R.E.F. SUS enemy of Star Blazers

Star Blazers Wiki The REF Civil War was a conflict between the forces of Rick Hunter and the Sentinels against the forces of T. R. Edwards and the Invid Regent.

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R.E.F. SUS enemy of Star Blazers
Queen Armada Queen Armada December 8, 2011 User blog:Queen Armada
The SUS are the R.E.F.The R.E.F. is at war with the EDF and Earth Federation and are bad guys.Gorui realizes
Effet2SUS REF Robotech Forces Supreme High Ranks640px-42912.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada SUS is when Tirol R.E.F. forces set war on argumenting with the EDF.The EDF was attacked and assaulted by R.E.F. that tried to gain support from Gloire and Southern Cross.They wanted more ships in the war on EDF.EDF gave a lesson on shock cannons on R.E.F. that sent out their veritechs vs EDF.The R.E.F. fought with dirty tactics and using their arsenal on EDF.They fired HEL lasers that were hidden cannons they went to on EDF.Fighters did enemy like bombing runs on warships.They are using their Macross class on EDF and Argo.They collided in space as two empires and dispute to arms.Tirol REF does not agree with EDF.SUS Alliance is or takes over R.E.F.They use non-transforming fighters in naval war in space.They have warships.They fight more fierce as they have hidden cannons on warships that do alot of damage.Fighters have alien look on them and are module that fires and drops damaging munitions and fires energy fire.Much a navy of space.They have other branches of Marines in their military in their galaxy other than Tirol.SUS are makers of Shadow fighters.They have barrier systems like Star Trek.They are warfaring.They have boobytraps and attack assault to do with boobytraps they made.They are very wise in space being very old and have elders manpower of their military.They are a force to reckon with.Feirce war.
that the Earth ships, especially that really awesome-looking one, haven't engaged in the wholesale slaughter Metsler described in the earlier meeting. Maybe they're not as murderous as advertised. When Yamato deliberately places herself in harm's way and launches barrier missiles to protect an emigration ship, Gorui is convinced. This is not the behavior of
Robotech 3D Movie (Complete)(04:10)
1 viewMacross genesis SUS Alliance
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen ArmadaIzumo1.jpg
killers. The rest of the military and war vessels are in R.E.F. and their bases and Tirol REF.http://robotech.wikia.com/wiki/Robotech_Expeditionary_Force The Robotech Expeditionary Force was originally part of the Pioneer Expedition, but is now a division belonging to the United Earth Forces. The Flagship of the REF is the SDF-3 Pioneer. The REF's mission is to protect Human Colonies, however when the Third Robotech War started the REF had to create a division called the Earth Reclamination Force. http://homepage.mac.com/cheethorne/Robotech/edfea
Vulture2SUS interceptors R.E.F. Amahr is part of an interstellar alliance. Other primary member nations are Etos, Frihde, Beldel, and the powerful and mysterious SUS. The SUS are opposed to Earth's emigration, for reasons of their own. Unknown to the rest of the Alliance, the first two Earth emigration fleets are attacked and destroyed by SUS forces. Yuki (Mori) Kodai was the captain of one of the battleship escorts, and is presumed lost.The SUS deceive the rest of the Alliance security council into thinking that the Earth fleets have attacked Alliance ships without provocation. The council therefore votes to authorize attacks on Earth vessels. Back at Earth, news of the attacks are received, and the Yamato is resurrected from the Aquarian ice field to lead the escort for the third emigration fleet. It is captained by Yuki's husband, Susumu Kodai.
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
VoyeurSUS mecha fighterVoyeur.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
BattleSUS REF war vessel
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
AjaxSUS Argo enemy3condor.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
Izumo1SUS REF warship
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
3condorAsault fighter SUS R.E.F.
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
42912SUS Alliance
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
TristarEDF enemy SUS
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
TokugawaSUS R.E.F. Star Blazers enemy war vesselAjax.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
VampireSUS attack fighters hidden REF inactiveTokugawa.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
Volcano3Volcano Attack interceptor SUS
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
CondorSUS Condor transforming Star Blazers
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada R.E.F. is French America.This is who is responsible for a law breaker in the universe as S.U.S. R.E.F.
Gamma fighterSUS veritech in Star Blazers used on EDF and Argo French American settlement patterns reflect the fact that French immigrants typically came to the United States as individuals or families seeking economic opportunity. Rather than joining groups of previous French settlers or establishing French American communities, these immigrants most often scattered to the areas where new opportunities seemed likely to be found. For example, the number of ethnic French living in Louisiana dropped from 15,000 in 1860 to half that number by 1930 as the prosperity of the South declined. In the meantime, the French population of California rose from 8,000 in 1860 to 22,000 by 1970 as immigrants pursued new opportunities in the West. According to We the People: An Atlas of America's Ethnic Diversity, in 1980 more immigrants directly from France lived in California, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania than in any other states. Many of these French immigrants possessed professional skills that were most valuable in urban environments. Less than 40 percent of French Americans immigrated directly from France, however, as the majority came from French speaking parts of Canada. In general, these groups came from different French social classes and tended to avoid contact with each other despite their shared language.According to the U.S. Census of 1980, the counties with the largest number of people of French ancestry—including those whose ancestors immigrated to the United States directly from France as well as those whose ancestors immigrated from Canada or the Caribbean—were Worcester, Massachusetts, with 90,332; Providence, Rhode Island, with 72,461; Middlesex, Massachusetts, with 66,911; Los Angeles, California, with 65,263; and Hillsborough, New Hampshire, with 58,278. The counties (parishes) with the highest percentage of their population claiming French ancestry were all in Louisiana: Vermillion, with 43.13 percent French ancestry; St. Martin, with 37.67 percent; Evangeline, with 36.22 percent; Lafourche, with 36.2 percent; and Avoyelles, with 33.48 percent.
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen ArmadaSDF-1_Enemy_Robotech.jpeg
The SUS has unexplained infantry and mecha to use on Star Blazers on the EDF and the Argo.They are the Argo's enemy and have been cut off from their high Commander and he is the SUS leader.Tirol REF forces are SUS as the R.E.F. in Star Blazers are at all out war on EDF and are an enemy of Earth Federation destroying Blue Noah.But they have not utilized their robotech infantry and space weaponry on the EDF and Earth Federation and Argo and Yamato.We don't know how the function in Star Blazers militarily and how viscious or how they attack bad guy and how the Commanders and Generals use them and utilizes them and their attack now they have linked up with a powerful military high Command family SUS http://anime.wikia.com/wiki/Robotech/Max_Sterling .Robotech warfare on Star Blazers for episodes,30.That will explain how the well like REF does war on Argo.And EDF have a robotech enemy and technology of robotech.Hidden Star Blazers weaponry on all mechas,fighters,war vessels.Cannons and launchers and new weaponry or old.And to get transformation into Star Blazers.The Emigration Fleet warps away and we shift to the other side of the conflict. In a giant space fortress we see a gathering of the Great Urup Interstellar Alliance. There are ten chairs around a table, all occupied by humans or near-humans. Five of these nations take part in the movie: Amare, Ethos, Fridei, Beldel and the top dog: SUS. Governer-General Metsler is its representative, an imposing 10-foot figure dressed like he just walked off the set of Cirque du Soleil. He presents footage from the first battle of the movie, carefully edited to make Earth look like the aggressor, beating the daylights out of the red ships (which, incidentally, belonged entirely to SUS. That should serve as a clue). Earthlings are a threat to be eliminated on sight.
http://gundam.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Queen_Armada/Next_Generation http://macross.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Queen_Armada http://macrossfrontier.wikia.com/wiki/User_talk:Queen_Armada
The order is relayed to Admiral Gorui of the Ethos fleet: intercept and destroy the outward-bound Earth fleet. Gorui complies, but seems a wee bit skeptical. http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Max_Sterling
SDF-1 Enemy RobotechSDF-1 Macross Enemy EDFVulture2.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
http://endwar.wikia.com/wiki/European_Federation http://residentevil.wikia.com/Spence_Parks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_American
MV5BMjAyMTE1NTk1OF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwOTE3OTI1. V1. SX214 CR0,0,214,314Admiral Rick Hunter
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada
Spence Parks.Robotech Expeditionary Force: 2022-2044

