Nova Fighter
imagesCACODTND.jpgkusoCartoon_13869367787032_.jpgThe Nova Fighter is my daughter Princess Armada.She had it picked by me.Nova has a set of systems on a fighter that was given away by a high ranks.Its purpose and hidden weapons.It has Gundam technology and lacks robotechnology.Zarco Macross can construction our version we call the Nova fighter.Our one is highly monuverable with Aerial thrusters.It has the power of a gundam in a veritech.It has stealth systems and jammers.It can fire volley from its launchers.We believe built after the New Generation.It had secret purposes.One of the Admirals made this veritech.It had a purpose to be anti-veritech fighter and probably for something they can't explain the "Vampire".It has pouches and stores.Particle cannon gun concentrated laser.Fire rapid fire spread fire modes.It has a barrier system and many secrets.It is much more ahead than Alpha fighters and transforms to Nova fighter robot vehicle being.It is a veritech after the 3rd Generation.It is unique as it is not a gundam.It has missiles and lasers.Particle laser.It has a jammer system and is like a powerarmor.It is a very monuverable and fast fighter.Secrets on its rocket booster abilities and handle being amongst the very fast with such thrust.Lack of thrust is a mode on it as it can go down in speed.It has a reactor core.Made to confront UN Spacy enemies.Effective systems and weapons.Alot of kinetic power.Its in the shape of for its systems.Armor.

Model number: OZ-07AMS
Code name: Aries
Unit type: mass production aerial combat mobile suit
Manufacturer: OZ
Operator(s): OZ; United Earth Sphere Alliance; Gundam Pilots
First deployment: unknown
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: head height 16.9 meters
Weight: empty 8.0 metric tons; max gross weight unknown
Armor materials: titanium alloy
Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown
Performance ability levels: fighting: 100; weapons: 110; speed: 110; power: 90; armor: 90
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; 4 x wing hardpoint
Fixed armaments: none
Optional hand armaments: chain rifle, clip-fed, can be stored on wing hardpoint; 4-tube missile pod, can be stored on wing hardpoint

Technical and Historical Notes

Another early design produced by OZ, the OZ-07AMS Aries is built expressly for aerial combat. Mounting a pair of large jet engine housings on its shoulders and aerodynamic control surfaces, the Aries (named after the first Zodiac sign meaning "ram") is fully capable of independent atmospheric flight. It's also OZ's first variable mobile suit/jet fighter, as its legs deploy for walking and fold up into its body for flight. The Aries can also be loaded with a limited number of chain rifles and missile pods on its external wing hardpoints.
Added by Queen Armadauntitled.pngkusoCartoon_13630489998580_.jpg212px-652px-OZ-07AMS_Aries_Front_View_Lineart.jpg
unite with Taurus.Carries in its hands and from its wings missiles.Now we will make our own complex module with powerful reactor thrusters and pitch spin control.It will be like stages booster that can do booster climbs and power thrusts.Change to a guardian and hover.New targeting pinpoint system.Tracking system.Can carry weapons pack,missiles and payoad.Mars fighter.Hyperion boosters.Upgraded as a design.Powerarmor in robot.Made into Transformer Gobot being vehicle.Zero to mach 15 and faster within sec.State of art work done on a fighter with a purpose after Invid war and for invasion of a planet much like Shadow fighters.These are like agents.The Aries is like Contra Grey.Its mobile doll and was developed by an Admiral.They went to Zeon and Zaft and made this fighter Aries.It has hidden launches in a system.Targeting system.It can out fly many opponents.Has a laser cannon like a gundam.Its electronics is robotech too.To fool imagery.Beam saber.I had Nova made into one.She has her Cybertronian military.But she has more hidden power.This is to find out for each type what she can do and her fellow comrades.She can carry out sorties and has power ups on her weapons as lasers.She can load her laucnhers.Many weapons or main types of weapons.Same type like Alphas.She is amongst them.She is carrier bourne and spacebourne.Types of tracking and targeting systems.Types of instruments and type fo system.She has as the Gundam blast.Tachyons.And barrier system.Many more secrets.Specialty weapons and Covert Ops.Faster like much faster than booster system as fast as.Laser Designator. This is a Special Marine Ops fighter.Meant with its special systems to carry out a powers and this is infiltraitor.The Admiral devised this idea in a booster module.And compact.It can fly in its robot mode like a fighter.It has special weapons and some sort of lunar titanium barrier and tachyon charge.It has Alpha integral multi missile system.It has a tracking system.Jammer to fool opposition.Deadly weapons like particle beam cannon and can fire live munitions in a heavy machine gun.Modes.212px-OZ-07AMS_Aries_Side_View_Lineart_with_missing_arm.jpgThe Aries was built expressly for aerial combat. With its pair of jet engines and aerodynamic control surfaces the Aries is fully capable of independent atmospheric flight. The Aries is also one of the first transformable mobile suits capable of folding its legs up into its body for flight.

The Aries mobile suit's powerful jet engines allow the mobile suit to fly, and fight, at high atmospheric altitudes, much higher than what standard fighter craft can maintain.

The Aries wings mounted a limited number of external hard-points where chain-rifles and missile pods could be loaded. Those same weapons could also be held in the hands of the Aries.

Technologically the Aries is far from being the most advanced machine, easily being outperformed by high-end mobile suits such as the OZ-00MS Tallgeese which is twenty years old. Even when compared to an OZ-06MS Leo using flight backpack, Aries is still inferior in term of speed and armor thickness, although Aries can maintain flight for much longer periods of time. It is also easily defeated by the OZ-12SMS Taurus mobile suits that have been modified for atmospheric flight.

Chain Rifle

A projectile weapon that can be mounted on the wings of the Aries or hand carried.

Missile Pod

An optional weapon that can be mounted on the wings of the Aries or hand carried.

Buster Rifle

A weapon borrowed from the XXXG-01W Wing Gundam, it can fire either a narrow beam akin to that of a beam rifle, or a huge blast like that of a beam cannon. Its energy supply allows only three shots in the latter mode.

Special Equipment & FeaturesEdit

Wing Hardpoints

The wings of the Aries has hardpoints in which it can mount additional weapons, like missile pods.


Like the Leo the OZ-07AMS Aries is another early mobile suit design that saw mass production for the forces of United Earth Sphere Alliance and the forces of OZ. Developed around the same time as the OZ-06MS Leo the Aries would serve as the primary aerial force of the world's armies for nearly twenty years. By the year A.C. 195, the Gundams would arrive on Earth and would destroy virtually all mobile suits that stood against them, including a large number of Aries mobile suits.

While the Aries would form the bulk of the aerial forces of the majority of the world, in the Sanc Kingdom they were phased out of service in favor of modified OZ-12SMS Taurus mobile suits.

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