Robotech Science

Robotech operates on physics and mechanics.Use of energy in machines.They use a powerplant and power core that sends out radiation.Their fighters have 10 times more 50,000 pounds of thrust.Veritech though is meant out of space mach and mach to come out of mach and slow down.Warfare demand to slow down from enemy high speed interceptor race.Fighters carry payload to administer a destructive punch to enemy.Veritech is carrying itself.A fighter does not consider its own weight.More complicated robotics module.It gives it a transformed robot into a vehicle.Not an ordinary vehicle.It has internal properties like a robot.Being a module and complicated but compacted into a design that accomplishes the demands.Avionics for avoiding AA battery from Naval ships.Avoiding a spike by the enemy.Well trained but arsenal a fighter carries and carrier maintains this demand.Bigger or more complicated devices for taking out the enemy the hangar awaits to repair and maintain and redo them from war experience like station team.They put fighters through strain.Streneous tests and service.Because many shots and doing the many tasks could mean accident.Designs are upgraded,G forces of space monuvers and monuvers enemy puts you through but they can't dictate things or they'll setup and shoot you down.Avoid rockets in terms of VSTOL in guardian and VSTOL in battloid.Slow and down and fire.Push veritech to fly in battloid mode because its a fightercraft.Slow down properly as a soldier.It is a battloid for monuverabiity and agility like a soldier in air or space.Limits amount of fire on the veritech.More compact up to down.Combat to avoid enemy.Agility and countermeasures.It can attack with agility.To be a robotic soldier in interceptor war.Guardian is to hover and a transatmospheric transport.To travel in this mode and delivery of weapons.Monuver around like a vehicle.Battloid is to be a soldier mode and as a humanoid giant robot to deliver guns at the enemy with humanoid soldier like warfare.Its a fighter changed to robot with all fighter's systems modulated into a soldier.When a supersonic fighter is in an air war this goes into to soldier to slow down and arm up.It looks for targets like VSTOL.More agile with the antigravity pods.Pulling out of supersonic speeds but is able to keep in air fight.New transformation of battloid and it also can change to GERWALK for STOVL VSTOL warfare to hover in streets and roads but to deliver weapons in compact mode.And having properities of fighter to use them.Flight and hover.Monuverability and automated pitch.But as transformers to change back to their vehicle for vehicle powers.Direct flight and drive.Faster as module vehicle can beat a robot.Mixed in guardian.Its scanner instruments change around and focus on different set of scanners per mode.They are no longer in vehicle scanners.Robot is focus fighter instruments with soldier instrument for BETA and PARCS.Head sight of scanners for battlefield aquisition.Watch like a sonar.Disturbances and riffles,distortions.Like a cop.Bandwidth though military.Fighters don't stand still and scan on ground.And turn around like a soldier.Observe.Dig in position and ground and leave it with the thrusters.Do this in the air and in space.Tracking systems and Doppler.No longer from cockpit,CPU head unit.Bogeys.Then directly go to guns.Switch to thermal imagery and imagery systems.Better view of the enemy and to keep up with the enemy.Battloid robot unit can do running and many abilities as a robot.Two legs and arms.This is a type of AC Unit.Robot large like a vehicle.And with weapons.Lasers.Run.Dodge.Do roll.Duck and lean and get down and fire like a troop.But it will behave like who is piloting it.Squat down stary ducked and fire.Sitting target.Get behind cover.With the added imagery systems.Large target to delivery larger weapons.Firing of larger weapons delivery.Infiltrate them in with either guardian or robot and send in weapons fire large scale.Bombardment.Robot send guns.Takeout enemies.Targeting.Faster than the guardian.More agile.More agile less hybrid than alien creature 3 legs and more.In battloid mode different set of instruments.Meant for soldier.Robot.From vehicle instruments.Derrived.Guardian nose has sonar and fighter equipment.Battloid mode is brought to the battlefield by verniers system.So strategist aligns the veritechs for transformation like soldiers