The exploits of the REF were briefly chronciled in the third Robotech Saga but were greatly expanded on in Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles. Although the Jack McKinney novels (books 13-17) details the exploits of the REF, they have been reduced to Secondary continuity in the Robotech Saga in 2002 and are no longer considered reliable in the rebooted Robotech timeline.

The REF departs Earth in a quest for the Robotech Masters' homeworld of Tirol in 2022 (in the rebooted timeline). The mission's objective is to attempt a diplomatic solution with that power to resolve the mutual need for the protoculture supply that caused the previous Robotech War. In the event that a peaceful resolution proves impossible, then the REF will be at least be able to fight in the Masters' territory this time. However, instead of facing the Robotech Masters, they become involved in a long-running battle with both a faction of the Invid led by a male leader known as the Regent, who leads half of the Invid Race. The other half, led by his wife, the Regess (or Regis) has already traveled to Earth and occupied it in 2031.

In 2029, the Second Robotech War began when the Robotech Masters and their entire spacefleet arrive in Earth orbit to reclaim the protoculture matrix in the ruins of the SDF-1. The war lasts for over a year and although the Masters are defeated, the United Earth Government (UEG) is crippled and the United Earth Forces (included the elite Army of the Southern Cross) suffer massive losses. The REF was unable to send significant aid back to Earth due to its war with the Invid. When the Invid invaded Earth in 2031, marking the start of the Third Robotech War, the remaining military forces on Earth were easily defeated. The REF learns that Earth has fallen to the Invid when a group of survivors from the Southern Cross refugees who escaped from Earth after acquiring one of the few remaining operational spacecraft.

