and plasma explosions with chain reactions many hit them in swing wing attack monuvers and pullout.Firing munition.Explosions and destruction of enemy mechas and interceptors in the fleet ships.Succes as the Space F-14's did the job and SDF-1 decimated the enemy and were on their way back to SDF-1.Gundams and Alpha fighters landed to reinforce the base area SDF-1.They landed at Toronto Island Airport.Dark Star was making a global link to the Terminals.Gundams and Alpha beings were at war with the mechas and HK interceptors.Firing plasma lasers.Team of robots and interceptors invading Ontario airspace from Terminal's help.Many Space F-15's coming back went into action and pursued the HK interceptor which cold beat a Space fighter in a move but Space fighter got them in sights and blasted them down.Mechas took to the air and were shot down some running into tank fire setup and many shot down by A-7 space fighter Corsairs that landed in ON at base around SDF-1.Gundam made it to a large group of mechas and interceptors the go in orders to attack.Large group of ten thousands were coming from an underground route into invaded ON.They were going to secure the SDF-1.Flanking and coming from directions.Split up and were in Toronto.Many Alphas and Gundam beings landed into the city.Prepared for combat.Enemy was flying in streets to their destination.Gundam and Alphas engaged and were in firing.Mechas split up and were attacking back.Plasma laser and missiles.Then the Terminal had a group of infantry with missiles fire at the fighters above with guided missiles.A-7 space fighter and F-14's split up from above and were shaking off the missiles with countermeasures.Kestrels came in and from space and attacked the mechas who were going to regroup together and a surprise warship was above Dark Star and releasing more mechas and interceptors.Space F-15's were to reload and land.SDF-1 had space munitions readied to attatch to the fighters.They then were going up.They were diverted in runways with Col. and Lt.They now take off at mach speed upward mach 3 and further to engae the warship that was firing their main guns on UN forces.Space F-15's were targeting the warship and to do a missile run to release missiles and let them destroy enemy ship.They did so.But they were empty and another enemy ship was coming.Gundam and Alpha beings fired many shots of warheads and lasers at the HK interceptors.Gundams in Toronto were slashing and using their weaponry on the enemy hand in hand with the Alphas from Toronto Island Airport.Gundams were going to fire their tachyon charge.Fire from their cannon.And at more enemy ships and hitting enemy defensive barriers.Now the flanking armies accompanied by ground infantry were very close to the Ontario region to SDF-1.More fire from the warship and tanks would be destroyed.Many gundams and Alphas made their way to enforce the tanks.Tanks were recoiling their guns back firing shots of laser at the enemy forces.SDF-1 was not leaving.The fighters would destroy the massive ships.F/A-18 Spacefighters,Space F-15's,Space Kestrels and space Tomcats would load up in space muntions in outer space on one SDF-1 in outer edge orbit in space.Landed on SDF-1 like a Zarco Macross carrier.They were being armed and readied.To go off to vector thrust space sonic boom off the deck.Fast speeds with the EM catapult system.Gone into space and in groups to make missile runs on enemy ships and in atmosphere.They then went full speed and released muntions and many warship were hit as they were doing evassive monuvers and to fly while the warships chain reaction and explode from plasma.Tanks readied as unit and were engaged with the mechas and interceptors.Space leopard tanks had destroyed many mechas with direct hits.They were going to the underground entrance travelling many mach .3 on hightway to underground entrance.Leopard space tanks were hit by destroyed enemy warship guns.UN Forces were making comeback.Space Leopard were to liberate Toronto.They had just battled with HK mechas and their recoil of energy fire destroyed them with direct hits.SDF-1's forces were winning.Now it was to round up and destroy the enemy.Leopard and Tiger space tanks were split up and flanking to disperse.They had direct fire from afar from Toronto with salvos fired from long range with direct hits.Many Alphas and Gundams were freed.They were firing their cluster missiles and firing beam rifle to bring down mechas while space Leopards were firing and closing in.Battle would be over.Many artlllery were setup and were effective in destroying enemies.
They and SDF-1 would leave Ontario to go to Dark Star and fight with them in space.Assemble all mecha and fighters.Legendary battleship converged to carrier would go to space to find out Dark Star.They were successful with the space F/A-18 Hornets.They could do more than in atmosphere with such superb handle.Auto pitch was working and in combat would not lose control.The mighty battlefortress would find out about an enemy in the story of SDF-1 being Zeon Zaft.Go to this universe to take them on in exploration but a mission the mighty battlefortress would be suited for conference of the biggest ranks from Space UN and Zarco Macross and Autobots.Conference but in a sector many veritechs were in a skirmish with unknown forces not using Gundams but using fighters nad mechas."Test of strength" said by Space UN's.They are not moving in over the border but are hostile forces that is very close to our universe.They might close in on our galaxy for power.They are growing and will cross our border with battles like this.Involved ARMD and fighters.ARMD's are carrying space fightercraft and Space F/A-18 Hornets,Space F-8 Crusaders and Space A-7 Corsairs.They do well against this high technology power enemy."We need to negotiate with the enemy and find out what they are doing and their plans.""We are sending SDF-1 to go to that galaxy".They have new ranks in control of weapons and fighting tactics.Men in control that were Lt.'s and Commanders,tactical.SDF-1 then got ready being loaded things and was ready to blast off from ON to space.Readying their thrusters and blasted off and was on its way to ionosphere.Stratosphere and to space at mach 4 and more.They were going to space fold to get to far universe out of the moon area.All fighters aboard to take on new enemy.Autobots as in control of SDF-1 and space fold was commanded as they ready.A fold to far universe to backup their forces."Fold!" and then disappeared and re-appeared