Marie Angel
marie_crystal.gifLt.Marie Crystal is an attractive women.She can fight and is a soldier.She must be popular.She has alurement to her about staying with her because she might be doing something interesting.And then we find the AJAX.She voyages to outer space.She shows that she is after Macross. .USA Marie from some state in Mid West. .Marie has many Marie's.Marie is a female and attractive females do soap operas.She must socialize with other women.She has to talk and get along with other robotech world attractive women. MC.png
Mary Angel (マリー・アンジェル Marī Anjeru?) (Kumiko Mizukura): If Jeanne is considered impulsive, then Mary is in many ways her opposite. Nicknamed the "Cosmo Amazon," she represents the model soldier. She was once the leader of a biker gang and has also an aptitude for machines. Despite her tough exterior, she still feels intensely, and begins a rocky relationship with the womanizer Charles de l'etoile (Charles de Etouard). As a capable leader, Mary is often the one to snap Jeanne out of her periodic episodes of shock or indecision, usually with a slap to the face. Mary leads her own unit within the Tactics Armored Space Corps (TASC), in which she is also an ace pilot.
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as Marie Angel.She has support from me.Marie must prove herself and show her loyalty.We are bumping into each other and make good on it for I am a figure of Royalty that is an important figure.You can and your fate is changed.AJAX is taken care of by Firestorm.She is Princess Armada.We can settle down in Antarctica.Once we have all of the roles and powers done and I am into my role.Marie had a bad role in Invid Invasion.She knows our Zarconian Invid are Insect robots.But there are rules in between robots and humanity.I am not of that anymore.Where Marie was in the Next Generation and what lessons were these out of Allah Pak's dreams.Future.Marie is in Macross and take her to beginnings and new future.The world leaders are Zarconian.I in my role am above Admiral.My age though is much more than yours.Many thousands of years old.I've lived in many government civilizations and Antarctica.Marie was part of battles but simple to understand.But to do with her and her younger cousin I am in a different generation and many new order of people are re-arranged for the next era being mine.Emptiness to those but new faces and focusing on faces that were there but not such a role in my generation.We are divided and seperated with this division in astrology.I'll in generation have just been there much after yours.We are divided by this division.My group and peers are of hybrid thinking but old from 18th Century as we descended from.We are very civilized and scientific with our expectations.Dreams and times of crisis others will be in place you wish to be in.Role to miss someone.Many workers though its because of matching and compatibilty that is very sensitive in this world and others.That is why they can't have a cast relation to us as it is changed in order and even in time.Marie will start things earlier growing up under Zarco Macross.Things will happen and in her pastlife of 80's will be her in 21st Century.She will learn of female autobots being more advanced than her AGACS.This is a male.Princess Armada will take her place.Marie though must cope with living in presence and world of her ruler Feroz,Queen Armada.Queen Armada would come to her planet as a very high figure and of glory and to prove myself of my high value.Can Marie fight not mixed up about Queen Armada.Princess Armada is Feroz as representation and knowing her and her revealing how her mom Feroz is like.She is stubborn and goes to past for power.She has fundementals.AGACS will make way to Transformer Gobot variant fighter.More advanced and a new crew of robotic people.Sent by Queen Armada.Now the enemies are very high and dangerous as Dark Star Empire.Marie must reveal secrets to Queen Armada in limited time I have til we activate war.But I can gather time.Using places like Antarctica.But loyalty and Feroz found this from her own Princess Armada. Marie Angel
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Marie Crystal
Marie Crystal
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Army of the Southern Cross
“ “Let's put these whirly-birds through their paces!” ”

—Lt. Marie Crystal

Marie Crystal was an pilot of the Tactical Armored Space Corps and was featured in Robotech: The Masters, and was voiced by Barbara Goodson. She was considered an ace of the Army of the Southern Cross and shared a rivalry with Dana Sterling of the 15th ATAC Squad. She developed a solid camaraderie with fellow pilot Dennis Brown, leader of the Black Lions Squadron. She was one of the survivors of the Second Robotech War, and evacuated Earth when the Invid invaded. She had a complicated relationship with Sean Phillips, after the latter saved her in battle. She was originally named Mary Angel in Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross, the series which was adapted into the second "saga" of Robotech.

Marie Crystal enjoying the evening air.
Lt. Marie Crystal has earned the reputation as a warrior that would win the battle at any cost. She doesn't take kindly to childishness of any kind, and will gladly kick someone in the face if they get in her way. She was known as an "amazon" by some of her peers, a term she personally dislikes. She was easily jealous, and tends to act out in a dramatic fashion when it comes to matters of the heart. She has taken a personal rivalry with Dana Sterling and considers her squad, the 15th ATAC, to be a joke. This feud has led to more than one brawl in the past. Over time however, Marie grew to respect Dana.

Marie falls for Sean Phillips.
Squadron leader within the Tactical Armored Space Corps, Marie proved to be a competent leader and fighter. Prior to the outbreak of the Second Robotech War, she was sent to aid in the defense of Space Station Liberty using the then-experimental AGACS. She proved herself yet again after taking command of the defense while trying to re-establish the link between Earth and Space Station Liberty. She was proud to be selected as part of the First Offensive against the Robotech Masters.

She would later lead the returning forces from Moon Base ALICE and save Chief-of-Staff Rolf Emerson's relief fleet from certain destruction, becoming a hero of Earth. She was injured in an attack by the Robotech Masters but was fortunately saved by Sean Phillips.

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