In September 2038, the REF 10th Mars Division launched an assault against the Invid in an attempt to destroy Reflex Point. However, the attack fails miserably, and the Division is nearly wiped out, although a handful of survivors, including Lance "Lancer" Belmont are able to reach earth. The REF had faced the Invid before but it is soon realized that the Invid have been evolving on Earth and consequently, their military abilities and strength has grown considerably.[2]

In September 2042, the REF 21st Mars Division launched another assault against the Invid but despite their improved weaponry, the Invid overpower and destroy the entire division. One confirmed survivor was REF pilot Scott Bernard.[2]

In 2043, as chronicled in Robotech: Prelude to the Shadow Chronicles the Regent is soon joined by General T.R. Edwards, who betrays the REF to gain power. Edwards eventually betrays the Regent as well, killing him. Edwards is eventually defeated by Admiral Rick Hunter and Captain Vince Grant, and the REF turns their attention to freeing Earth from the Invid.[3]
Robotech Expeditionary Force: 2044-onward
Battle of Reflex Point

In July 2044, the REF prepares for one final assault on Earth to dislodge the Invid. However, if the attack fails, Admiral Rick Hunter orders the use of the Neutron-S missiles as a last resort. The Haydonites, a mysterious alien race which has allied with the REF and the Sentinels against the Invid, has provided the REF with new technology, including the new missiles and Shadow technology, which enables ships to remain invisible to Invid sensors. The missiles, will wipe out most, in not all, of the human life on Earth, but it will destroy the Invid, which it is feared will use the protoculture on Earth to eventually conquer the galaxy. Some senior REF officials feel that the missiles should be used immediately, since the REF will likely sustain very heavy losses in the attack, even if it is successful. However, Admiral Hunter overrules them and declares that the missiles will only be used if the attack fails and the REF itself is facing complete destruction. Adrmial Hunter then orders General Reinhardt to assemble all available REF forces at Moon Base ALUCE and to prepare for the assault.

The SDF-3, the massive flagship of the REF fleet, was supposed to lead the attack on Earth but it is delayed as it conducts a test of one of the Neutron-S missiles in the remote omicron sector. The test goes horribly wrong as the missile's detonation creates a new black hole. Even though the SDF-3 is 800 million kilometers (500 million miles) from the detonation, it is heavily damaged. A refitted Science vessel, the Deukalion is also heavily damaged. Vince Grant in the cruiser Icarus attempts a rescue mission but they come under attack from unknown alien forces, and the mission fails. However, Admiral Rick Hunter is able to contact Vince and warn him of the true power of the Neutron-S missiles and that they cannot, under any circumstances, be used on Earth. Vince obeys Hunter's orders and returns to Earth with the Deukalion in tow. However, the SDF-3 is left adrift in space.

Meanwhile, the REF's entire fleet has been assembled at Earth. Despite not having the SDF-3 and its powerful arsenal, General Reinhardt, commander of the SDF-4 Izumo, who has been placed in charge by Admiral Hunter, orders the attack to begin. The attack begins with a full-scale assault on the Invid forces with new shadow technology obtained from the Haydonites, including shadow devices that hide REF ships from Invid sensors and enhanced weapons, including more powerful sycno-cannons for the capital ships and new minaturized sycno-cannons that have been installed of the fighters.

The force assembled includes the flagship SDF-4 Izumo, four Shimakaze class battlecruisers, approximately 40+ Ikazuchi class carriers, several hundred Garfish class light cruisers and thousands of VFA-6 Alpha and VFB-9 Beta fighters. Constructed with the help of the Sentinels, this was the largest fleet ever assembled by the REF or humanity. In addition, to the massive space fleet, resistance forces on Earth, aided by REF commando units that are dropped prior to the assault, are to attack and attempt to destroy Reflex Point on the ground if the spacefleet proves unsuccessful.

The assault initially goes well as the REF. The Capital Ships of the fleet fire their massive syncro-Cannons, which destroy several Invid Carriers before they can launch their fighters while REF fighter squadrons, utilizing shadow technology that makes them invisible to the Invid sensors, easily cripple the first wave of the Invid attack. On the ground, REF and resistance forces push the Invid back and approach striking distance of Reflex Point.

However, the Invid Regis, determined to hold on to Earth no matter the cost, launches all of her remains forces at once in one final attack wave. Every remaining Invid fighter capable of space combat is sent into orbit against the REF fleet. She also orders all of her remaining ground forces on the planet to retreat to Reflex Point for a last stand. The ground forces on Earth are pushed back by this renewed attack. In space, REF fighter squadrons become overwhelmed by sheer Invid numbers and begin taking heavy losses. Invid fighters soon begin punching through the frontlines of the fleet and, to further compensate for the technological disadvantages, resort to making suicide runs against the REF capital ships, further straining the ability of the REF to continue the battle. General Reinhardt, commander of the Fleet, is informed that the fleet, in particular the fighter squadrons, is taking heavy losses and that the ground forces' attack on Reflex Point has failed. An increasing number of Capital ships are also being destroyed. He decides he has no choice but to use the Neutron-S missiles and orders their launch, but is unaware of the missiles true power. However, the Regis' daughter Ariel, who has a human body and whom has grown close to the humans, convinces her mother to leave Earth rather than allow both races to be destryed. This request, combined with the Regis' knowledge of the true power of the Neutron-S missiles which are about to impact Earth, decides to end the conflict. She converts the Invid race to energy and launches into orbit in a stream of light. She gives a gift to her daughter, who chose to stay behind on Earth, by destroying the incoming Neutron-S missiles. The Invid stream of light flies off into space in search for a new planet on which to continue their evolution. Earth, for the first time in 13 years is now free and the Third Robotech War is over.

