kusoCartoon_13848353599147_.jpgkusoCartoon_13630524840501_.jpgkusoCartoon_13661437176807_.jpgZarco Macross Mecha being Imobius is a a transexual mecha being that can do acrobatics and raw strength.She can do military and is a great thinker on battlefield.She has jammers and verniers.Antigravity systems for propulsion.She has a sensor suite and instruments alien tech modulated into her.She has Princess Armada Florence Khan in her.She has mastery over her armaments.She is very crude.She will prepare.She does not wait and goes on reports.She is prepared before battle.On duty she patrols and is martial.She is patriotic.Not fooled by anything like contraband.She uses her sensor but will with combiner Florence Khan will use hand off.She can physical combat and leap with acrobatics.She uses her flight .She will utilize her launchers to nail enemies.They both are a prepared system as she is an officer. Florence is very attentive.She wants all out respect to Queen Armada her mother.She adds anther intelligent CPU to mecha being.Florence is an officer.She cannot be fooled as she uses deduction like a cop.She will also breach.She uses her trained tactics.She covers our flagship.She is chippy in situations.She is very authoratative.She is a thinker before trouble.She enginuity.Crafty and uses her teachings to get out of situations.She is a survivor.She won't stray off to far.She won't get captured and will clear out as a leader.She APB's on alien bandwidth.She uses all of her techniques in alien teachings for military.She reports and takes down things to remember.She will do things portable like uses software from mechas on a base instead of regular.Link up.She thinks of others and covers them.She is not a cleanup artist.She is into complicated tracking and her as gundam enables her to combiner as a being mode as pilot.She can pick up things.Deduct.Predict things.She annalyzes.Wide horizon.Strict.But she is very open for her character. Our mechas will be alive beings from Gobotron Cybertron technology and Zarco Macross.They won't use the reactor core that blows.A new type of mecha beings on a core that uses recyling and implosions that harnesses force and output.Propulsion fusion power verniers that are given adjustable thrust and fusion that is burned and fired out as energy but retained by containment field,brought back in to recycled.Fusion is in the particle beam weapons that use energy like an ion cannons It though fires at a higher value than ion cannon but is an idea.It is firing bolts in ion idea.Energy cannon.Enigmatech systems countermeasures are a force field barrier magnified many thousands of times above the armor.Projected to protect the mecha being from enemy fire.They have evassive monuvers and a barrier system of invisible energy as a obstacle from enemy fire.It can survive a mecha through explosions.Protective defensive barrier.Powerful EM force.What makes mechas powerful as mechas on Cybertron and Gobotron started as droids and Sentinels.Their history they transformed and used soldier weapons.As small being soldier but larger machine soldiers.They can carry alot and use the weapons much better than veritech carrying its load.As a soldier they carry many giant size armaments.Giant magnum for moblle doll being droid.Bazookas.Firing grenades.Breach and all commands.They run.Smoke grenades and rifles to suppressed fire.Law enforcer to Marine and National Guard.Teams and break off lone wolf.Heavy firepower.Droid.Princess Trelesta Khan Armada is a combiner to droid mecha being.She is very smart and can supply her talent to organize things.She is very efficient.She team works with Florence.Trelesta is very competant and expert in ops.She can break into and breach.She can load and reload herself.She is very militarized.She is an officer.She is of modern 21st century and further future.Exels on living further as a person of afterlife.She is a scientist.She socializes with her sisters and order things around.She has format.She lists things and inventory.She is like a foreman.She will have a high job and sets examples.She has magic powers GAH and my powers so she can fly.She is acrobatic and mounverable from our continent.She is a sharp shooter and trains.She is a bio mechanical engineer.She has her force fields and space government tech and health.
