PrncssY.jpgkusoCartoon_13648508401224_.jpg kusoCartoon_13640858984061_.jpgkusoCartoon_13634579933948_.jpgRidiculous_Space_Fighters_by_Rhopunzel.pngSpace_Fighter_Concept_by_Keiichi_K1.jpgDitS_Fighters_ver_2_by_moon_child_reo.pngfighter.gifspace_fighter_sf_01_by_vpraptor-d2ycgha.pngme_172_peplos__dip_by_stealthflanker-d2zs8a1.pngSilmeria.pngthe_sky_fighters_by_stealthflanker-d3gdikx.pngVF-8GERWALK%281%29.pngimagess.jpegSpace fighters would deal with what the SDF-1 went wrong in attacking.A carrier is based more than a battleship on using its magazine for warfare.Carrier attack means squadrons are made into divisions of attack.They deal with anti-ship and interceptor roles and covering bombers.This is the delivery of power the carrier has.It can send out interceptors to defend itself and attack.They are meant to carry weapons pack of missiles and payload mixed.Space munitons.They glide and land on target in space and alien worlds.They have more potential and have plasma in them.They have microchips and sensors to work in space.How many weapons pack and how much they carry and re-load like a gun.Magazine is heating and cooking the HE.Then for them to do their attack and delivery of weapons pack.Types of missiles are effective then other types.Saturn fighter is a heavy duty mecha being.It carries missiles and explosive projectiles.It has armor design.It can fire alot of firepower at 50ft.It has a energy firearm.It has a canopy of warfare proof material.It is meant to deliver alot of firepower on battlefield to surprise the enemy with fighter.Fly in at space mach and destroy enemy.Enigmatech systems countermeasures.Alien tech sensor.It has weapons as a beam saber for hand.It is part gundam part mecha being.Long range.Fusion engines.Aurora-0.jpgkusoCartoon_13640115479379_.jpg j-31-j-20-su-50-f-22-f-35-if-x-f-3-atd-x-stealth.pngkusoCartoon_13656555948607_.jpgkusoCartoon_13771469598659_.jpgThis fighter is for high monuverability and is a sturdy2013-11-14%2020.14.27.jpg2013-11-14%2020.24.22.jpg2013-11-16%2018.36.11.jpg2013-11-16%2018.36.36.jpg2013-11-16%2018.38.03.jpg2013-11-16%2018.40.25%20%281%29.jpg2013-11-16%2018.42.24%20%281%29.jpg2013-11-16%2018.42.24%20%281%29.jpg2013-11-16%2018.42.48.jpg fighterbomber mulitrole.It has hydraulic transformation systems and is a being robot.He has a Zarconian laser firearm.He can carry types of missiles and munitions in his bays.He can fire rapid fire laser cannons on his nose and wings in all modes.He is built to confront larger mecha.He can go to warp drive.He flies very fast and adjust speeds to alien worlds atmospheric.He has a barrier system.Jammers.He in his Gerwalk being mode is compacted hydraulically.kusoCartoon_13772171981124_.jpgkusoCartoon_13772174298030_.jpgkusoCartoon_13772298930554_.jpgFrancis Khan {Princess Armada}kusoCartoon_13808372262805_.jpg is in our Space Marine Corps and flies the Halberd fighters.She is its pilot and changes to a module pilot endo.She is a transexual and is into military space training and daredevil like for space.She unites combiner in cockpit and can transform to her humanoid figure to pilot.She is a great pilot as Younice but is more daredevil.She can bombing run and dive bomb naval missions in space.She is aggressive in robot mode and utilizes all systems.She is adjusted environment of space as a space pilot military ranking.She is at home in her fighter.Both of these fighters are halberd in design meant to conduct naval attack in space.Carry missiles and muntions for multi role for "Saucer-Craft" to army ground strikings to Naval operations and Space naval.They can be fitted and re-fitted for sortie on bases and carriers.They have thrust and high monuverability as a saucer but in fighter for space.They fire mm laser cannons that rapid fire from cannon to cannon in all modes.They carry energy firearm for the soldier robot being mode."Space Hawk" is for fighter superiority and can do naval assault.Meant to fly up there in space and fight.Carries weapons pack and they have instrument sensor systems.They can jammer better than stealth and have warp drive.Fly from any mach to mach 70.Munitions bays and bays for payload.Carry missiles.They are being robots. kusoCartoon_13828998589587_.jpgkusoCartoon_13829016080054_.jpgMetcalf is 45ft long.60ft tall transformation robot mode.They are both fighters from AC Units.Talon is a attack fighter that will be specialty officer on battlefield.Metcalf will deliver heavy support.They both are carrierbourne.Talon will carry weapons pack and to conduct multi role purposes as Metcalf can in fighterbomber.They