However, the situation is far from ideal. The REF has suffered heavy losses to its fighter squadrons and many capital ships are destroyed or damaged. The damaged ships and injured personnel are evacuated to Space Station Liberty, a massive spacestation located in deep space. Liberty serves as a fortress, ship construction and repair facility, communications nerve center and way station along the routes to Earth's distant colonies and the REF during its 22-year mission.
Fourth Robotech War

Following the battle, the veritech fighter pilots assemble at Moon Base ALUCE. The fighters are to remain near Earth, which will be vulnerable while the REF rebuilds. Among those killed is Commander Daryl Taylor, the leader of wolf squadron. The surviving members of the squadron, including Marcus Rush and Alex Romero, are merged into Skull Squadron under the command of Maia Sterling.

The REF also faces a new problems: Invid have taken all the protoculture on the planet and the REF has only a year's supply left and the only hope is to find the SDF-3, which has a protoculture matrix onboard. Earth, although free, remains in economic and social turmoil. During the Invid occupation, many humans allied with them in exchange of power while areas not under Invid control were ruled by criminal gangs, self-appointed leaders and a variety of cults. Much of the planet remains in a pre-industrial state, and its people are divided and leaderless. As a result, there is little Earth can do to assist the REF.

With the Invid gone, the REF expects that their next challenge will be rebuilding Earth, which has been devastated by the 13-year Invid occupation. However, the peace following the Invid retreat turns out to be very short-lived. Ariel tries to warn the REF about the new threat that is about to manifest itself but her and Scott Bernard's warning are not heeded. The REF believes that the Invid remain the true enemy and that they are trying to manipulate the REF. Bernard is interrogated and despite his insistence that Ariel is a friendn and is trying to warn of an impending disaster, Captain Vince Grant and General Reinhardt, and most of the REF, refuses to trust an Invid. Ariel's warning is only realized to be accurate when Space Station Liberty comes under attack a large fleet of the same unknown alien forces that attacked the SDF-3 in the Omicron sector. It is soon discovered that the attackers are the Haydonites themselves, and that they have turned on the REF. Ariel teleports to the bridge of the Grant's commandship Icarus to explain that the Haydonites believe that all those who use protoculture must be destroyed, including both the Invid and humanity.

The Haydonites original plan was that the REF, unaware of the missiles true power, would use them on Earth. The resulting black hole that would have been created would have destroyed Earth, the Invid, the REF fleet, and Moon Base ALUCE. With their original plan thrawted, the Haydonites decide to attack the humans themselves. However, the Haydonites have already prepared for this scenario.

The REF ships docked at Liberty launch an attack against the Haydonites but they soon discover that their former allies have addition surprises instore. Immediately, the Haydonites jam all REF communications. The Haydonite ships are equipped with powerful shields which can withstand hits from the REF weapons and massive cannons that are superior to those of the REF and they easily destroy the REF's first combat defense line. The REF ships attempt to fire their syncro-cannons but a Haydonite disrupter wave causes the cannons to malfunction and explode, destroying and crippling numerous REF ships. By the time the Icarus with Vince Grant, Louie Nicols, Janice Em, Scott Bernard and Ariel arrives on the scene, 89% of the REF forces at Liberty have been destroyed. As the Icarus watches helplessly, a carrier explodes after just one hit on its reflex furnace. Louie reports that the haydonites are also using energy beams that utilize a weakness in the ships' shadow devices, which cause the ships' reflex furnances to implode. Vince slams his fist as he realizes that every piece of technology the Haydonites have given the REF has some kind of trojan horse built into it. However, with communications still jammed, Grant is unable to warn the REF ships of this discovery, and has no choice but to retreat while the remaining ships are left to fight a hopeless battle.

Vince Grant, realizing that any engagement with the Haydonites with the Icarus (which has shadow technology) is futile, launches another plan. He orders Skull Squadron, under the command of Maia Sterling, to dock at Liberty and acquire special fighters with no shadow technology to hold off the Haydonites long enough to evacuate all of Liberty's personnel to the Ark Angel, a colony ship with minimal armorments but the only capital ship at Liberty with no shadow technology. Meanwhile, Grant and Scott Bernard, move through Liberty on cyclones (motorcycles) until they reach the remaining Neutron-S missiles, which they rig for detonation. As the Ark Angel pulls away from Liberty, the Haydonites move in, but the Ark Angel initiates a spacefold just before the detonation of the missiles. The missiles' explosion destroys Liberty and the entire Haydonite fleet.