in a far away universe.They were cruising and AMRD's were saying they were engaged with enemy forces.They had sent out Space A-7 Corsairs which weer dogfighting with the mecha attackcraft.SDF-1 then orders by Autobots and ranks to sendout Space FA-18 Hornets were on the decks and ready to takeoff vector thrust to space with the EM catapult system.They were in swarms and squadrons to breakup and engage the enemy.ARMD's were to be backed up.Many more warships were coming and were covering ARMD's.The Hornets went in and launched missiles on the enemy warships and the enemy anti-air laser fire.Missiles were striking the enemy warships and mecha interceptor craft were engaged combat.Space Hornets were sending out messages to Space A-7 Corsairs.They all were taking on the enemy Zeon Zaft.Battle and explosions.Zeon then retreated to their space.The mechas were called off.SDF-1 backup was successful.SDF-1 then ordered to land at a base were they were deployed from.Base then said for them to follow.They then fired thursters to land.Conference was ordered and briefing .SDF-1 was having its ranks talk and get reports on the enemy.They did not know of them but they have advanced technology.They scored heavy hits on them but this was not the end.Intel was downloaded by SDF-1.They were told to go in with a small escort.SDF-1 did so and blasted off over the border.Past the border at cruising speed and full speed.They were in their galaxy and it was quiet.SDF-1 then past some solar systems and sent out covert ops team Autobots commanded.Team went for samples and explore an old war on a planet ruins.Heavy fighting.A sensor satellite went off as they past and was spying on them relaying thing to ranks in white.Wondering "Why the humans sent out a forces to fight with them."Crude.But they'll send out a fleet and notify them they are coming with a devious short laugh.Gathering the samples and evidence of war.In orbit and then to go on out to the further part of the galaxy.They were sure this was the route to take.The fleet from the spy satellite then started thrusters.To follow the ships and SDF-1.Some ships were to stay around this solar system.They were going to where they think theses aliens homeworld is.A trap was set.SDF-1 being then was on his way but a natural phenomena was in the way.Many asteroids in a belt.Zeon then responded to SDF-1.SDF-1 then said "Who are they?"They said they are "ZAft".They are making infringement on boarder and they were charging up weapons.SDF-1 barrier system was to take direct hits of HEL's fired from Zaft cannons.The SDF-1 then went with evasive monouvers.SDF-1 then was to escape being forced into asteroid belt.They then readied the reflex gun to fire on the asteroids.They were readying and fired.Destroyed many asteroids.Now was to go forward and modular or "Transform".He then readied to hide in asteroid and sendout fighters.Fighters were ordered to hit the warships.Space F-15's and Space Tomcats and Kestrels were ready to takeoff and bombard the enemy ,all fighters lifted off from the arms.Many of the Kestrels were engaged with the enemy mecha craft.Warships were firing HEL on the fighters who monuvered out of the range of the cannons.Going in to deliver a bombardment of missiles.Wave motion missiles fired and destroyed direct hits and plasma and explosions.Fighter each released their wave motion missiles.Direct hits.Bow and hull was hit.Many ships were destroyed by SDF-1's assault.All fighters back to SDF-1 's arms to land on runways.SDF-1 was leaving the belt.Going full speed with the destruction.Enemy was defeated.SDF-1 was on its way to the homeworld.Zeon had a report they had lost all ships.SDF-1 had destroyed them.They wanted vengeance on this warship.SDF-1 wanted to know where the homeworld was.All they would findout is a castle fortress in space.Now Zeon was alerted by Zaft to double team SDF-1.Eccentric twins races but warmongers now sent out a fleet to flank SDF-1.Zeon sent out a transmission in a certain area.Castle had sent out a transmission of SDF-1's surrender.SDF-1 would fight.Now SDF-1 knew they were Zeon and Zaft.They were putting things together."They play games"SDF-1 then wanted to close in to send out a bomberfortress as the plan.Operation under way to send bomberfortress to drop a nuclear weapon near the castle and near the fleet guarding it.Bomber was sent out and many bombers were sent out.Bombers were accompanied by fighters and Space Tomcats and Kestrels were lift off to cover.Space A-7 Corsairs would engage the Castle forces.Bombers went off and many Zeon and Zaft were going to be caught off guard.Bombers were on target to firing nuclear missiles at the enemy and many direct hits and many of the warships were nuclear explosioned.A-7 Corsairs were to engage and many ARMD's and warshps were sending many fighters on the Castle as they followed as orders.Assault on the Castel in space Zeon Zaft.All fighters as space F-15's were closing in and many Alpha fighters were going with the F-15's to Castle.Zeon Anti air fire lasers.Many Alpha being VF-8's were pounding in a lineup and firing like soldiers on Space Castle.Direct hits and many mecha's were deployed by Zeon Zaft as a Zaft fleet folded and another Zeon fleet folded to flank.Many mechas and mecha craft were sent out.SDF-1 was turning around to fire Railgun on forces of Zeon and Zaft.Many warships fired particle beam shock cannons on Zeon Zaft.Many direct hits and SDF-1 fired railgun on them destroying lots of Zeon Zaft.Castle was lit up from the bombing and hit by missles.Zeon carriers sent out interceptors to engage SDF-1 forces.Many of the fighters and Alphas were called back .SDF-1 was going to use the Daedileus attack on the Castle.SDF-1 then had all fighters aboard.Now the arm of SDF-1 to plunge into the Castle from propulsion forward and arm plunged into the Castle and munitions with launchers were opened with hand inside the castle.Munitons were fired and were 2000lb and fireworks was then sent loose as chain reaction and remove the arm and back off from afar and to turn around to explosion.Internal explosions.Castle was in half and the Zeon Zaft high ranks were in pain and engulfed by munitions.SDF-1 had done it and Castle was in half.SDF-1 and the fleet were to go back to their space wth info and success.The enemy attacking them was Zeon Zaft.The base was celebrating the success of SDF-1 and high ranks.Autobots were happy.Boarded to have defeated Zeon Zaft.Worked things out.Warships were all landed and conference.