Robotech Defense Force10153936.jpgrc_val2.jpgsr_shooting_game_robotics_screen1.jpgtumblr_m827nrwf251roxs0jo1_500.jpg
7p97dvo6k8sikmaltlbf92e8a0382568.jpg-finalMecha beings tumblr_lvm2wybMKd1qd7m1so1_500.jpgarmored-vt.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen Armada The Aerial Spaceplane Pack Attatchment is a module fighter that attatches to Droid Sentinel battloid soldier mecha beings.It links up systems and gives spacefighter properties to a droid battloid mobile doll.They can fly mach 20 and go to light speed.They can go any speed and it has verniers.It can break attatchment as a fighter.It can carry payload and rocket pods,pods.It can carry weapons pack of bombs,missiles and munitions.It also can carry gun pods.It folds downward hydraulic to be compact.Verniers and antigravity systems.It has aerilons and injests its environment as thrust.It has powerplant.Afterburners.Has hidden launcher systems fit in projectile warheads.It has a pilot a CPU too.It has cm laser guns internally.Used in diractly infront as changes internally forward.Barrier system and tracking systems add to the mecha droid mobile doll.
Robotech Defense ForcekusoCartoon_13850683524309_.jpg
Destroid MechakusoCartoon_13848279665649_.jpgkusoCartoon_13848296960928_.jpg
MBR-25 Atma Main Battle Robot
SDR-14 Tiger Space Defense Robot
ADR-14 Razor Air Defense Robot
HWR-04 Godzilla Heavy Weapons Robot
Mobile Suits
RGM-78 Gundam Mobile Suit
RGX-78 Gundam Mark II Experimental Mobile Suit
RGM-79 GM Mobile Suit
RGM-84 Zeta Gundam Mobile Suit
RGM-85 Nemo Mobile Suit
RGM-86 GM III Mobile Suit
RGM-89 Jegan Mobile Suit
RGM-90 Double Zeta Gundam Mobile Suit
RGM-91 Refined Gundam Zeta Mobile Suit
RGX-93 ν Gundam Experimental Mobile Suit
Ground Vehicles
T-36 Hellfire Main Battle Tank
T-39 Tiger Light Combat Tank
T-43 Ripper Main Battle Tank
T-44 Slasher Light Combat Tank
MT-37 Bonaparte Mini-Tank
MT-55 Grant Mini-Tank
MTA-2 Behemoth Military All-Terrain Mecha Transport and Assault Vehicle
MTA-4 Gargantuan Military All-Terrain Mecha Transport and Assault Vehicle
AAT-62 Armored Assault Transport
AAT-68 Armored Assault Transport
AAT-73 Armored Assault Transport
AAR-12 Armored Recon Vehicle
IFV-12 Apache Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IFV-15 Lancelot Infantry Fighting Vehicle
ACC-12 Apache Armored Command Carrier
ACC-15 Lancelot Armored Command Carrier
MT-5 Hummingbird Heavy Armored Multiple Launcher Rocket System
SAML-20 SAM Missile Launcher
SAML-22 SAM Missile Launcher
SAML-25 SAM Missile Launcher
SAML-30 SAM Missile Launcher
SAML-33 SAM Missile Launcher
SAML-35 SAM Missile Launcher
MAAA-12 Mobile Anti-Aircraft Artillery
MAAA-17 Mobile Anti-Aircraft Artillery
MAAA-23 Mobile Anti-Aircraft Artillery
SPRC-5 Self Propelled Reflex Cannon Artillery
SPRC-7 Self Propelled Reflex Cannon Artillery
FTT-2 Flatbed Tractor Trailer
EV-5 Engineering Vehicle 5ul46da8t1s5lo44u9b3rkskb0334176.jpg-final"Omnicron"Mobile Doll Droid being mechakusoCartoon_13640693043502_.jpg
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen ArmadaInvid Tyrant mecha being is from a amphibian.It has heavy duty rapid fire pulse plasma cannons,HEL and missile launchers.It has verniers antigravity system flight in space.It has a barrier system.Its long arms are retractable and can attack.He has armor and a reactor.He can get to hard to get to places.Delivery heavy firepower and any range.This mecha can clean out the ground forces and take out air targets and in space.He has a CPU and his name is Oscar.He is fast but alive.Has abilities like jump attack and lunge using his arms to attack.Heavy armor and field,countermeasures.kusoCartoon_13804044242241_.jpgThis soldier mecha being robot is highly soldier monuverable can run mach.15 and can dive and take cover.It APB's and is highly military.It can be re-armed and armed to battle with variant of armaments.Without its armamants it has a particle laser cannon and launcher.It has military equipment sensors.It has armor and force fields.It has verniers.It can fly in space.It has flexibility.