At the end of Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, the situation of the REF is dire. Space Station Liberty, by far the REF's largest and most important space station, is gone and the heavy losses taken by the REF during the assault against the Invid have now been compounded by the further losses to the Haydonites of at least 89% of the ships that were docked at Liberty (although the exact or approximate remaining strength of the REF is not known). The Ark Angel arrives in Earth orbit and flies into the atmosphere and cruises near the surface. Many of those aboard the Ark Angel, such as Maia Sterling and Marcus Rush, were born in space during the REF's 22-year mission, and have never seen Earth's surface until now. On orders from General Reinhardt, the Ark Angel begins a mission to find the SDF-3, which it is learned may not have been destroyed. The REF hopes that the SDF-3, if it has survived, can be found before the Haydonites reach it.

It is hoped by fans that the fate of the SDF-3 and the REF will be revealed in a future Robotech Installment.
The SUS are opposed to Earth's emigration, for reasons of their own. Unknown to the rest of the Alliance, the first two Earth emigration fleets are attacked and destroyed by SUS forces. Yuki (Mori) Kodai was the captain of one of the battleship escorts, and is presumed lost.

Earth flagship Blue Noah leads the First Emigration Fleet to Amare. Suddenly, thousands of unidentified ships appear and open fire. The warships of Earth's Fleet (EDF) counterattack, but are quickly overwhelmed. Blue Noah is damaged critically. On one of the failing support ships, Captain Yuki Mori Kodai, wife of the protagonist Susumu Kodai, orders her ship to do an emergency warp, but she vanishes mysteriously afterwards.

The SUS deceive the rest of the Alliance security council into thinking that the Earth fleets have attacked Alliance ships without provocation. The council therefore votes to authorize attacks on Earth vessels. Back at Earth, news of the attacks are received, and the Yamato is resurrected from the Aquarian ice field to lead the escort for the third emigration fleet. It is captained by Yuki's husband, Susumu Kodai.

Aboard the newly rebuilt Yamato is an almost entirely new crew. The old crew members are assigned to other posts. Shiro Sanada, the Yamato's old Science and Technology Group leader, is now the Commander of the Earth Defense Force (EDF). Daisuke Shima's younger brother, Jiro Shima (age 27) is Sanada's adjultant. The other familiar characters — Aihara, Ota, Nambu, and Kato — are not mentioned. Dr. Sado and robot Analyzer remain on Earth to assist with operations there. Old enemy-turned-friend, Leader Deslar, and his Gamilas Empire, do not appear.[1]

The drama centers around the Yamato saving the emigration fleet from Alliance attacks, and the tension between the SUS and the other Alliance members (such as planet Etos). The SUS's deception is exposed, and Yamato steps in to protect Amahr and the other friendly nations of the Alliance. Ultimately, as the Yamato returns to Earth to assist with the last of the emigration fleets, the cascade black hole tears into the Solar system, and the true nature of the SUS is revealed.

Thirty-eight-year-old Susumu Kodai, having quit the EDF sometime after Final Yamato, becomes captain of the cargo vessel Yuki. He picks up the distress signal from Blue Noah and quickly arrives at the wreck with a boarding party. Without warning, three enemy ships arrive. With Kodai at the helm, Blue Noah has just enough power to cover a small distance and fire one shot. Kodai's precise timing and maneuvering destroys all three ships.

Later, at the headquarters of the EDF, Commander Sanada discusses with Kodai about the approaching black hole. Kodai also learns that his wife became lost in the battle. Sanada wants Kodai to lead the Third Emigration Fleet, saying he should follow his wife's example of volunteering.

Kodai returns home, and is met by his daughter, Miyuki, who blames him for the supposed death of his wife. The two barely speak, and before Kodai can attempt to talk with her, he is called back to HQ with news about the Second Emigration Fleet being destroyed by three different fleets, the Beldel, Furide and Ethos, not including the enemy fleet earlier. This means Earth now has four enemies. Kodai accepts command of the Third Emigration Fleet without hesitation, and Sanada reveals his ship: the Yamato itself, newly rebuilt in the Aquarius ice asteroid. After arriving at its drydock and taking his seat in the captain's chair, he makes a solemn vow to find his wife, refusing to believe she is dead. On the other side of the galaxy, a meeting took place, the leader of the Alliance and the fleet that attacked the Blue Noah and the First Emigration Fleet is revealed to be the SUS. Metzler, the Admiral of the SUS Fleet, the other Leaders, Amare, Beldel, Furide and Ethos were present. Metzler deceived the leaders that Earth is an invader, and they are barbarians showing the leaders footgate of Escort Ships from the First Emigration Fleet firing their Wave Motion Guns destroying many SUS Ships stunning the Leaders However, one leader—Gorui, admiral of the Ethos fleet belonging to the planet Ethos—is unsure.