Back to Galactica:Mission was made from Queen Armada to travel from Cybertron to Galactica in time travel.They were going to send a battlegroup and warships to Galactica.Primes wanted it and thought Queen Armada and Cyndi Stryker would be experts.They had sent through a stargate portal and loyalties in the area of Galactica supply ships doing recon on the targetted planet and continent.They in the present were looking at the planet and war activity of the area.They wanted to ambush the British.They had sent in two groups to Galactica.One group headed by King Edward would take on the British while Queen Armada's group take son Galactica of the past many thousand years ago.Edward's group knew the British were looking for fighters.They were within range in between the planet and invading British.They had fired on British with shock cannons and it was a shootout.Many and much of the British were blownup with plasma and chain reactions.Now it was to take on the Galacticans and their prop black stealth fighters.Radio black out Younice Khan went out with a space Saab Viggen,Space F-15's and Space F-8 Crusaders with her to intercept and dogfight the enemy.They had caught on to the stealth and were gunning and firing missiles on the enemy and out thursting them.Princess Armada was leading them and now Firestorm Princess Armada was going out with the space F-14's to Antarctica Full space sonic boom swing wing.They were going by the dogfight.Younice was going to land and re-arm to take out the ships but armed to cripple the ships.Just give Firestorm time.Firestorm made it into Antarctica as she saw it on her global 3d imagery of the planet.Fullspeed in and fire mini nuclear missiles on each emitter.Now the Antarcticans were scrambling alien craft.Many carriers were having a path cleared when Edward's fleet sent In space destroyers to fire to cripple their carriers.Space F-14's and Firestorm were destroying emitters.Many carriers were getting by destroyer fire.They were going to land on the the oceans near Antarctica and deploy in support Space F-5's and Space Kestrels with Space Saab Drakes to take out het bases.Space F-14's did it.Now we were in orbit to cover the ships.We now radio and comunicaed to Antarctica.Queen Armada Galactica responded.She was told that and speaking to Queen Armada Feroz of future and Cyndi Stryker were talking to her.She was told they were on their way in Metropolis to talk and a ship was deployed to let out groups of autobots and military vehicles.We went to Metropolis and Cyndi and Feroz found her deceptive but to give under pressure.We made it to the Senate and now were conversing to them on us and the future.They saw in our upload about Antarctica on earth fate and North America 20th Century.They knew to transmit this on their media and have Queen Armada Feroz Khan talk to the population and Princess Armada.They knew that Queen Armada of the future was their saviour.Primes were contacted and had this universe they knew little about was secure and were reinforcing this galaxy.Human threat had to be neautralized as the autobots knew.1 step.They knew of the battle of defeating the British.and their enemies being loaded by the Federation.Now were being patrolled by warships in space landing in their oceans.They were updated to Queen Armada who was like a Samaritan.Princess Armada was not what they thought.She was very much ahead.Years later Princess Armada and autobots in hangars found alien craft mixed with a fighter like an F-4 Phantom and they took this to VectorSigma Quran to be made into new autobots.
Southern Cross was where the SDF-1 was going to.It was in deep space from Zarconian orders.It was at Macross Frontier and had many ships made in vast Macross universe.Its next stop was to make a space fold but to adjust things to time travel back to 2020.They were going to Southern Cross and Gloire special mission with Princess Armada onboard.Florence and Firestorm were eager to meet the Southern Cross as Sherryl Khan.All Princess Armada's were intersted in meeting Gloire.Unification of forces and support on them.SDF-1 was talking and said inside the bridge that "He wanted to be part of the mission"."He wanted to go back in time".Communication was made after the fold.The Southern Cross and Space Station Liberty had made communications to SDF-1.They were all surprised and were cheering.SDF-1 was more than welcome back.Talking to Zarconian bridge staff.Princess Armada was going to greet the Southern Cross and meet them.They had everything ready for their landing.All of the Southern Cross squads were all watching the landing of SDF-1.It had its thrusters to land.It was going to land.It landed and with salutations they greeted SDF-1 and their bridge.They could not believe the new bridge and there was dinner.Princess Armada was eating with the Southern Cross squads.She was going to stay.Florence was talking to Dana.Sherryl was talking and eating and Firestorm was talking to Lt.Crytal.Marie was amazed at Princess Armada.Princess Armada talked about earth and everything current events.The Southern Cross High Ranks were talking with the SDF-1 bridge crew.They were autobots talking to Emerson.Emerson said about the earth and invasion by Dark Star Empire.And about Skynet trying to go for a power move like this.They sided with SDF-1 in full support.Other SDF-1 by Space UN was in space and to do patrols around this galaxy.They were here to cutoff the Robotech Masters.They had beaten them with the autobot's smarts.Autobots wanted to go into the hangars to look at the veritechs.Princess Armada was staying and having her mecha soldier robot put in a base.Unloading mechas and supplies to put them in bases.Florence was stationed on Gloire.Sherryl was there too.Firestorm was at the airforce base.They all had their fighters and things brought.Many Zarconia Macross squads and soldiers were there too.Dana and Shawn were talking about Princess Armada being more support.She was liking Princess Armada was becoming popular.Marie Angel liked Firestorm.She liked her stories about the earth and what was happening.She was wondering though about their skills.This was coming.Practice then was underway and Princess Armada was at above expert level using AJAX in computer simulation.Firestorm was incredible and could predict and fire and was using all sorts of transforming and flying moves.Wait til the real thing.Florence was excellent.She was mowing down the opposition.Her soldier battloid would do excellent as the support she was.Sherryl was using Spacefightercraft.Space UN SDF-1 was in orbit and was not landing.Landed SDF-1 would blast off when they found anything.They stayed and got used to Gloire.They looked at the autobot technology and could not believe in fact what these machines were to do.But examining technology was off limits to Southern Cross and guarded by them.Firestorm was great at flying monuvers and going so fast.Superiority fighter.They got used to them.Shuffling of mecha beings and their combiner pilots.Where were the Masters?Masters were scanning and detected SDF-1's.Changing their mission to delay they could not do any longer.They had left Tirol and it was to close to Gloire.Space forces scrambled under plan by Space UN.Sent out Alpha fighter