have force fields defense and space fold system and light speed for each.Tacticians.They can use their cm laser guns on nose in robot mode.Have their energy firearms tucked inside them in transformation in a bay.1847_Space_Battleship_Yamato_2199_Screenshot_3.jpg2013-11-16%2018.39.23%20%281%29.jpgkusoCartoon_13850769622124_.jpgThis Firefly fighter is in war compact and can get into tunnel works of the enemy.It has lethal firepower that is effective.It has force fields defenses like squads.It can fire explosives from launchers.Its got cm laser cannons in all modes.It has jammer stealth.It can carry in its stores explosives and many more types of grenades.It can carry weapons pack.It flies fast but monuverable.It can be sent to eliminate the enemy.It is 35ft tall in robot.It has sensors and scanning for tight in quarters battles.It has night vision and thermal imagery.It has many imagery for infiltration.Carries firepower in close in quarters places.It can hand combat.It has armor.Verniers pivot and its excellent in space.It has heavy command as a squad.2013-11-26%2020.48.08.jpg2013-11-26%2020.52.05.jpg


sr91_aurora_1.jpgkusoCartoon_13650434134430_.jpgCooper fighter is a swing wing with powerplant.Kyte fighter has a powerplant and is a module with electronics.It has force fields and armor.They travel mach 20 to mach 40 and warp.They are complicated.They have laser cannons and carry space weapons pack space munitions.They are high grade of machine.Fusion afterburner engines.Fusion engines are afterburners and burners that run on plasma stores from a reactor.Reactor creates radiation and that makes plasma.Plasma then is taken and run through an EM engine.Containment fields interfacing in it.It is then running on the plasma and afterburning it.Force of the engine is taking the plasma's force and pushing the fighter.The plasma and heat is recycled.This force is taken by the engine as the engine can send out waves for light speed drive.Send out waves and power up to speed of mach100 and more all at once.It is an engine as shown on its own. images.jpegdivebomber_striker.jpg2013-11-14%2020.24.22.jpg
kusoCartoon_13855227150386_.jpgkusoCartoon_13855229032115_.jpgkusoCartoon_13855231081711_.jpgMissiles and weapons pack are space level.They are able to travel to speeds in space and have antigravity in them so they are forced to target.They have plasma and are in the idea of munitions.Idea and they have space explosives. They will keep the idea of munitions but replaced by upgrades and upgrades in alien tech.Munitions and payload can travel in space and on alien worlds.Drop and freefall but with more efficient force.Missiles.Missiles will be of special homing weapons.Like an assortment of types of killer weapons that operate on instruments instant kill and to fight many in number.Or to do a special weapons operation with formidable monuverability and like a homing.Enemy is no match for assortment.They have specialty in areas of military powers.Special weapons packs.Even have the anti-ship missiles.Change to sortie.Cater to each robot being.Types of Space Airforce and Navy.Instant kill and heavy damage.Formidable properties.State of the art.Scope system.Any range.Based on pilot as master.Select for each property of missiles and rockets.Each type of fighter has ones built in each area of combat.Make warfare quicker and to put a instant kill on enemy deadly efficiency making the machine state of art in instruments and interaction.Instruments with the weapons pack interact and improvise to deadly weapons.Range and give them powers and speed then ordinary munitions.They will popout fins and fire reaction chemicals forward in space on alien worlds.Adjusted settings.Run on burning small plasma stores.It will obtain magnetic force. Particle lasers and mm laser cannon,cm cannon is a laser gun for fighters that fires laser fire bolts that can go through shields.Cutting force that has each bolt contain a pulse that can bombard a shields and magnified by particle laser.Particle beam as mm laser cannons for fighters. Retain idea of the cannons but change to a laser gun and feed ammo as laser.Potential is raised to a particle beam.And on its own firing bolts.Put the parts and secrets of laser and components.Ace%20Online.jpgvehicle-168.jpgkusoCartoon_13821206242555_.jpgkusoCartoon_13821206766309_.jpgThese are transport space planes.They are like space crafts that deliver a compliment to their missions.Giant in size carry under hundred mecha beings soldiers.They can delivery alot of firepower and have instrument sensors.Jammers.