The Yamato takes off and joins the Fleet, taking its place at the front as Flagship. In the planning room, the crew lays out the mission. The plan is to slingshot around a small black hole, BH199, and boost the arks and warships into high warp, propelling them to Amarh much faster than usual. There is no other option, as there are enemy ships lurking around them and the previous fleets were destroyed at this area. Gouri watches the first group of arks slingshot and warp, and then, still unsure, orders an attack. Soon, the Yamato detects the Alliance Fleets and Kodai promptly orders all fighters on board to launch and the Emigration Escort Fleet to split into two groups to fight the Beldel and Ethos Fleets while the Yamato will fight the Furide. Soon the Furide Fleet begins their attack with the Yamato drawing first blood on a Furide Ship, the enemy responded with a barrage of missiles only to be stopped by Shield Rockets fired from the Yamato. On the other side of the battlefield the Beldel Fleet is faced with a group of Emigration Escort Ships, both sides begin firing on each other in fury blaze of beams. The Beldel launches their squadrons of fighters to battle, however the squadrons of fighters from the Yamato intercepts the enemy squadrons and a dogfight ensures. The Furide Fleet begins a massive bombardment on the Yamato and the battleship responded with all guns blazing but 3 Furide Ships, the Furide Flagship among the 3, strayed off from the battle and straight for the Vulnerable Unarmed Arks and begins a bombardment of missiles, the Yamato notices the stray ships but is under heavy fire preventing the Battleship from moving, with quick thinking the Battleship deploys 3 docked heavy bombers and managed to successfully destroy 2 of the unsuspecting Furide Ships, one of the heavy bombers continued firing on the last surviving Furide ship which was the Flagship of the Furides and succeed in destroying the alien vessel killing the Furide Commander before they can cause more harm to the fleeing arks, meanwhile the Second Group of Escort Ships confronts the Ethos Fleet and started fighting taking losses on both sides, the Yamato was continuously hit hard by the Furide. Thinking quick, Kodai orders a Missile Barrage which destroyed a large portion of the Furide Fleet, on board the Ethos Flagship Gouri notices the ferociousity of the Yamato in battle which inspires the Escort Fleet in battle, Gouri then orders the Fleets to concentrate on the Yamato, meanwhile the SUS Fleet which didn't participate the Battle, on board the SUS Flagship with Meltzlar onboard was quite surprised to see many Alliance Ships being destroyed, soon enough Escort Ships came to assist the Yamato in fighting the leaderless Furide Fleet. With majority of the arks successfully slingshoted from the black hole, Kodai orders the Escort Fleets to regroup and head for the black hole with the Yamato covering their escape, many ships were damaged while escaping, the Furide and Beldel Fleets turns their attention on the Yamato punishing the Battleship with barrage of fire. Ryo Kamijo, the Gunnery Officer of the Battleship prepares the Wave Motion Gun in anger only to be stopped with a slap from Kodai, explaining to him that if they fire the Gun, the Yamato will be drained of Energy leaving the Battleship defenseless. Obeying the Captain, the gunnery officer turns off the Wave Motion Gun. As the Escort Fleet begins the Slingshot, on board the Ethos Flagship Gouri silently observes the Yamato in combat. Kodai witnesses an ark that didn't made the Slingshot and was under heavy fire from Alliance Ships, he maneuvers the Yamato in between the Ark and the Enemy Fleets absorbing the fire to allow the Ark to escape. The Battleship was being pummeled heavily by the combined Beldel and Furide Fleets even with the Shield Rockets being fired from the Yamato to defend the Ark, both ships are still under heavy fire, but when Gouri witnesses the Yamato putting herself in harm's way to defend an ark, Gouri concludes that he has been lied to. He orders the helmsman to fly in between the Yamato and the combined fleet, preventing them from firing, since the action of the Yamato is "not how barbarians act". He contacts Kodai and tells him that they were misled, twisted to do the bidding of the SUS. Seeing that the EDF Escort Fleet fought honorably, Gouri allows them to go in peace. It had some repercussions — he is later threatened by Barlsman, Commander-in-Chief of the SUS. However, Gouri holds his ground and states that it is the Ethos code of honor to let go an opponent who risks their lives in battle to let others live. Angered, Barlsman gives Gouri a very stern warning if he ever fail him again, the SUS will destroy the homeworld of the Ethos.