Invid Ground Vehicles
Invid Speeder
Invid Mecha
Invid Inorganics
Cougar fast reconnaissance drone
Malar Power Armor - 8/22/01
Kerogga Light Infantry mecha
Iigaa Light General-Purpose Aerospace Mecha - 11/1/00
Gurab Shock Trooper - 8/22/01
Marogam Heavy Shock Trooper
Gamo Pincer Command Unit - 8/22/01
Gosu Royal Command Battloid - 8/22/01
United Nations Defense Force
UNDF Ground Vehicles
M-116 Amphibious Armored Car
M-9 Inca Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
MLSAM-8 Armored Mobile Launcher Surface-to-Air Missile System
MLSAM-1 Armored Mobile Erector Launcher System
M-21 Anaconda Heavy Tank
M-23 Highlander Light Tank
M-299 All-Terrain Jeep
GM (X)M-3002 Hostile Environment Jeep
2.5 Ton Truck
C3I Mobile Bunker
DL-88 Centipede Hostile Environment Truck
Flatbed Mecha Hauler
UNDF Ground Mecha
MBR-04 mk IV/VI Tomahawk - 10/22/00
SDR-04 mk XII Phalanx
ADR-04 mk X/XI Defender - 9/28/00
MBR-07 mk I/II Spartan - 11/27/00
MBR-08 mk I/II/III Masamune
HWR-00 mk I/II/III Monster - 11/27/00
Armies of the Southern Cross
Southern Cross Ground Vehicles
FIAT 6836 M-120 Heavy Armored Vehicle
M-9 Inca Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
M-9 Inca Armored Command Carrier
MLSAM-8 Armored Mobile Launcher Surface-to-Air Missile System
MLSAM-1 Armored Mobile Erector Launcher System
FIAT 6846 MT-1 'Hell Peacock' Heavy Armored Multiple Launcher Rocket System
M-21 Anaconda Heavy Tank
M-299 All-Terrain Jeep
GM M-3002 Hostile Environment Jeep
Hover Cars
M-304 All-Terrain Squad Support Jeep
HR-32 Hovercycle
HR-42 Heavy Hovercycle
2.5 Ton Truck
Hargun Ground Support Vehicle
C3I Mobile Bunker
DL-88 Centipede Hostile Environment Truck
Flatbed Mecha Hauler
Hover Transports
M-306 All Terrain Squad Support Truck
Southern Cross Ground Mecha
HWR-00 mk II/III Monster Heavy Weapons Robot - 11/27/00
CER-11 Dryad TC-Forest Combat Engineering Robot - 11/6/00
CER-12 Satyros TC-Alpine Combat Engineering Robot- 11/6/00
MBR-13 Salamander TC Main Battle Robot - 11/6/00
ARR-15 Monocle TC-Recon Air Reconnaissance Robot - 11/6/00
MDR-17 Unicorn CDU Main Defense Robot
QPR-19 Golem GMP Police Robot/SPR-19 Bobby GMP Security Police Robot - 11/3/02
MBR-21 Basilisk TC-Desert Main Battle Robot - 11/3/02
TPA-1 Triton TC-Marsh Tactical Power Armor
DPA-2 Kraken TC-Marine Deep Dive Power Armor
APA-3 Fenris TC-Arctic Air Mobile Power Armor
Robotech Expeditionary Force
Expeditionary Force Ground Vehicles
FIAT 6836 M-120 Heavy Armored Vehicle
M-9 Inca Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
M-9 Inca Armored Command Carrier
FIAT 6846 MT-1 'Hell Peacock' Heavy Armored Multiple Launcher Rocket System
RRG YMH-10 Self-Propelled Synchro Cannon - 7/09/01
M-299 All-Terrain Jeep
GM M-3002 Hostile Environment Jeep
Hover Cars
M-304 All-Terrain Squad Support Jeep
HR-32 Hovercycle
2.5 Ton Truck
C3I Mobile Bunker
DL-88 Centipede Hostile Environment Truck
Flatbed Mecha Hauler
Hover Transports
M-306 All Terrain Squad Support Truck
Expeditionary Force Ground Mecha
HWR-00 mk II/III Monster Heavy Weapons Robot - 11/27/00
MAR-12 Cougar Main Attack Robot
ADR-12 Jaguar Air Defense Robot
MBR-13 Boxer Main Battle Robot
HWR-04 Tiger Heavy Weapons Robot
Omnicron is a being as Moblle Doll Droid.He can fight well and is a decisive thinker.He plays with the enemy and goes to his troop like skills.He knows his weapons for deep Space warfare.He has his antigravity systems.He is like a conquerer.He started as officer.He stays to hsi station.He goes out and is expressive as a combiner with clone endos troops.He can do many stages in space.Alien worlds combat.He goes over his reports.He is prepared and ready.He exterminates.He prepares himself equiping up.Launcher system intact.Very observant with battlefield footage.He has instrments for war,imagery and weapons co-operation to systems.He is a great fighter as autobot.Military soldier