Rook Bartley

Birthdate: 2024
Birthplace: Cavern City, South America Quadrant (Brazil)
Height: 172cm
Blood Type: O

Favorite Music: Punk rock
Rook Bartley is a independent, strong-willed, young woman. She values her independence and is happiest when living by her own wits and warrior skills. In the past, she was part of a vigilante motorcycle band called the Blue Angels that was formed to defend against another gang of violent renegades, the Red Snakes. Ambushed by the Snakes, supposedly at the betraying hands of her own people, Rook sets off on her own, abandoning her mother and sister, Lilia, vowing never to trust anyone ever again. Later, she runs into Scott and his growing band of resistance fighters. She finds that these people are fighting for the same things she's always believed in and
feels compelled to join them. At times, her growing affection and dependence on her new friends, especially her feelings for Rand, cause her to panic. She comes close to leaving the group on several occasions. But eventually, Rook learns that she has more to gain with love and friendship than by returning to the solitary life she's led for so many years.
Rook Bartley was a member of the Invid resistance during the Third Robotech War.
Early LifeRook was the half-Zentraedi daughter of Kyle Bartley and the Zentraedi warrior Vala Norri. (Crystal Dreams 1: Crystal Dreams)
Rook was born in Cavern City, South America Quadrant (Brazil). As a young teenager, Rook was a member of the Blue Angels biker gang along with her boyfriend, Romy. (New Generation: Hard Times) Species: Human-Zentraedi
Gender: Female
Born: 2024
Hair: blond
Height: 1.72 m
Mother: Vala Norri
Father: Kyle Bartley
Siblings: Lilly Bartley
Relatives: Ron Bartley
Voice Actor: Susie London
Voice Actor (Spanish): Mónica Manjarrez
Gabriela Gómez
Houquet had a fairly ordinary childhood for those under the rule of the Inbit. As her home of Trench Town collapsed into near total anarchy, Houquet joined one of the new motorcycle gangs, the good Blue Angels which tried to keep the bad Red Snakes from ruling the town. Houquet had found her place; along side its leader and her boyfriend.However life rarely stands still and after he decided to grow up and leave the gang behind, Houquet turned up to a rumble between the gangs alone and suffered a terrible beating. Her world destroyed, Houquet could remain no longer and departed, building up a emotional wall to keep other away and stop them hurting her. She found a serviceable red painted VR-38L Bartley Ride Armor which she used to continue helping the weak, whether attacked by the one of numerous gangs or the Inbit.
Betrayed by seemingly friendly town folk, Stick, Rey and Mint appeared doomed until a certain red Ride Armor and its owner saved them. Houquet later joined the group, but remained distant. A brush with her past proved to her that she could defeat the demons that dogged her. Slowly but surely she opens up and lets the group in, but refuses till the very end of the series to admit she loves Rey.

Houquet easily provides one of the stronger female roles in the series She also provides a counter point to the happy go lucky Rey, and it comes as no surprise that they fall in love. Houquet is tough, self-reliant and easily as effective as any of her male companions.

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