They carry out dropping and firing explosives on enemies.They deliver explosive punch.Carrier fighters armed and re-armed for sortie.Weapons pack which combines missiles with payload.They have selection of these and rocket pods and gun pods with missiles.Instruments of alien technology fighters have doppler system in alien.These instruments as imager and tracking go with rocket pods.Attatchments.As the fightes are complicated and compacted to module.They have barrier system and armor for warfare in airforce and Space Navy.Systems and weapons.Fusion engines afterburners which take power of fusion and have it make force to obtain warp drive,light speed and mach 15 to mach 50.Mach 70.Speeds adjust to how much the combiner wants.Fusion multiplication and magnification of thrust of fuel into hydrogen and other energies.Radiation turned into plasma and plasma is played around to make ana4d7a078-0e7f-4552-a70b-ee8ef23e399d_Large.jpgxb70040ks.jpg energy fuel.Complications computer system CPU core.Computer core is a mainframe of hardrive that can make decisions and maintain the fighter with the combiner pilot helping and computing modes.The fighter has to have the ability to be monuverable with the wave motion munitions being large and anti-ship that they can make defensive monuvers and to attack and torpedo run on warships and engage fighters.To out turbo thrust in space KM per hour.Spacefighters is the fighters and any space planes.It has troops.Clone Endos that can combiner with space craft but are officers that manage their posts and manpower to operate and conduct the things for spacefighters.They do the loading but security and covert ops.They are troops with airforce technology and bases.They are very innovative and are jinn as themselves no spirits as we born them.They can do all types of warfares from the airforce area.They are elite in ranks.They have adaptations from space airforce area.Instruments and hights in space and alien worlds.Base has space planes in millions.All sorts in squadrons with purposes for space wars.Space bombers and fighterbombers.They all handle their purposes.They all use the magazine which can cook their and store their munitions.Base has instruments as a fortress.Fortified.It has many other buildings underground.Connection and network it makes use of the buildings.Buildings have purposes.Power stations and officer stations.And the armaments.But the sensor instruments embedded into the base.Base can take large warship to land and to be elevator to hangars below.Radar towers transmitting in space and manpower.Space fighters use plasma stores tanks.Plasma like from the sun but needs processes done to it to make into a power that can be harnessed to provide high level of power to complicated systems.Output.CPU and everything necessities to space fighters extensive systems.It needs a higher level power about 50 times more F-15 in every category and more.Space sensors and instruments for control in space and to adjust to a planets's atmosphere and change speeds,modes.Radiation is a first step but make it to like a fuel.This will activate things of higher power.But that much heat is hard to control.Manipulated and played around with. Macross fighters is Zarco fighter devised as a superiority fighter that can carryout anti ship and multi role.It had powerful thrust to lift and takeoff with space munitions.It could also takeout fighters of the enemy.Robot mode it would be very monuverable with its fusion engines.Carry weapon's pack and weapons on enemy fighters.And to conduct ground attack.Instruments and sensors for something that space sonic boom vector thrust.Highly monuverable and anti fighter.Very fast.SpaceKM per hour.Fire weapons and has secret missile launchers.Enigmatech systems are defensive countermeasures of force field EM invisible energy to block off enemy fire and explosions.Warfare proof and many hundred of times magnified