but in Navy.Orders to cover and avoid the enemy fire.Veritechs play a role with the soldier but posses fighter too.Both deadly weapons of high speed combat as a battloid should be like a gundam proper training high speed warfare.Robots can travel like a humanoid and humanoid robots for flight have balance and super powers.Built right and thrust and force takes them to G forces and monuvers other than the fighters.It can do the fighter's but different.Might solve many enemy counter moves.Space too and alien worlds.Balance and distribution of weight not as bad as fighter.Humanoid shape and flight in robots.Like swimming in air and space.Swmming through or flying like GAH.Greatest American Hero.We have seen what he can do from tv.Flight for person and they go upright as instructed.Boosters work with veritech battloids.Wings and fighter adaptations are abilities inside the veritech.Battloid posses fighter properties like aerilons.Many fighter properties into a robot.Not just humanoid.Its a fighter too.Capable of things a fighter can give to battloid.Gundam gets from its fighter it changes to aerial mode.All flying systems into a humanoid.Make use of them as a system configuration change fighter systems into battloid humanoid robot.Now its a different configuration from fighter.Battloid is a fighter too.It has module complications.But systems to change to cater to the configuration.Changes to battloid this is meant to confront fighters and destroy interceptors..Because it is VSTOL and still to fire like a soldier at moving targets and its a full fightercraft as robot making it know how to confront interceptors and delivery of heavy fire power in the air.Change to be out of the world the enemy fighters are in.Advanced instruments then destroy the fighters.Conversions are for the mecha to change to another mecha and in a new form and modulation of systems and weapons.Many more transformation modes from Cybertron Gobotron.Change other than Gerwalk.These are types of machines.Change hydraulic like Zarconian technology to be faster and more modulated.Change systems to be more formidable a mode.Changes the configuration of the thrusters and other parts and systems.Powerplant is mangled.This takes away from its abilities from a lighter design.Fighters like in Ace Combat have robotech abilities except to change to robot.They outdo veritech in not being in many peices and sections.All whole section with panels.This gives the fighter and bombers the agility.They lost out on secrets of McDonnell Douglas,Raytheon,Grumman,British Aerospace.There are secrets their technology has.Veritech's weight and use of antigravity to compensate for that with the divided sections,powerplant.Lighter fighters that don't change are modules that have monuverability and gunsights.They carry hardpoints and weapons pilons weapons like weapons pack of missiles.Effective.Transformers are able to retain the structure of the powerplant and sections perfection.Because they are living.Biology is the blueprints of fighter schematics.
What makes a fighter is that it has less weight of robot mecha and its armor.It can't carryout sorities properly.It has no weapons pilons to attatch weapons pack on them.Does not carry missiles that deliver heavy punch like munitions.Carrying more weight along with its mecha body.Does not have the speed or strike poise as a fighter has.Fighters use their instruments to take them to battle to carry out ground attack.They yaw and do a role to attack.Veritech can't 4point turn.It cannot do this because it has no sturdiness in wing flaps that its got more control.Has limited control and this goes with monuverable as a large target object.Has no missiles to protect itselft exept warheads.It can combat physically and batter away.But a fighter might be a machine that can take a battering.
Robotechnology is the general term applied to the various advanced technologies reverse engineered from the alien spacecraft that crash-landed on Macross Island in 1999. When the object, officially classified as Alien Space Ship One (ASS-1) but commonly referred to as simply "The Visitor", crashed the world was embroild in a Global Civil War. With the arrival of the Visitor a truce was declared and an international team of scientists and engineers, led by German scientist Dr. Emil Lang, began work on deciphering the advanced alien technolology found within the spacecraft.