beings to confront bioroids.There was battle and alot of bioroids were confronted and many on each side as Masters using new bioroids from future.Larger and they were using other Masters specialized in using Zaku's as bioroids.Alpha's were doing well and now squadrons of Space F-15's and Panavia Tornadoes were to engage large robots,bioroids.Many bioroids tried to swipe by and lay a hand on wing.Armor design of the Space fighters they were able to dodge the bioroids and fire guns and missiles on them.Spacefighters out did them in speed and monuverability.Gloire found out and was at alert as Masters snuck around while space forces were fighting with other Masters.They were at the moon and SDF-1 blasted off to space.It sent alert and Firestorm was aboard and Sherryl.They were going to engage the Masters.SDF-1 was at the moon.SDF-1 was going to deploy waves of fighters to engage the Masters.Masters sent out their bioroids and assault corvettes.Fighters were fighting with bioroids and assault corvettes.Firestorm went out and was taking on bioroids.Marie Crystal could not believe that Florence was out in her battloid mecha soldier.He was ready for bioroids and in many squads was defense on standby for earth.Masters were penetrating because of Gloires defenses.Battle was going on in space as fleets of motherships were from afar to SDF-1 and battle was going on.Firestorm was using an autobot Gyro Assault Chopper.It was destroying the enemy as Firestorm was dodging and blasting enemies and changing to chopper and destroying enemies.Florence on Gloire was standby and talking with her squad.She was thinking how over confident and dumb moves Southern Cross was doing.Mothership then folded and was part of the Gundam Masters.They now were closing in on Gloire and sent out new carriers to fight with the ground forces.Florence Princess Armada was ready for battle.Went out with her squad and Dana was same rank as Florence so far.They all went out to wasteland and began to hold their ground as they seeing Zaku's landing on the ground and fighting with hovertanks.Florence setup her squads in formation like soldiers and opening fire on the enemy.Many Zaku's were combined with a pilot and were bioroid level.Florence took to the air as Firestorm was in space.Sherryl was in her spacefighter and destroying bioroids.She was on SDF-1 in space.On Gloire Florence was leading the units to fighting the Master's waves of zaku mechas.Dana was not doing as well.This was harder and Florence was leading the way.She took to the air and had squads open fire on the carrier and hit it with beams and explosives.Taken out bazookas on formation and took to the air were firing them destroying many carriers.As carriers were destroyed many of the Zaku's retreated.Going back to the battlefortress.SDF-1 had all squadrons come back to SDF-1.Firestorm had put up a great battle and kill ratio was excellent.Marie was shocked and aboard the SDF-1 they all came in.Now the SDF-1 was going to fire its warheads on Master's fleet.Countdown and firing of warheads on Masters when in range.Masters were hit by nuclear warheads destroying many motherships and Masters fired their particle beam cannon on the SDF-1 which made a fold.Cannon missed.Space UN SDF-1 was ready for the particle beam of the Masters as they got by SDF-1 and they were regrouping.SDF-1 was now from afar on other side of the moon.Masters were detured after being hit by the warheads.Badly damaged and damage to the outer defenses.Space UN SDF-1 was coming out of fold.It was going to attack with Space F-15's,Space F-14's,Space Sea harriers and Kestrels,Space F-18's and Alpha fighter beings deployed as attack on fortress to capture them to learn.Bridge on Space UN SDF-1 were going for it.The other SDF-1 was to flank and counter attack of fighters.Firestorm was sitting on standby but it would be many more hours.She and Marie were talking and Firestorm told her to cover her and stay behind.The Masters could tell from sensors assault by the Earth on them.Send out bioroids vs fighters.Fighters at full mach were going to be in range.Now battle as Master's sent out Assault Corvettes to battle Space fighters that were firing large missile that destroyed the assault corvettes,Bioroids came out and now dogfighting.The Space Kestrels were pounding the Master's ship and so were Space A-7 Corsairs were dropping munitions on them and Space F-9 Crusaders dropping payload on the mothership and explosions.SDF-1 was in range and sent out its squadrons and Firestorm.They were on the their way while the Alphas and F-15's and F-14's were covering bombardment on fortress.Now going to invade sections of the ship and fighting on the hull of the ship.Autobot AJAX was fiercely fighting with its modulated explosives.Firestorm was leading a way and broke off from Marie who could not believe what fighting Firestorm was doing.They were going to set charges on the ship to cripple it.Aware of the panels coming down layers for the fortress.They though wanted to take out the engines and were all fighting.Sea harriers were destroying bioroids.They had gone inside near engines and set charges.They were all to leave and were ordered by Space UN SDF-1 to evacuate to a perimeter.They were very far and it blew.Charges went off and the fortress was now crippled and surrounded by SDF-1's.They after the damage sealed off exit and reinforced area.Fleets of ships were coming from Gloire.Many cruisers.Now they had the Master's ship and were towing it back but they were fighting with holdouts.Outer area any bioroid or assault corvette was destroyed by F-14's and F-18's.They were targetted and destroyed.Now they had tractor beams to haul the fortress to the moon on Moon base Allison.On earth gundams retreated and Dana and her squad were talking to Florence and what great moves she had out in battle.Never seen battloids fight above the hovertanks like that.They were all chatting and a call came in for Princess Armada to take a group to ready room.They were all being told that a ship of the Masters was captured.They wanted them on the moon.They all were taking a cruiser to SDF-1.Florence was happy and ready for combat.She was going to ready her mecha to have it in shape.He was ready.Dana went off to her routine.Many people complimented Florence but she said to go to battle.Launch of the cruiser and they were off to space to Moon base Allison.They now the cruiser was in orbit and flying to the moon.It was going to land at the moon.Princess Armada then was in the base and met her sister Sherryl and Firestorm.They were all talking about the bioroids and different Zaku's that Florence had fought.Fighting was done and captured Tirol prisoners.They were annalyzing Master's technology.They new many more things than just bioroids.Knew of the reflex technology Master's possessed and their obsession with the "Flower of Life".They were going to the Admirals and Captains in a planned briefing.Knew of the other cousins of the Masters who use Zakus.They are efficient at their attacks and know they can't get close to Gloire any more with SDF-1's and fleets now reinforced the area.Going to assault the gundam Master's.They were on their list and the Master's retreated to Mars.They were going to split up