Scott Bernard Terminator Resistance Leader
stck.pngScott Bernard is the Terminator Resistance Leader.He could have been part of Napolean's armies.He is a great fighter and keeps the Resistance ahead with Christian Bale.The war on terminators brought him on his path to robotech.From Terminators.I am into Terminators with the Dark Nebula Empire disagreeing with us.We fought for our technology.That is what the war is about to.Invid worked for Skynet.Scott is a great leader and is knowledge of robots from warfare with Skynet.Moves were made and Scott became Zarconian.His expertise and he was transformed into a transformer Gobot.He though conducts war on Skynet and is a pilot and fighter.He can fight with Terminators.They are awful endos and are mixed up in robotech.Robots.Many designs have terminator in them.But our real war that part of Dark Nebula is divided.But we have heft shares on them.Sent to investigation Skynet and Dark Nebula Empire.They have tried to jip us and send assassin terminal on us.They are rotten and need to be destroyed. PERSONELL DOSSIER: SCOTT BERNARDStick Bernard
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Actual Name: Scott Bernard Occupation: Veritech Fighter Pilot Rank: Commander Previous Affiliations: Robotech Defense Force Place Of Birth: Deep space, Galaxy Realm (Alternate Timeline "R") Base Assignment: Freedom Two Known Associates: General Kaga Division Placement: Air Force Marduk Report Status: Tested at Level 4 External Education & Background: RDF officer's training, extensive combat experience, has a lot of survival skills, but mostly out of place in an Earthbound environment Primary Specialty: Reconfigurable fighter pilot Secondary Specialty: "Cyclone" Combat Motorcycle Operator Notable Arsenal: HP-90 Sidearm, from his home timeline Service Record: Served with the 21st Mars Division, an elite force of the RDF that was totally wiped out save for himself. He was part of a five-man group who braved the hostile planet Mospeada for over two years before being rescued. Height: 5' 10" Weight: 175 lbs Skin: Caucasian Hair: Aqua Eyes: Blue Other Physical Distinctions: None Images On File:
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Subject Profile: Bernard was not somebody we expected to take along with us through the crazy ride across other timelines and time itself. But I have to say, it seemed that fate knew what we needed when we picked him up. He's a combat veteran against a lot of foes that we never could have imagined in our worst nightmares. He's a particular expert on the Invid, whoever they are. I hope we never find out. He's got military regulations carved into the very fiber of his being, there is no finer example of a soldier to be had. He seems haunted by the fact that everybody he ever cared about is now either dead or no longer reachable to him. I'm impressed that it hasn't impaired his judgement as a soldier, though it makes him impossible to get along with outside of a combat situation. Though his technological expertise doesn't apply to most anything we have in our current arsenal, I do have one idea for him… Entered by: Timothy Roven, General

Lt. Bernard is a survivor in the truest sense of the word. He was stranded on a Invid controlled planet for a long time before the SDF-1 from our home dimension managed to extract him. Shortly after he was shifted without warning to a different reality along with me and the rest of our forces. Without any real way of knowing where he was, he managed to find a way back aboard Freedom One, and I for one am glad to have him here. He gives us an advantage against any possible attack from this reality's native Invid or Zentraedi forces. Couple that with the thought that the UN forces of this reality have been able to study a Robotech Masters Bio Roid for over half a century and we are about as well equipped as we could hope to be given the circumstances. I know that Scott is haunted by the loss of everyone he knew, just like I am, but neither of us will let it stand in the way of our duty. Maybe one day, we will find our way back home, but until then, we have a job to do. Entered by: Hishakawa Kaga, Colonel

Memorable Dialogue: "When the Invid LEAVE? You're an optimist…" Character Theme: Lonely Soldier Boy by Michael Bradley Creator's Commentary: Scott Bernard is actually a character I have a real connection with. I went to school with a guy of the same name, as did some of the other co-creators. He had no idea how awesome of a name he had, of course. I've always liked him more than the other main characters from Robotech, and that's not an unpopular opinion, either. He was the lead in the Shadow Chronicles movie a few years back, and he's very well known to Robotech fans and nonfans alike. In the LKU he's an important character for 9th Section to have since he has first hand experience dealing with enemies who will be rearing their ugly heads for the first time in this dimension… Previous LKU Appearances: LKR, Black

Stick Bernard
Scott Bernard
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Voice Actor: Shimada Bin

Stick Bernard first appears in "Prelude to the Offensive" and plays a major role in the defeat of the Inbit. Army all the way, Stick is a no nonsense, straight laced military officer who only seems to opens up around his wife to be, Marlene Rush. They are can hardly wait for their marriage after the Inbit were defeated and the Earth recaptured.

It was not to be, with the forces of the Second Earth Recapture Mission getting slaughtered in orbit and Marlene's ships exploding before his very eyes. Stick crash lands in South America, the love of his life dead and his mission a failure. He views for the first time the holo-pendant Marlene gave him, promising in her memory that he will head towards the Inbit's main hive Reflex Point and destroy it. He thinks of nothing but the mission, desperate to bury his sadness and grief. Along the way he finds others to assist in this mission, training them into a crack resistance unit. They come together and form a family of sorts, and Stick begins to open up a little. He meets one of his heroes, but learns the dark truth of heroics even while Johnson redeems himself. Even repeats of events similar to this one are not enough to dim his belief in humanity and the mission.

However Stick's hope is crushed when a Mars Base landing point he believed would defeat the Inbit is in ruin. He sits underneath a wrecked ship, not caring what happens. Rey and Houquet soon arrive with a female survivor, one that looks very much like his beloved Marlene. As always the Inbit soon attack, but the women sits screaming out in the open, helpless like his Marlene. Stick is snapped out of his trance and leads the group to victory once more.

Over the course of their travels, Stick slowly begins to fall in love this woman and is totally unprepared for the revelation that she is in fact a Inbit transmuted into human form, whose veins contain green blood instead of red. But eventually he is made to realize that this does not matter, as long as he love her. But even as he accepts her for what she is, the call of the mission, still unfinished pulls him away

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