Under a strict veil of secrecy the science of Robotechnology was born. Work on Robotechnology was restricted to two locations, the original crash site on Macross Island (where work proceeded on the repair and refit of ASS-1) and at the newly established Robotech Research Facility near Tokyo.
Elements of Robotechnology

Human knowledge expanded almost exponentially as the ship slowly gave up its secrets. Several advances in science and engineering were made within the first few years, but the priority was on military technology. Those who knew of the alien ship also knew that one day that ship's original owners might come looking for it and they wanted to be prepared. The most significant advances to come out of Robotechnology were:

Spacecraft Technology
Reflex Weaponry


The single most important discovery made from the alien space ship was Protoculture, which would become the key to Robotechnology. At the heart of ASS-1 was the vessel's unique power source, the Protoculture Matrix. Scientists examining the Matrix were able to determine that the Protoculture was a strange form of organic matter held in stasis. Somehow the process of keeping the material in stasis caused it to radiate large amounts of energy, making it an incredibly efficient power source. Eventually the scientists discovered a means to siphon off varying amounts of Protoculture from the Matrix, which allowed them to make it the central power source for the newly developed Robotech spacecraft and mecha. Shortly after the first Protoculture-powered mecha prototypes were developed, Robotech scientists made a shocking discovery. Due to some strange side effect of its organic nature when Protoculture was used to power a mecha, the vehicle would form a symbiotic link with its pilot. This link resulted in the pilot getting a greater agility and responsiveness from the mecha than with more conventionally powered systems. Efforts to duplicate this link artificialy have so far failed, and the effect seems to be limited to single pilot mecha and vehicles.

Scientists examining the crashed spacecraft noted the huge size of some of the systems and deduced that the original occupants had been humanoid but giants, over 15m tall. To combat the potential threat of these "giant aliens" Robotech engineers began developing weapons systems of comparable size. The weapons systems were built around a roughly humanoid form comparable in size to that of the aliens. These giant robotic combat vehicles were called mecha (from mechanical) and were equipped with several heavy weapons systems. The first series of mecha were called Destroids and were designed to fulfill artillery and anti-aircraft functionality. Later advances in Robotechnology allowed for the creation of the next series of mecha, Veritechs, which combined the functionality of a robotic combat system with the ability to transform, changing their external configuration from a humanoid robot into a more conventional appearing fighter jet and back. This transformation process is sometimes referred to as mechamorphosis.
Spacecraft Technology

Reverse engineering many of the systems from the alien craft allowed scientists to advance spacecraft technology decades, maybe centuries ahead of what it had been at the beginning of the 21st century. The use of Protoculture power sources eliminated the need of conventional solid rocket booster for lifting vehicles in orbit. In place of these were more efficient reaction thrusters, usable for both lift-off and propulsion. Surface to orbit launches were made even more efficient by the use of gravity control systems that could lighten the effective mass of a spacecraft so it required less thrust to reach orbit. Another by product of the gravity control systems was the creation of artificial gravity for spacecraft, satellites, and bases on low-gravity worlds. Perhaps the most astonishing piece of space travel technology discovered was the Fold System, a propulsion system that enabled relative faster-than-light (FTL) travel by folding the fabric of space-time to allow a spacecraft to travel via artificial micro-wormhole between two distant points in space.
Reflex Weaponry

The use of Protoculture power sources led to new advances in beam weapon technology. The near-inexhaustable energy available from the Protoculture-based power systems meant that practical vehicle-mounted energy weapons were now possible. The new series of mecha combat systems were the first to be equipped with beam weapon technology, followed by more conventional military equipment. Space-based platforms were outfitted with larger, even more powerful energy weapons that would not be practical for use in a planetary atmosphere. The peak of Reflex beam weapon technology was the Reflex Canon. These powerful weapons generated massive energy beams hundreds of meters across which were capable of destroying anything in their path. The first of these Reflex Canons was the Main Gun of the SDF-1. Three planetary defense versions (called Grand Canons) were slated to be built on Earth but only one, located at RDF Alaska Base, was completed before the Zentraedi orbital bombardment of 2011. The Alaska Grand Canon dealt a powerful blow to the Zentraedi fleet, destroying hundreds of enemy ships, before it was disabled in the planetary assault.

Beam weapons were not the only systems created from Reflex Weapon technology. Through a fortuitous accident engineers aboard the SDF-1 discovered they could adapt the Reflex energy used for the Main Gun into a defensive energy shield to protect the ship during combat. This barrier system proved unstable when used to shield the entire ship but proved very effective in protecting smaller regions through a series of individual, movable shields. This system was referred to as the Pinboint Barrier System. Robotech engineers experimenting with other uses for Protculture-based energy systems also developed Reflex energy powered warheads for long range missle systems, which allowed a large destructive payload to be deployed from existing ground, ship, fighter and mecha-based launch systems.

