hqdefault.jpgA young and impressionable freedom fighter, Rand is a self-taught survivor. He has managed to live off the land on his own and still avoid capture and slavery by the Invid. When he joins Scott Bernard, Rand begins a voyage of self-discovery. He becomes young Annie's protector. An orphan of the invasion himself, he understands Annie's situation from firsthand experience. Under Scott Bernard's guidance, Rand becomes an excellent combat soldier. When he falls in love with Rook Bartley, his commitment to her is total. His outgoing and affectionate nature is a perfect foil to Rook's independent nature.Rand was a young freedom fighter during the Invid Invasion. Not much is known about his personal history beyond the fact that he is a self-taught survivor. Rand was the first to join Scott Bernard, inevitably helping Bernard gather a small resistance group. Under Scott Bernard's guidance, Rand becomes an excellent combat soldier.
Behind the scenes
Full Name
On-screen, Rand's full name was never given, leaving some to speculate upon it.

In Robotech: The Roleplaying Game from Palladium Books, Rand is given the full name of Randolf O'Keefe. This is the only source to cite this as the character's full name.

In the novels by Jack McKinney, Rand's daughter is identified in chapter headings as Maria Bartley-Rand, implying that Rand is a family name. Species: Human
Gender: Male
Hair: RedCHR_10_1_5616.gif
Eyes: Blue
Spouse(s): Rook Bartley
Children: Maria Barley-Rand (in secondary media)
Voice Actor: Frank Catalano
Voice Actor (French): Chris BĂ©nard
Voice Actor (Spanish): Gerardo Quiroz
Yamil Atala (some ep.)
Allan Strempler
Voice Actor (Chinese): Li 348794462582.jpg
The young man known simply as Rey is a wander living in the wastelands created by the conflict with the Inbit. He relies solely upon himself, salvaging what he needs from the ruins while avoiding the Inbit. However he soon runs into Stick Bernard, who had just crashed to Earth. He soon realizes that Stick is different from others he's met on Earth, Stick believes that simply lying down and taking the Inbit's dominion is wrong and has the skills and the mecha to help prove it. Along the way other soon join Stick, and Rey finds a place within the group. He also meets the young firebrand Houquet Emrose, and at many turns tries to win her love. By the end of the series he is finally able to make it past her built up emotional armor and show that he truly loves her.

Put down by many fans due to his somewhat lacking piloting skills, but this just belies his role as both sometimes comedy relief and other times moral support. He keeps the hopes of the team up at many junctions, and we feel for him as he tries to win Houquet's heart.
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