SDF-1's in many directions.Going to fold to Mars and this was Firestorm on Space UN SDF-1 warship.Florence was going to be on SDF-1 and now had broken off from Dana.They were going to defeat them.Master's were in orbit and were going to attack the earth again.Flanking from afar and they think the Masters are backup to the Gundam Masters.Gundam Masters were planning and had co-operation with Decepticons but were a legion on their own .No contact to Decepticons and their ZaKu's were part of a separate faction.They were going back to earth.Told the Masters to fight humans at Mars.Going back to attack.SDF-1 was going to search after making a space fold with a fleet of Gloire ships.Now they were traveling to search for the fortress.Scowering for the ship.It had gone back to Jupiter.Now it was waiting to fight with the earth forces.Gundam Masters were now going to Gloire.SDF-1 had folded with many ships.They were in their way.Florence was to begin the assault on the Gundam Masters.Her battloid soldier robot being mecha was ready and launched for battle.They were on their way to engage the Gundam Masters.Gundam Masters sent out their mecha Zakus.They were going to meet in battle.Princess Armada had destroyed many Zaku's and was combating many firing lasers at them destroying them.Setup to firing their giant bazookas.Destroyed many Zaku.Many Zaku's were fighting Princess Armada and she was spraying them.They wanted in to the fortress and setup a guard to destroy the doors and keep them destroyed..Many Space F-14's and Alpha's were engaging the enemy on surface.They were all in groups invading the Masters fortress.Battle was going on outside.Back at Mars they had sent out Firestorm to search for any ships by her autobot AJAX.She had found them at Jupiter and was coming back to her ship.Now the SDF-1 was going to use the reflex guns on Masters.Now were traveling to the Masters.A fortress was hidden on Mars.It had landed and deployed bioroids a long time ago.They knew earth secrets.Masters wanted SDF-1 to come closer.Masters were going to charge up particle beam cannon and destroyed many cruisers as now they were in range.SDF-1 changed to modular transformation robot and fired reflex guns on Masters.They were all destroyed and badly damaged.Other mothership was long gone.Now back near earth battle was going on as they all set charges on each doors they passed.Blow them all open to escape.Florence was soldier fighting and punching and jump kick with combos.She was destroying her way into the vessel as they were resistance.They were going to find the nerve center and destroy it.Or to have a giant explosive brought in and detonated.It was brought in by mechas from the fighting.Alphas were guarding it and many Zaku's were cutdown and destroyed.Giant bomb was inside the fortress and far enough.Each door came down and they all lowered themselves as the detonator went off door after door panel blew.On their way out and in safe enough range they blew the explosive and the ship was rocked and crippled.It was in space and they were ordered to surrender or face destruction.SDF-1 had another SDF-1 come out of fold.Now Gundam Masters had to surrender.Ship was crippled and fighting was what they told all units everywhere to do .They now were in scattered resistences.War was over and Gundam Masters were defeated by Princess Armada and her squads and fellow squads enginuity.
Zarconian Macross made new breakthroughs from things that were sitting there.We have TSF.Tactical Strike Fighter veritech with Transformers technology with the Pretender pilots.They have a fighter with many parts and systems of what makes each fighter lethal their systems.Even their wings and thrusters.TSF fighter.Macross has TSF fighters of many kinds.We got above rest of Macross to being Macross.Our enemy is going to be the British.We are going to use the SDF-1 to strike the British with the TSF fighters.British have boobytraps and are devious.SDF-1 Zarconian re-fitted can take on the government British forces and destroy them as a good guy role too much.They tried to scramble their fighters on the Zarco SDF-1.Zarco SDF-1 is like a carrier with firepower.We modulated new versions to use sensors and systems like TSF.TSF Macross.Our enemy will develop themselves in a craze to being pushy without supervision from rest of space.Macross was under construction like in TSF systems for Zarco SDF-1.Have Gundams aboard to go hand and hand with the Contra Grey Alphas.British have a government technology mecha.Its Zarco Alpha fighter's enemy.Mission will go underway as soon as Zarco SDF-1 is given a directive to blast off all readied with new launching systems to do TSF.Battling with any rebelling robotech and them siding with the Zentraedi and Haydonites.That's what TSF fighter is meant to out preform the enemy and kill them.Many class SDF-1 like the Contra SDF-1.It can't change and launches tanks and deploys a compliment like a control center to do with veritechs as system.Radar is changed and sonar and mixed and relayed like a battlegroup in military.The Contra SDF-1 was going to fight with the Zentraedi and Haydonites.It would cruise into their space and any other rebelling robotech forces.Contra SDF-1 had Contra veritech fighter Transformer Gobot.He is living as all veritechs in Zarconian are from Gobots and Transformers along with the AI's and Pretenders.Combiner the pilot and cockpit.The Contra SDF-1 was moving in and was going to cross the border to carry on assault with the AI's in their stasis til they leap to combine for battle.They have attributes of the Contras as able to hide from radar and guerrilla fighters in urban cities having technology from future.Powers.And adaptation towards their enemies.Queen Armada's orders to fight them and finish them.We fired shard to clog up the Grand Cannon.Stuck inside.Plan.Launch a meteorite of shard to get stuck in the Macross Grand Cannon.The Zarco Macross fleet was powering up at a base.Ready and assembling mecha beings for war.They had the plans at strategic command.They were advanced and ready to go on out from space.They had the compliments all in their bays.Zarconian Contra were doing war in the future and were going to connect the timelines while they were destroying up Micronians.They were faster and superior.It was like a lynx to rodents.They were pouring it on from space and on the surface of the planet using the Contra SDF-1 as spring board off the seas in space on this earth class alien planet with the Grand Cannon.They were covering the backs of the British.Their fate to fight mecha vs mecha being was in the hands of the rest of the fleets that would combine up with the Zarco Contra SDF-1 and conduct repairs and load up on supplies.The TSF SDF-1 Macross was going to be tested vs British.British were ready when the Zarco Contra onslaught was done and objectives were met.They had the battle in the city done and many battles to control the earth class planet.Zarco Contra were based in space and there was no moon.Moons of other planets.This solar system resembled earth but was earth class and had Micronian civilizations on them.They did not have armor and barrier system either.Ours had this and did not stay still to get hit buy explosives.Monuverability