VF-171EX "Super" Nightmare Plus
vf-171-fightercopy2.jpgEquipment Type: heavy variable fighter/bomber and heavy combat battroid
Government: New United Nations Spacy
Manufacturer: General Galaxy.
Introduction: unknown.
Operational Deployment: 2059.
Accommodation: pilot only (in EX-Gear accomodating cockpit)
Dimensions:Fighter Mode: length 15.52 meters
Mass: empty 12.95 metric tons
Structure: SWAG/RA155 SWAG energy conversion armor system (20% improvement in armor strength compared to VF-171)
Power Plant: two Shinnakasu/P&W/Royce FF-2550F thermonuclear turbine engine
Propulsion: 2 x 67.5t (maximum thrust in space) (662.18 kN x 2 maximum thrust in space); many x P&W HMM-6B maneuverability verniers..
Thrust-to-weight ratio: (empty) 10.42

Fighter Mode: cruising speed standard in atmosphere at 10,000m Mach 4.3+; max cruising speed at 30,000+ m Mach 21+
g limit: unknown
Design Features: 3-mode variable transformation; variable setting EPM (Electronic Protective Measures); general performance enhancements in output and avionics with additional equipment stations on the forearms (VF-171EX); EX-Gear adopted officially for the first time by the New UN Forces in VF-171EX (based on data this reduced traditional training period by 30%); VF-171EX uses VF-19 Excalibur FF-2550F engine for improved mobility performance, gaining performance superior to the VF-17 Nightmare and standard VF-171 Nightmare Plus; however, ISC (Inertia Store converter) was not introduced since the basic design of the VF-171 doesn't support it, high maneuverability can not be attained like an ISC-equipped vehicle; output is greatly increased by being equipped with VF-19-class thermonuclear turbine engines; improved maneuverability and strengthened G-resistance due to EX-Gear; L.A.I.-manufactured super fold booster can be mounted on wing hard points; improved ECCM performance and changed enemy-tracking radar AA/AS/SF-06 unified sensor matrix (same type as VF-25 Messiah);
- Armament -
2 x Bifors AMG-30 30mm Heavy Machine gun (using enhanced armor-piercing ammunition)
2 x Erikon AAB-9A beam cannons
1 x Howard GU-14B custom gatling gun pod stored in the leg OR 1 x Shinsei Industry/L.A.I. Co. Macross Frontier Arsenal AVPAGC/MEDC30-EX-A Anti-Vajra MDE anti-gravity particle cannon / 30mm MDE machine gun matrix (mounted upon starboard dorsal fuselage in Fighter/GERWALK mode, mounted upon right arm in Heavy Battroid mode, possible to be operated hand-held in Battroid)
1 x pin-point barrier system
Bombs & Missiles:
2 x Bifors BML-02S micro-missile launchers (mounted in main fuselage near the wing root in Fighter mode, on top shoulders in Battroid mode)
6 x under-wing hard points for two sets of Bifors AAMM-05D TV/infared/radar-guided medium-range anti-air missile, Sentinal FXA-60A high speed armor-piercing rockets in 6-tube rocket pod and L.A.I./AAMS-02A short range infared-guided high maneuverability anti-air missile triple ejector rack.
Sentinal AVM-11R anti-carrier-use large anti-ship missiles (equipped with reaction warheads) 4-shot rack mounted (mounted upon port dorsal fuselage in Fighter/GERWALK mode, mounted upon left arm in Heavy Battroid mode; armored missile canister can be used as a shield by expanding pin-point barrier)
ordnance container loading system located in engine nacelle unit
Optional Armament:
1 x SSL-9B Dragunov Semi/Fully-Automatic Anti-Armor Sniper Rifle with electromagnetic rails, 8 x target assisting balancers, built-in optical scope and SP-55X 55mm ultra-high-speed armor-piercing ammunition; includes standard 12+1 round magazine (optional 35 round drum magazine) of ultra-hard-metal jacketed ultra-dense alloy bullets, located on the underside near cooling fins.
AAS-171 EX armored pack available for team leaders; energy converting armored protector mounted on leg sections
beam gun pod and MDE-specification warheads developed by L.A.I.; gatling gun pod and micro-missile launchers are equipped with MDE-specification warheads.

Description and History

This version of the VF-171 multipurpose heavy fighter is specifically designed as an anti-Vajra variant with equipment improvements, a cockpit for accomodating EX-Gear, enhanced engines and MDE armaments.

Production Notes

Debut: Macross Frontier, Episode 22
Pilot(s): Alto Saotome, Luca Angeloni.
Other appearances: none.
Original mechanical designer: Shoji Kawamori http://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/Zarco_Space_Army http://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Space_Airforce

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