The Third Emigration Fleet and Escort Fleet successfully arrives at Amare, and much to the joy of the survivors of the first two Emigration Fleet, the Yamato descends to the Ocean and was greeted by a huge crowd with loud cheers. Soon enough Kodai reaches land and spoke to an EDF Member who is a survivor of Yuki's ship. They then entered a large hangar where the remains of destroyed Escort Ships from both the First and Second Emigration Fleets is kept, the survivor told Kodai what truly happened, Yuki's Ship found was completely empty, the Survivor passed Kodai a destroyed Captains Hat which belongs to Yuki. As the sun sets in the evening, the Bridge crew of the Yamato wondered if the people of Amare will call their Moon, Earth. Soon enough on Earth, EDF HQ was happy to hear that the Third Emigration Fleet successfully made it to Amare. Meanwhile, far away from Earth, the Black hole continues its journey to Earth. Back at Amare, Kodai spoke to Queen Iriya of Amare and she told Kodai about the Origins of the Alliance: they were then, the victims of many Interstellar Wars fought by many Alien Species and as a result they were devastated, the devastation continued over generations and the devastation stopped when the SUS called for peace which gave birth to the Alliance. Kodai now realizing the SUS is the leadership of the Alliance, which the Queen confirms and stated that the Alliance is more of a Tyrannical Dictatorship under the guise of "Peace". The Amare came to hate the SUS but couldn't do anything as they were supplying the SUS with resources revealing that the Planet of Amare contain a rare Material which is sought by the SUS, in return the people of Amare receive protection from the SUS, after talking to the Queen Kodai was confronted by an Armed Amarean who is revealed to be General Pascal the leader of the Amare Military, he forces Kodai into a room, Kodai obeys the order only to be faced with 3 Armed Royal Guards upon entering, General Pascal demands that the Humans leave or they will be punished by the Alliance or destroy Amare, Kodai refuses, the Royal Guards threats to kill him but the building shakes, realizing the SUS is attacking the City, General Pascal demands Kodai not to interfere, as it would make Amare-SUS relations worse. The SUS launches an Airstrike on the Amare City, dropping bombs on the streets killing numerous civilians, two Massive SUS Tanks and one Colossal SUS Siege Tank plowed the streets destroying buildings, the Amare Police along with armed citizens fought back, the Yamato floating at the distance, The Bridge crew was shocked, Ryo kamijo the gunnery officer demands the First officer to launch the Yamato to battle but they notices the SUS Bombers retreating, Kodai arrived on the bridge after returning from the City, he explains to the Crew of what he learned which stunned everyone, the Yamato goes on standby, the Yamato detects a second of wave of Bombers, this time with fighters among the groups of bombers they began their bombardment on the helpless city killing more civilians, the Amare Army now joining the fight against the SUS. The SUS War Machines firing at everything in their path destroying more buildings and killing countless. Above the skies the Ethos Fleet along with the Ethos Flagship arrives, seeing the devastation the SUS have created, Gouri contacted Metzlar asking why the SUS are attacking Amare, an ally of the Alliance, which Metzlar responses that Amare is sanctioned for defying the Alliance, horrified by the fact the SUS are attacking indiscriminately, Gouri confronts Metzlar that the Alliance wouldn't commit such acts which Metzlar finally reveals to Gouri that the SUS's decision is the decision of the Alliance and demands Gouri to start his attack on Amare which Gouri refuses, the SUS Fleet led by Metzlar descends from the sky to confront the Ethos Fleet, Gouri having enough of such Barbaric decisions, he insulted Metzlar ending the transmission, on board the Ethos Flagship the First Officer was surprised at Gouri insulting the SUS Admiral, Gouri, in an attempt to reclaim his honor and save Amare, orders the Ethos Fleet to prepare for battle. Back on the Yamato Kodak received a message from Gouri, both former enemies greeted each other with Salute, Gouri explains to Kodak of he's intentions on turning against the SUS and the Alliance, being pressed by the Alliance in exchange for "peace" which is how the Alliance operates, ending with a Salute, on board the SUS Flagship, Metzlar gives a big thumbs down and the SUS Fleet begins descending on the Ethos Fleet, both sides open fire on each other in a fury blaze of beams, Gouri aims for the Flagship of the SUS Maya on a Suicide Run, the Ethos Flagship bursts in speed towards the Mayain a final charge of honor, Kodai was shocked at what Gouri is doing, a vengeful Metzlar orders the Fleet to target the Ethos Flagship but the Resilient Ethos ship absorbs large amounts of fire and even ram pass a SUS Ship scaring Metzlar, the Ethos Flagship rams the Maya destroying the massive SUS Flagship killing Gorui and his First Officer along with everyone else on both ships, but Metzler managed to escape with some surviving crew, both sides disengaging.

On board the Yamato Kodai salutes the fallen Admiral in silence, at the Amare City, Queen Iriya asked Pascal for he's thoughts on Ethos attacking the SUS which he didn't answer, a fellow Royal Guard reported that mass amounts of Citizens are gathered outside the Palace and their numbers are increasing, outside the streets the SUS Tanks slowly approaches the Palace firing at buildings, a fellow human survivor was caught in the crossfire, outside the Palace, the crowds cheer and wants to join the Yamato in battle. Back on the YamatoKodai remembering that his wife always fought injustice, is inspired and informs Queen Iriya of his intention to declare war on the SUS. The Yamatofires volleys of missiles, destroying the SUS Fighters and Bombers and blowing up both SUS Tanks and the Colossal Siege Tank. The Queen is brought to tears and thanks Kodai and his crew for their bravery.

