Queen Armada Galactica
kusoCartoon_13642387618728_.jpgQueen Armada Galactica is a very unique person.She is an Antarctican.She is very brilliant.She has had things about her from French and she did not have the problems these idiots of space she said.Queen Armada of Galactica is the expert we always or I Queen Armada Feroz Khan wanted to do with the French of space and Galactica.She will add her life into the robotech era.She has no real social weaknesses and is well spoken from her age group.She has added her good guy qualities.She as a responsible rank with the Robotech runned by UN and high ranks.She would put in hers about Galactica and persuing them.She has found they have spread into robotech.She would carryout heroics that we can't detect for missions.Knowing the peer groups of robotech.Knowing the entire cast of them and intermixing and then going back to Princess Armada and sharing about earth and Transformer Gobot Universe and Feroz Queen Armada.Their mother.She is not a female though,transexual female.She is one too and would explore out many of her levels in robotech and this era that is far from us.She grew up in North America and travelling to Europe and world.She is uterly wealthy.Other than the Galactican its duties and responsibilties of learning the robotech universe and its grand inventions and to setup proper launching to battle.She is wise but from the past and practicallity.She could be her being person transformation.She is into those areas Feroz is not.She knows her Armada family and robotech universe family of hers.Interacts.She is talking and is a fighter pilot change to endo pilot.She will inspect the hardware and make use of something Feroz was into and Princess Armada that is a hidden secret poor role in past.Her thinking combined with Princess Armada and creating a new warship.She will be smarter than Admiral.But as Transformers she won't age physically and will get more wise.Here is robotech and its full of social groups and Secondary school graduates to robotech forces.People she knows and others of robotech at her table.Royal food.But she is a machine.She is alien person.Great with a positive person who is self sufficient.She was a leader but had F-18 Hornet Space fighter in her.I then reckaged her and brought her to Quran Vector Sigma and my system of nature and Queen Armada Galacticabot F-18 Space fighter
Added by Queen Armada She is very wealthy and secluded.She lives private.She was raised wealthy.She took to being a Transformer Gobot really well.It put a new life in her.She is loyal to me because of this and contributed her efforts to my cause and helping me solve Galactica.she got along with me.She saw it my way.She has powers too.She can do magic power.Hers is at a medium ratio but is effective.She is added to my lineup and wanted to be part New World.
Supernatural religion.It turned my cousin into her code name in Transformer Gobots as my family.She is a great leader and advises me and I am shocked about Antarctica from her.She is a great and outgoing leader corrected by me Feroz.We are a team.I have my family.I am proud that I found her and her brother Edward.They are Galactica experts and against the Space French and the codes.She will command them under me as we found out our order that I am the leader.She serves on Amelia Khan's ship my prophet gifted child.She helps in weapons and tactical.I would like to know her well.She gets angry at them and their treatment.She is expressive in North American and that is what she is.She can attack as a spacefightercraft.Her naval ship is powerful warship.She lives in our universe of Gobot and Transformers expanded to Macross from Zarconian.She is very special in her past and in the current day.She is on of the leaders.She is a being and robot.Person.She can change and for war.Not allow mechas to setup in a Transformers size bridge and corridors.She is also authoratative.She is like a scientist] but used to be a government worker.Future and her duties in Macross.She would out race and battles in frontlines.She can custom make what she carries.Very high society individual.She has put Galactica out of her life to confront and take on "Transformers Gobots"They are going to establish themselves as she is Antarctican and Edward's sister.They are having a time to start over and do excellent.They adjust to their continent and home.
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