with countermeasures.Zarco Contras had some problems with the Micronians.They set boobytraps to avoid and destroy as we had shard meteorite to fire into the Grand Cannon.Looked as a natural meteorite and burn up collecting energy to go into mouth of the Grand Cannon.They had fleets but did not have Alpha fighters yet.We had them as Gundams.They had VF-1 Valkyrie.UN Spacy.Contras SDF-1 deployed tanks to over run and fire on positions of the enemy hovering and firing.Striked by fighters.Their mechas were also destroids part of the rubbling.Micronians possessed fuels and radiations as boobytraps and explosives in ships.They had to dealt with using special tactical unit to blow them up beforehand.Quick and swift unit to get aboard the ships and swiftly get to the stores and put charges on them as British will do this too.They got through the hull and caught them off guard.They were battroid mecha beings.Tanks fired the long shots to cripple the engines.They had set the charges on the Contraband and detonationed it.Zarconian Contras were amassing an assault and needed to connect with time using a satellite system.Worked as they merger together with the victory.Now they were going for the British.They were going to make incursion in space and cross the border near Galactica.They had warped and folded to bringing the TSF Macross within distance of the British.They were crossing the border and destroyed a small ship and satellite probes.They were going to get in closer and deploy the mecha beings to deliver a blow on the British.British countered with mechas of their own.They had not launched as we were getting closer and found a solar system in this galaxy.Ships were coming and we hand fired the optical weapon reflex guns to annihilation the British forces.Surprised and the Zarco Contra forces were inside deploying their compliments.All their barriers were destroyed by the optical weapon reflex guns.Zarco Contras were closing in on the countering forces and their mecha beings were in battle and were destroying up British forces.Other warships were going to stay in orbit once their mecha beings teams had destroyed the defenses of the planet.British homeworld.The Contra Alphas were at war in high altitude firing their GU guns and missiles.They were destroying up the British mechas.British warships were being blasted by particle beam cannons and these were massive guns.Macross was miles long these guns on bow like turrets.Fired at them and cut down their fleet.Other Zarco Contra SDF-1 fired many shots at the enemy ships.Provided a path for the mecha beings and pilots to get in.Superior speed of the TSF fighter it and the many designs went in and penetrationed the planet's defenses because speed and monuverbility from space.The TSF fighter had complicated systems.It was ahead of this planet's time.They were destroying mechas with their guns.The Zarco Contra Mecha Beings had gone in and united forces with the TSF fighters.They had land on the planet and the TSF SDF-1 was going to land on the ocean and like a carrier hit them hard hit the land and all of their forces with no problems from the TSF fighters.They were going in and winning gun battles with the holdout forces.TSF fighters transformed as like a veritech but living Transformer Gobots.Zarco TSF fighters like the F-4 Phantom TSF veritech being.Or the Sea Harrier TSF Veritech being.F-15E TSF veritech being.Speed and thrusters and transforming to land and level the ground forces.Explosion happened from a detonation from British forces.The sea forces fired only when the TSF fighters charted out a transmitted map to sea.Then clear out and let them fire.And this mission was done.Gundams were in space destroying the enemy forces at atmospheric space.Particle beam batteries were pounding the land and demolishing the enemy forces.British fleet in space had frigates that were trying to take on superior carrier force.British robotech cruisers were at a distance as they were invading the British Empire.British had superweapons but the assault had neutralized use of superweapons.The Mecha beings had crippled the Superweapons.With holdouts firing and getting decimated.Sea assault and they were to deal with handfuls of holdouts day by day patrols were flushing them out able to re-arm and reload from sea.They had nuclear weapons stored and could go to the live ammo nuclear.They were going to use nuclear on British fleet and bombard them from space with nuclear rounds.They were pounding the enemy British ships and destroying them.Demolished strategic areas on the planet.The TSF fighter and technology was lethal to the British.British were sitting ducks.We were out preforming them.Our state of the art Transformers were destroying the British.British had rounds and were forced to push out their experimental mecha that we destroyed.We were hunting any ships in vicinity.The TSF fighters would land on the deck of the Zarco SDF-1 and conduct repairs and reload supplies.Ground forces had help from many squadrons that were landing on the ground to shoot out with the British.British high command was surprised and took them all to lightly.They were getting massacred and could do very little.Boobytraps were destroyed by our experts for Zarconian.British were in range for the particle beam battery turrets to fire nuclear rounds at them.British then brought in more of their fleets as from the invasion they had lost.Too late and they were out gunned in battleships.They had none.Our fighters were superior.We used TSF in our technology with robotech.We had Gundam working hand and hand with Contra Grey alphas.British could not kamikaze their ships at all and were desperate.We had fired turret to destroy the hulls of the ships.In F-15E mode and F-4 Phantom mode combing the planet at high speed around the coastline.British had missile silos and remaining naval ships the F-15E TSF fighters took out.Our Panavia Tornado TSF fighter was in naval sorties.Carrierbourne and spacebourne.Fighters handled the planet.Space we were to deploy the fighters as they waited.Our TSF Sea Harriers and AV-8 TSF fighter were going in on the British.Kestrel TSF fighter and MiG's and Su's.They went in and attacked and confronted the enemy forces to take them out.They fired pulse torpedoes to destroy enemy British and their compliment were destroyed by pulse torpedos.Fighters made in at space KM speed and started their bombardment to seek out the carriers and warships.Then withdraw when they had no pulse torpedoes.Return back to the Zarco Macross.The fighters used to go out on sorties to pummel down the opposing forces.They all had missions and would in squadrons go to their sorties.TSF fighters like the TSF F-14 Tomcat used to be used for mountain and land attack.We were using it as an airforce fighter to combat long distance.They got armed with pulse torpedos which plunge into an enemy vessel and have plasma explosions.They are highly HE and send out plasma from their explosions to take out carriers and warships.They change and they are in their soldier mode.To take on any enemy using robot to fire and fire its missiles.They change from fighter in sorties.They have the advantage of monuverability and firepower.They can duck enemy fire to deak around it and