more.It is proper level of defense other than the armor.Calibration to adjust to enemy weapons.Evassive monuvers and enigmatech systems.Space bombers Zarco Macross are 300 to 400ft long.They are huge to carryout bombing alien worlds targets and to firing cruise missiles.They can drop missiles and launch a weapons pack.Transform to robot being mode and carry on fighting.Vega is a great fighter.He is fierce and huge.He tolerates very little from the enemy.He is a responsible officer.He readies himself to prepare and is very much a strategist.He is able to fight.He co-operates and is great at this.He can carry superweapons.They can fly at space mach speeds and carry out mission and sorties.They have cannons on them.Travel from light speed to carryout dropping their load.Land on carriers and at bases.They have cpu to think and carry out commands and fulfil role.Co-operate with the troops.Another station.North America and Europe 20th Century Military fighters will be made into a class variant fighter to serve on SDF-1.They will be made alien technology and upgraded to spacefighters.Like F/A-18 Spacefighter Hornet.Module upgrade computer systems and cockpit compact for combiner transformation into cockpit.Rest of the area module of electronics to make them upgraded past veritech and Ghost fighter.Non transforming and made complicated to do more monuvers and many more countermeasures.images%281%29.jpegkusoCartoon_13648518666010_.jpgkusoCartoon_13633926598088_.jpgkusoCartoon_13633927515193_.jpgkusoCartoon_13633946968155_.jpgkusoCartoon_13630374226991_.jpgsr2nt9a1c386t0vog89clop7l2588931.jpg-final.jpgkusoCartoon_13641725216736_.jpgkusoCartoon_13641725979484_.jpgwc1hornetblueprint.gif74.jpg fb_22_p02_1_0001_763.jpgFighter_Jet_Montage_by_PrinzEugn.pngstrikefighter_destructor.jpgkusoCartoon_13656542722573_.jpgkusoCartoon_13660616277922_.jpgSky Hound is invented from Zarco Macross.He is a high speed Superiority fighter module complicated electronics.He has alien tech instruments.He is advanced in flight in space and can do many monuvers.He has internal laser cannons and can carry weapons pack of payload and missiles with guided rocket pods.He has a slight jammer system.He has enigmatech systems countermeasures.Twin boom turbine engines.He is a ranking in responsibility and provides structure and is an officer.He can do what most jets can't and is very much to do with commands in action. kusoCartoon_13772176103949_.jpgThis bomber travels in space and on alien worlds.It has verniers and its design like saucer gives it abilities like a saucer but bomber.It can attack and destroy with its internal HEL.It has AA hidden.Drops its munitions in space and on alien worlds.Fire missiles.Carry weapons pack for bombers.Verniers give it agility and commanding speed.It can go light speed from mach 10 to mach 20.Any speeds.Changes to robot to combat confront.kusoCartoon_13773079410107_.jpgkusoCartoon_13773095708608_.jpgThis figher is the OZ fighter.It has instruments and jammers.It fires weapons hidden launcher system laser designator.It has particle cannon.MM laser guns in the nose.It can fly booster design mach 10 to mach 80.It can go light speed and fly at any atmospheric speeds mach.It is highly monuverable and pitch can role.Agile in atmosphere and space.It can modulate hydraulically.Princess Armada Nova K is its pilot to transform to module for the cockpit interface combiner with OZ fighter.She can pilot interface as humanoid transexual female.It has weapons pack of mixed payload munitions and rockets.It has a barrier system.Re-entry from fusion power in robot being mode and Gerwalk.It is like a powerarmor and can blast off and do many space G's.It defies space and atmosphere.It is 40ft.It will have HK technology and alien tech.Superiority anti-fighter.Jammer system to make it cloaked.It has a laser strafe.2013-11-14%2020.14.27.jpg

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