The reconstruction and refit of ASS-1 took nearly a decade. Combining the surviving systems with rebuilt alien technology and existing and newly developed Earth technology, the ASS-1 was transformed from alien wreck into Earth's premiere space defense platform, the Super Dimension Fortress One, better known as the SDF-1. The SDF-1 was the testbed for much of the new Robotechnology. The arrival of he Zentraedi in 2009 forced the SDF-1 to launch prior to her systems being fully tested, leading to several near catastrophic failures. Firstly the ship's antigravity lift system, designed to raise the SDF-1 into orbit without the use of thrusters failed when the mountings for the units proved uable to take the strain and the antigravity lifts tore free from the ship's hull, forcing it to use more conventional thrusters to reach orbit. Then, when the SDF-1 attempted a space-fold maneuver to jump to lunar orbit to escape Zentraedi attack the jump was made while still too far within Earth's atmosphere. Instead of the Moon, the SDF-1 jumped all the way to Pluto at the edge of the solar system.Not only that, but the fold envelope had also taken a sizable chunk of ocean with it to Pluto, including Macross Island (and Macross City and its civilian populace who luckily had moved into environmentally sealed bunkers at the start of the Zentraedi attack.

Luckily the huge spacecraft had room enough to accomodate the refugees. In fact, large sections of Macross City were transferred into the ship's huge holds, creating a small city for the 60,000 refugees within the SDF-1 itself. An aircraft carrier and submersible landing craft (the Prometheus and Daedalus) had also been caught in the fold to Pluto and resourceful RDF engineers actually managed to attach the two vessels on the port and starboard of the SDF-1. The Prometheus became the primary launch bay for the SDF-1's Veritech squadrons while the Daedalus was used for a devastating anti-ship assault in tandem with the SDF-1's pinpoint barrier system. The most shocking consequence of the errant space-fold, however, was the disappearance of the Space Fold engine itself. Why the Fold Engine vanished and where it went are still a mystery, and the lack of space-fold capability forced the SDF-1 to return journey to Earth via more conventional propulsion.

The loss of the Fold Engine did have some side benefits, as it led to the development of the pinpoint barrier system. The loss also led to the discovery that the SDF-1 was re-configurable. Dr. Emil Lang found that several internal systems needed to be reconfigured in order to fire the Main Gun with the Fold Engine missing. He was somewhat surprised to find that the SDF-1 was in fact capable of transforming much as a Veritech did, changing its configuration to one that allowed the Main Gun to be fired. This configuration was dubbed the Attack Mode while the regular configuration was referred to as Cruiser mode. This capability appears to have been part of the original space vessels capabilities, though the reason for having this function is a mystery.

The SDF-1 was badly damaged during the battle with the Zentraedi armada and crashed-landed in North America. It became the center of the intial global recovery efforts and a New Macross City grew up around it. The SDF-1 was destroyed several years later in a suicide attack run by a rogue Zentraedi officer. The SDF-2 is something of an enigma. After the Zentraedi planetary assault the surviving Unified World Government decided that in order to prevent an alien attack like that from happening again a mission should be sent out to the homeworld of the Robotech Masters, the rulers of the Zentraedi, to negotiate a truce. Since the SDF-1 was too badly damaged for this mission the Super Dimension Fortess Two was commissioned. Unfortunately the SDF-2 was destroyed before it could be completed, though a third vessel, the SDF-3 eventually did leave on the mission to contact the Robotech Masters. The mystery surrounding the SDF-2 concerns its exact nature. There is debate on whether the SDF-2 was a brand new vessel, or was actually the SDF-1 being extensively refitted. Between the huge veil of secrecy surrounding its construction and the chaos of the early Reconstruction period many of the details have been lost. The general hypothesis is somewhere in the middle, that it was a new vessel based on the SDF-1, but it was making use of several systems salvaged from the SDF-1. Since it is known that the SDF-2 was destroyed at the same time as the SDF-1, it seems to make sense that it was being constructed nearby, close enough to be caught in the area of effect of the renegade Zentraedi vessel's suicide run that destroyed the SDF-1.
IV. Propulsion:Edit

■Two Nakajima/P&W/Rolls-Royce FF-2001 or FF-2001D (built into VF-1S, and after 2011, all other variants) fusion turbines, total engine output 226 kN or 256 kN (-D) total at max. power; 451 kN or 503 kN (-D) are available with overboost. Exhaust nozzles allow for vector thrust, serving in place of conventional elevators. System includes two reverse-vernier thrusters, on blisters outboard of each intake; exhaust comes directly from main turbine at a maximum of 20% thrust.
■Powerplant: 2 x RRL-1 Miniaturized Protoculture-cell energizer, delivering 650MW total power.
■Fuel Capacity: ■20 Standard Canisters of Protoculture,
■12.9 lit. D2O reactant for fusion engines.