mecha being is a model for Droid to being above a soldier.He has body armor as a design.Stores.He has build for power and strength.He has attributes.Powers on battlefield and instruments.Sensors adapted for soldier.He has his armor and barrier system.Being a mecha being he has those.He is a leader and ranks.Those things in his programming soldiers.He can delivery explosives and missiles.Laser.Has hand armaments.Hand combat skills.From our assault chariot and dropships.Adapted to learn for missions programming.40ft tall and has verniers.Can hook up to jetpack for sorties in space added boost.Many more like commandos.Adapt to enemy warfare and battleground,turf and adapt as soldier to situations and levels like weapons,defense,propulsion burst and enemy levels.Combat skills to go back on or change or both.Alien warfare teachings and training. Zarco Macross Battlesuit soldier have fusion vernier system and antigravity systems for propulsion and flight in space at mach 5 to mach 15.They can fly fast and some variants have robotic extendable accessories.They can do commands and have arsenal of weapons like in Half Life.They have weapons in their stores and laser and energy firearms.They have rocket and gun pods attatch as weapons pack.Fire missiles.Armor and fields barrier.Systems in hardrive instruments for space military as Space DEW.Compacted into generation modulated systems.Many systems in one compact.They though are being endos and are soldiers.They have super abilities.Bionics.AI.Crossbow magnified to EM for space.Energy gives it potential in other environments.Change of states to fire faster and more velocity in kinetic energy.Rockets ammo.Guided.7ft tall.VSTOL and STOVL.kusoCartoon_13848281845301_.jpg
O342pmmh8sllkb598coi20r6d1695233.jpg-finalOmegabot Combiner Giant robot being
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen ArmadakusoCartoon_13701318785278_.jpgThis mecha is a droid being and he has heavy duty weapons and high monuverability.He has antigravity systems and is powerful.They can fly with fusion power in space or on worlds.It can be re-armed to sortie and has sensor instruments alien technology.kusoCartoon_13857039752888_.jpgkusoCartoon_13857041016498_.jpgThese are large mechas that carry troops and smaller mecha compliments.They have heavy firepower and crush off ground forces.They have barriers and force fields.They have bays for storage of instruments.They can change modes to vehicle for all terrain.They have armor.
Robot Being Combiner Giant Omegabot.Omegabot is of mecha beings combine their systems and thinking to merger their attributes and weapons to power up bigger systems.He is very computer smart like a computer terminal but robot.He has optical laser weapons.Guided weapons and add-ons.He can repair himself with stores of space plasma for power from his reactor.They all merger in combat as Zarco Macross mecha droids mobile suits.They merger as living battloids.They form giant 145ft tall that has verniers and antigravity systems and combat weapons.Instruments and systems like RADAR combined with alien BETA give him powers.He has launchers for missiles.Hand melee weapons from transformation and in his stores as his plasma power.He is very strong in combat.Rank is high.
O342pmmh8sllkb598coi20r6d1643343.jpg-finalDroid mecha beings transformations
Queen ArmadaAdded by Queen ArmadakusoCartoon_13848360004446_.jpg
Droid mecha beings can transform for their tracking systems to be modulated and first.They have them as modules and as my diagram shows that droids change to do warfare and scanning.Amplified and same with the combiners in war they will modualtion for a better first hand use of combination of sensors.They have attatchments for war as effectiveness.And their sets of lasers,firearms energy blasters.
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