fire their cannon which goes in their hands as a gun.They can unload their missile payload in this conversion.It is more faster and has fighter's system in mode.Robot has fighter systems in its robot mode.It has them in areas as I have them in their wings.They are their navigations and all of their hidden systems as in the Panavia Tornado.So in its robot it can use its fighter attributes to fight and combat.Has its fighter's weapons systems.So does Zarco Macross SDF-1.It has them all around from our warships systems.Its all of its other systems and weapons.They go on sorties they are changing and firing to destroy hostiles.They have jammer systems to ECW the enemy.They go into battle and fly as fighters and change.They have thrust to assault in space which they are doing in this story.F-5E Tiger TSF and F-20 Tigershark go to battle and they strike the enemy in space.They have pulse torpedoes in sorties attacking the British Space Naval forces.F-5E transforms to TSF mode and lets away its fire and fires its missiles.They use guided rockets and the larger missiles in combat.They reload on Zarco Macross TSF warship and go back out to their mission to confront and fight more hostiles.EF Hornet goes out with the F-5E and Tigershark fighter to combat hostiles.They have to take out enemy fighters.They fly up to catch them off guard and let go their salvos.They destroy many hostiles.They load and land on Zarconian Superdimensional fortress TSF.They all have live ammo and laser fire.They have space thrusters to fly in space.They have their instruments in wings modified to fly like in atmosphere in space for the handle and monuverability.The British forces were smoking and were going to use alien fightercraft and experimental mechas to fight.They had their space carriers from far away fleet enter solar system.It had all been charred.Many main fleets had been knocked out and left hostiles.The planet had sorties from the TSF fighters to comb the landforms and bodies of water.The Zarco Macross TSF was going out to fire its missiles at the enemy British forces.They had long range large pulse missiles from the pulse torpedo.They were venturing out of this solar system to hunt the enemy British to knockout all of their bases and fleets left over.The missiles launched upon tracking the ships and explosions with plasma.
Warship was going to battle as the Zarconians and Pretenders declared war on Invid Inbit.They were a regime and they were in our way.They started to fight with us.Our warship was going to liberate a planet the Invid Inbit had taken over.They tried their Invid Regess attack and strategy.Our ships had come out of Quantum.Our ships warships aimed all main guns on Invid.They readied the shock cannons and fired on Mullosk Carriers penetrating and exploding Invid forces to peices.Shock Cannons were fired to level many of hives from outer space.Not many Inbit Invid made it.Their troopers were met with vicious AA lasers penetrating their armor and exploding them.On the battleships were the Pretenders and Royalty Queen Armada and Princess Armada.They were suiting up with Space Cyclones.Force field defenses.They were going to battle the leftover Invid forces.They then were ready for launch from battleship.They all were launched from fleet.Space Cyclones were going to engage the Invid and they met their forces and were firing their lasers and missiles decimating the Invid.They were highly agile and monuverable with their verniers.They were getting in close and suprise attacks on scouts.They were destroying their way out to start re-entry with impressive victory.They all were at high altitude.Verniers on they were going down on pole continent.They landed on its edges and were to meet an Invid patrol.They while doing re-entry destroyed many Invid troopers.They then wanted to rest and make a camp.They did this and after a day they made their way.Their Battlesuits were adjusted to the environment.They could lye down and be warmed.They then had energy from their fusion cores.They decided to fly over ocean to another continent.They were going to sneak past the Invid forces journying in Battlesuit mode at mach 4 and VSTOL.They engaged an Invid patrol and took them out with lasers .Shot them down and were on their way to land.Land and they were going to transform to Cycle mode.Princess Armada and Khan family were spread out in strategic areas.Our mission was to laser disignate the Hive for shock cannons accurate shots on the Hive.Force field was protecting the hive.They were all going to meet but were first travelling in cyclone motorcycle mode.They would travel all day and make camp.They were to rendezvous with group of Princess Armada and Pretenders.They were going through a war torn ghost town.We all changed to Battlesuit mode to recon area and do scans.The Invid could not detect our power signatures at all.We also had jammer stealth to the point we could go invisible.We had effective lasers that penetrate Invid Inbit armor.We detected some Invid and we began combat.We scored in missile but cannon fire and shells direct hits on Invid.It was my daughter Florence.She was firing her launcher long distance and nailing the Invid and Inbit.We all confronted Invid and fired selection out of our missiles.The Invid were destroyed.Many more of my daughters had found us as a family.Males were going to fall back and not procede til they joined us as a force.They had to be on the go and there was a military town they stayed at and did missions with or scenarios.We were a family and we had co-ordination as a family in battle.We team worked to defeat swarming of Invid.We all would travel in Cyclone but we changed to Battlesuit mode and went at bursts of mach 4.We were travelling and had a radar silence til we found main hive.Our trip involved camping and eating cuisine rations which were in meal portions.Dropped off from space.We would cook and eat.We had drink and desert.We would leave the camp and as we travelled we did not want attention.The Invid and Inbit were making patrols in sectors under Invid.We expected combat.We would destroy many hives on our way there.We broke into the hive and fought them with space cyclones.We won and hive was destroyed.We were battling in the tunnels and our missile launchers and lasers were effective.With the cousine were HE.Detonators on hive center.Super human abilities the cyclone would do for us to run and hover and twirl around corridors.We had world that there were 10 000's of troops on this alien planet.They all were in Space cyclones.Many male troops.Men were configurated to battlesuit mode.They wanted to not stay in same place.Many of the men were making bases.They were staying at bases.And we all had force field barrier defenses.We were going to the Southern Continent.This planet had 2 Major hives.We were going as a family to one of these hives.The warships could beat any attack and fire shock cannons at the 2nd hive.We were going to the next hive.Many hives were destroyed to cover up our tracks.Jammer hive was the 2nd hive.We were going to have a battle and gathering at the 1st hive.And do we do our job.Yes we were travelling and knowing alien languages.We were even eating their foods.They were against the Invid Inbit occupation.They