■Four Nakajima NBS-1 high-thrust vernier thrusters, one on the ventral in fighter mode, three in the 'backpack' in Guardian and Battloid modes.
■Eighteen P&W LHP04 low-thrust vernier thrusters distributed around the aircraft; three on each engine block/leg, two on each arm, two on the nose cone, two on the 'backpack', and four on the torso/fuselage.
■Vernier vents in the wings, as part of the aircraft's space roll control.
■Assorted gyroscopes for all-environment attitude adjustment and stability.
■Max speed at 10,000 meter : Mach 2.71
■Max speed at 30,000+ meter : Mach 3.87
■Max speed at sea level : Mach 1.4
■Stall speed (VTOL shift possible) : 230 kph
■Unboosted ceiling : 35000 meters This fighter uses complex circuitry.Reactor engine.Reactor flows on airflow and radiation.Its fuel is a very flammable fuel that gives it 10 times more than 50 000lbs thrust.Now stability of the fighter in mechanics to control and pitch it in flight in space.It has a booster engine attatched to a conversion robot.Hydraulic mechanics though add to power.Booster is blaring out radioactive and space fuel flow playing around plasma flows to get right types of plasmas.Then other plasma goes to other systems.Enough plasma to power the veritech.Adaptation.Change to re-adapt.More forms of adaptation in machine.Transformation is for going to a more faster mode than robot.Travel as vehicle.From robot to vehicle also to hide as vehicles.Robots plain robots are droids and mobile dolls.So type of machine and robot for transformation.Change to break free of enemy.Faster vehicle mode more speed and agility from machine vehicles.This is from simple machines.And complex machines.Radiation is from nuclear energy and other radiation type energies.They are like from stars.Loaded with what a solar flare has.Burst of hydrogen.Many radiations are different.Containing the energy from melting from high temperatures its a flowing alien system.Fusion in engine meaning the engine does fusion split and like a power core with radioactive rods.It is functioning like an engine but flowing on radioactivity and plasma which needs to be lasered to heat it up like the sun.Then to concentration the flow by allowing open airflow to it so it will behave to our environment.An Astro fighter is very complex fighter that beats the Valkyrie.Astro fighter is a more complex module of a fighter.It can fly with such control and grip on atmosphere and outer space.It can out monuver a Valkyrie and Valkyrie less violent.Astro fighter can haul wave motion pulse torpedos and munitions to destroy ships.Without this it can shoot down enemy interceptors by out preforming them.It can fly better without verniers system the Valkyrie has makes no use of it in combat.The thrusters on Astro fighter can get the Astro fighter to tilt and wave the fighter in climbes.It shakes off enemies and shoots them down with its plasma pulse cannons.It is a superiority fighter.It has less weight then Valkyrie does not transform.It is more like same levels of Invid.Americans in space had it operate on playing with plasma stores here and there and sending it around then having the tubo thrust of intake and leeching of fuel into the stream and the burner send it out as tubo thrust.Space it needs to utilize magnetism.Space and magnetism are part of each other's environment.Space and orbital forces and frequencies from sun and stars.Veritech is a robot with many commands from a computer to change form.Change its robotic forms to machine.Machine so it will not fall apart,it will stay compact as a vehicle,sturdy.But is is not a being and needs the pilot and computer core to think.It should have a mouth and face and to say its name like a person.Then it would climb the ladder of being evolution as authoratative and others.Soldiers have qualities to their guns.Profile and their skills.Attributes.Personality and theri archive of abilities and adaptations.Machine adaptations.Reflex quickness from probes responses and complex circuitry.Complex circuitry puts complex codes inside the veritech.But its like its knocked out and dizzy.In a state.Complex circuitry prevents a burn down and passes around the codes from computer and allows it to flow and operate on part of the plasma.Electric plasma.Then the heavier machine level like in Armored Core.AC's being like tractor parts being big.Hydraulics and pressure hydrualics to respond to bending motion and to fight.Wear and tear.Their are backup health systems for war abuse.Circuitry is complicated and protected by energy flow and armor.Quick response which is reflex responses from hydraulics to the joints.Circuitry and the android responses.Chipboards manipulate codes.And