As the arks return to Earth with a token force of escorts, the Escort Fleet follows the Yamato into battle, General Pascal is also inspired by Kodai's decision, the Amare Navy led by General Pascal on board the Amare Flagship joins the Escort fleet for one final battle: an assault on the nearby SUS space fortress. If it is destroyed, then the SUS will lose control over everything.

On the SUS Space Fortress, Metzlar meets with Barlsman and informs him of recent events and Barlsman assures him that there's no reason to panic.

Outside the Fortress, a massive combined Furide and Beldel and SUS Fleet stands ready and waits for their opponents to arrive for battle. The combined Fleet led by the Yamato and the Amare Flagship warps in, the Yamato deploys its Squadrons of fighters and heavy bombers, both sides starts firing on each other losing ships, the Squadrons of the Yamato faces off with Squadrons from the Beldel Fleet in a massive Dogfight, the Yamato then suffers damage from enemy Fire losing one of its main gun turrets, the ship's Warp Core starts to malfunction but was quickly fixed by the Chief Engineer Saving the Battleship from destruction, as the Battle rages into dangerous close quarters, kodai orders the Yamato To break off and aim for the center with cover for their squadrons, behind the combined enemy fleet, the SUS space fortress reveals itself from the mist of red clouds, surrounded by 5 massive pillars, Kodai surprised by the size of the fortress, orders Maho the Chief Navigator to analyse the fortress, inside the fortress, Barlsman was disappointed with Metzlar's tactics which he replied by ordering the Fortress Crew to prepare the Neutron Beam Cannons to fire on the Combined Earth and Amare fleet, the crew refuses as Allied ships were on the line of fire but Metzlar forces them to fire, outside the fortress, the 5 pillars are revealed to be the neutron guns, 2 of the pillars deployed its massive Gun barrel and fires a massive surge of neutron energy at the Fleets destroying almost all of the alliance ships, General Pascal orders the Amare Fleet to defend the Yamato the beam destroys the entire Amare Fleet and a large portion of the Escort Fleet, the Flagship of the Amare fleet was severely damaged defending the Battleship from the neutron beam with its shield, on board the burning Amare flagship, a dying Pascal bids the Yamato Good luck, the ship explodes, the bridge crew of the battleship was in total shock that the SUS fired on their own and was not so surprised when the surviving ships of the alliance turns and retreats from the battlefield, inside the fortress Metzlar requests they fire all 5 of the Neutron Guns on the Escort Fleet which Barlsman approves, the other 4 Pillars deploys their gun barrels and fires in unison, the Yamato and her Squadrons managed to escape the beam as they tear through the battlefield destroying the remaining Escort Ships, the Yamato fires a massive barrage on the fortress but they were deflected by its impenetrable shield, kodai orders the squadrons back to the ship, Maho reports to bridge about her findings and reveals to the crew about the inner workings of the space fortress, realising that the 5 pillars are also the shield generators for the fortress, the Yamato's First Officer requests to borrow the Shinano, Yamato's auxiliary ship but kodai refuses but the First Officer deliberately volunteers himself for this which kodai agrees, the Shinano fires a barrage of Wave Motion Missiles but they were ineffective, the Shinano was greeted with a massive barrage of anti air fire from 2 pillars damaging the Shinano, the First Officer already wounded, sacrifices himself and disables the defensive energy shield around the fortress by ramming destroying the Shinano shattering the shield like glass, inside the fortress a fearful Barlsman and Metzlar watch in horror while Kodai gives a Salute, he then orders the Crew to start up the wave motion gun while the fortress aims its Pillars on the Yamato, with the Wave Motion Gun ready, the Yamato unleashes five powerful shots, destroying the pillars revealing a massive sea and the main SUS Fortress sinks.

Yamato and the reveals people of the SUS real are

On board the Yamato, the crew celebrates but suddenly, an immense ship emerges from the sea, and bombards the Yamato with heavy beam fire before retreating into the sea and coming out from behind And bombarding the already damaged Yamato, the Immense Ship fired a Neutron Beam but the Yamato narrowly missed the shot, maho was in shock that such ship is Abel manipulate dimensions and wander them freely, the Damage Teams reports to Bridge of the damage the ship has suffered, the SUS Ship emerges from the front and pummels the Yamato with heavy Fire, when Kodai, realizing that the power source is the artificial sun behind it, uses the final available shot of the Wave Motion Gun on it, two small ships peeled off from the SUS Ship towards the Yamatopummeling the Battleship with fire but was swiftly destroyed by a missile barrage, the Yamato fires its last remaining Wave Motion Shot on the artificial sun collapsing the sun and turning it into a black hole. The Yamato escapes, while the enemy ship—with Metzlar and Barlsman in it—is torn apart and sucked into it.

Metzler escaped the destruction of the SUS space fortress, and appears to the Yamato crew and reveals himself and the people of the SUS as energy beings that can change form, being sent to this galaxy Of this universe from world of another dimension He systematically deceived all members of the Interstellar Alliance into thinking the Earth is into invading their territories. One member sees through his deception, and, with help from members, and good at manipulating others. He is extremely ambitious. He then disappears.

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