used to sabotage and destroy Invid squads.Inid Inbit were having aliens as their enemies.They were using interdemensional powers on Invid Inbit.The fleet in space were far from re entry point of the planet.They were going with sending bombardment of lasers to destroy Inbit Invid ground forces.They warned all platoons on alien planet to stay clear of the bombardment.They were in long range.They then blasted all of their guns and particle beam HELs.They were destroying and crippling many hives.Many Inbit crafts were destroyed.The platoons were contacted from space to procede to many sites.The war vessels broke of from fleet to go in and re-entry the planet.The Invid Inbit were drained.Clear re-entry to planet and they were at high alititude with jammer stealth on.They were going to deploy of the 10 000's of Army machines and artillery.They had now stayed at high altitude and were on standby.Many units of army and energy artillery were all setting up covered by Cyclone Riders.Fightercraft were deployed from space from carrier.The SDF-0.It sent in many high superiority fighters to drain the Invid Inbit forces.This was a feirce battle at cloud level.The fighters changed to drone battroid mode.They were fast high monuverability and interceptor.They could deakout the Invid Inbit firepower from mechas.They were useless and the jammer stealth.Their cluster missiles and missiles were effective and lethal.The troops had the artillery assembled and started blasting at Invid Inbit forces.It was going for days that the Invid Inbit were all destroyed and the cyclones were destroying the Inbit Invid and it was in cyclone patrols.Smoke and explosions from the Hive 1.Hive two was destroyed by carrier sending out fighters to go in lower and take out the generators and Invid AA.They were going to attack the Invid Inbit deploying areas.They pulled out once they had knocked out generators.Now the warships moved in at high altitude and fired main Particle beam HEL.They had destroyed and crippled the Hive 2 with firepower.Lasers were penetrating and exploding.Lots of firepower from the fleet after the veritechs assault and return back to carrier.They had 2nd squadrons go on it bombing run and Air to ground missiles to take out more components.
The Inhabitants were happy.They had fought the 2nd Invid War and claimed victory having earth back again.But that was not the case.The Invid came back angered and more powerful.They sealed off earth by making space hives system and hives that they destroyed were rebuilt back again.There were new heroes like Scott Lockhart who was a space soldier and pilot.He wanted to lead his forces against the Invid.There were new improved troopers sent to fight with Scott Lockhart.Scott was going to be one of earth's most greatest liberator.Scott could fight and lead and was making a group as Scott Bernard did.Scott was good at using robotech techology.He was going to get to a base on earth.He was going to fight the Invid which was in orbit of earth.Scott was using his VAF-8 Alpha fighter.He was attatched to the Beta fighter.He was going to transform and separate from the Beta fighter which had a pilot.They were battling in space and wanted a hole broken through the hive's defenses.Once that was achieved the Invid would not track them and they had made it.Scott had his Cyclone with him.Both him and Beta fighter pilot made it.Scott had sigh when he was flying the VAF-8 to land on a base.He had done it.He fought his way through and snuck under the Invid defenses.The base was there.He got clearance as the Beta fighter pilot did.They both landed from fighting with Invid.Scott was going to take his fighter and Beta fighter as they would need it and the cyclones.They were going to invade and liberate the hives.They had no choice in destroying each hive using veritechs and battle the Invid.
Scott was visiting a colony and a city.He was having a vacation and was happy with Addy.Scott and Addy were together and Addy had time from her Zarconian Super Dimensional Fortress Warship.They were in the city and it was a beautiful bright day in city and stadium was open for the day.There was someone that wanted to ruin the day and city even.He was on a Invid warship and was going in to cause chaos to the day.A squad of Invid were going to attack the city.They had Invid Battloid and female Invid Battloid.They were in space.Scott was in the stadium.He was informed that there could be trouble.They government was tracing Scott Lockhart.They found to PA his name in Stadium to pickup the phone.Scott went to this.Addy was sitting and came along with Scott.They were on their way to Space Force Base.They were going to the base and it was too late to take a ship up to space.They had left the city and government spied a bogey.Scott was in the VAF-8 Alpha and was going to intercept.Addy was going to take her station at the watch tower.They went into action and to get to the colony Invid watched as the field was lowest.The City was sounding Air raid siren on PA.Everyone was told to get to their bunkers.Everything was empty.The Invid Male Battloid was on his way to cause mayhem.Scott was airbourne and going to the city.He was going to intercept the Invid.They were going to fight and many civilians were going to watch in their office buildings and buildings.The Battle of the City.The Invid Battloid took off and was above the city.Scott Lockhart was intercepting him.Scott went in to persue the Invid Battloid.Scott went to fire on him with a lock on.Invid battloid fired at him missiles.Scott fired rapid fire and was trying to get him out of the city with the barrier on.Scott did not fire any explosives because he was protecting the city.Lt. Scott Lockhart was being communicated by Addy who was going to turn on the barrier.Then the Invid battloid disappeared.Scott said he lost him and changed to gerwalk to land and hover in streets.When Scott saw him in bunch of buildings.Scott opened fire on Battloid.It got hit and took off upwards.Addy then communicated that the Battloid is done a power climb out of city and so Addy had Scott persue him with a power boost from Gerwalk to Battroid.Then Addy turned on field to protect the city.Scott at cloud level in clouds was going to fight the Battloid.Scott went to guns on him.Scott had some direct hits and avoided his missile attack with chaff.All of his missiles exploded.Scott went to guns on him.They were fighting in clouds with Addy putting on monitor at the control tower.Scott was going to end him dodging his laser fire from Battloid.Scott did a move to speed up and then chased upwards to space to attack the Invid warship.Scott fired his missiles at the Invid.The Battloid went in persuit of Scott.Then Scott let him have it with the missiles and destroyed him.Scott fired guns on Invid ship.He had made damage and was waiting for a new batch of clusters,missiles to fire on Invid ship which he did.It was a success that the Invid ship retreated damaged.Addy was taking to Scott and celebrating giving him co-ordinants to come back home to Space Force base.Scott changed to fighter and was on his way.What a Day Lt.Scott Lockhart had and showed his rank and responsibility as a Squadron Captain.

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