their are precautions to over-heating in circuitry.This is a military machine.Probing network and AI.Artificial intelligence.This enables it to be like a lifeform but a machine and robot.Power source tremendous amount of concentrated power.Interaction in all systems component.Cybertron and Zarconian are very alien intelligent.Power batteries.Fuel.Reactor and powerplant.These from simple vehicle machine contribute to its robot power and systems.Power of a vehicle attributes from vehicle.Instantaneous response from AI.AI is putting in probes and another current to vehicle to give it more commands.Compatability of many technologies in one veritech.Get things going.Hydraulics being the larger systems of movement obey the commands.Detail from the AI.Getting the AI to respond to the pilot.He co-ordinates everything in compatiblity with AI systems as a person and living being.Being piloted by a pilot for a vehicle.Instructed and architected to move and move the arms and legs,thrust and stability.Puppeting the robot and vehicle.Orchestrating movement and commands.For agility in systems.Fighting abilities.And many types fo AC's.Many types fo components in robotics.To transform too much wears out joints and they could be blasted and fall off.Heavy add too much weight.Make Zarco Macross warship uses hydraulics and heavy weight to modulate them as a more powerful weapon.They are more powerful engines.Each system shifts and adds network to all systems.Retains weapons as Transformers and Gobots their vehicle mode.Robot is a bigger target to the enemies.In their vehicle mode they are smaller shape to enemy fire.This is a fighter combining robot mecha.It has property of an interceptor with the demand for each role a fighter can fulfill.It has all of the fightercraft's systems in mecha mode.Its got excellent gunnery and targeting systems from world of robots and mechas.It is a combining of robot mecha and fighter interceptor.VF-1 Valkyrie is a space fighter.It has a powerplant for space.It can do all of the countermeasure monuvers.It has one but the robotech defenders and Muv Luv UN did not bring out or command it in battle.High speed mach warfare.Space war.It is a space machine.Modifications happen when veritech changes for a different perspective of systems and weapons.Its propulsion gives veritech monuverability.Thing is a fightercraft or vehicle.It has a wider radius of systems in battroid mode.In its vehicle mode it is faster and like the vehicle to persue or escape.Vehicle or fighter can speedily get a different view at the enemy to line them up on sensors.Battroid has a spherical perspective of its sensors to catch an enemy on targeting and to examine the battlefield.
The use of this energy with machines creates a paranormal link between man and machine. it is as if the bio-energy instills some essence of life-form to direct it. A quasi-life that requires a living, intelligent life-form to direct it. The psionic union between man and machine makes the mechanical device act more like an extension of the operator instead of a mere tool. It is this unique phenomenon that makes the Veritech Fighters, Alphas and other mecha (human and alien) so incredibly agile. The giant machines react with almost human reflexes because they are effectively mechanical extensions of their pilots. Thus, the machines respond to the person's slightest movement.Veritech is a vehicle that can transform in robot mecha.They do this to slow down and go to systems like weapons.They have more VSTOL and balance in the air or space.Then they can transform back to vehicle like a module.Vehicle has its abilities.The Robot mecha has the systems of modulated vehicle.Its not just a robot.It has vehicle systems which gave it speed and to slow down like a robot or rocket past like a fighter.They are also piloted.The reason that re-entry to Earth is so violent is because of the angle at which the spacecraft re-enters. The steeper the angle relative to the Earth's center of mass the less friction there is. The space shuttle is perfectly capable of re-entering the atmosphere at angle steep enough so as not to create a fiery re-entry. However, by the time of re-entry the shuttle has used up all it's fuel and is now essentially a glider. The pilot uses the friction of the atmosphere to slow the shuttle down in order to ensure a safe landing. The vehicles in Star Wars don't need to worry about this because they are not out of fuel when they land on a planet. So they are able to re-enter at a steep enough angle to not have to worry about atmospheric friction, and they are still able to control the ship after re-entry.

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