Queen Invidia
In.pngQueen Invidia is named after the Invid.She is Invid and has in her lines to being Regis.She has power of a Regis.She makes the Comet Empire Invid like craft and technology.She is Zarconian and we will make her Cybertron Invid Inbit Queen Invidia Zarconian Empire
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and in the running for Regis but for her own empire she can make improvements with the Mothman Regent.They can imput with Sherryl{Princess Armada}to committing themselves in the Cybertron Inbit world and Gobot.This time they will be good guys.They will take approach to making troopers and ships.Adding to the manpower in thinking.I am a builder of this wing of Zarconian.But in this war the real Invid are treacherous and our enemy.Til we make our own troopers and hive.Megalith hive. https://acecombat.wikia.com/wiki/Megalith Her neQueen Invidia
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w role in afterlife is to bring more power from the Inbit Regime I made.We did not have proper evolved troopers.We had insectibots.We needed proper troopers and from evolved ideas.Factors contributing.Now off to war as Zarconian.She will change and approach as Cybertron Inbit.She needs to be brought to this Universe to change.Now a voice and power for the Invid Regime.They have troops and leadership.Parts of the Invid she has inside her.She has aspect of power of Invid.We want this and to have her confront our Whiteman enemies filled by Allah Pak and his family.She is on our side as great ruler and to take the reigns as Invid ruler.Her family lines in Invid Inbit Invidia got reborn in my Empire to serve the section of Inbit Regime.She will be made by a creator system into a reborn Queen to handle the Inbit Regime.She can transform to her Aerial Inbit trooper mode.She now is in a mechanical way of handling her responsibilities as in charge of Inbit Regme and contributing.She has her powers in mechnical as mechanical insects.Now we can find out more of her royal lines with her reborn.She can now fight. . http://zarconian.wikia.com/wiki/Zarconian_Cybertron_Invid_Gobotron_Inbit_Regime http://zarco.wikispot.org/People


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