Headmasters Technology
imageshm.jpegThe Headmasters are very close to robotech in Transformers.Headmasters are humans that were built into
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interface with Transformers.They transform inside of a robot as the head of the Transformers.Robotech they are in the cockpit.Headmasters were talking about the advantages they have and skills joint interface with people.Robotech they are in the cockpit and designing the machines.They both have interface and Headmasters are much like robotech.The Headmasters have more skills higher skill levels as robotech.But the Headmasters are alive and are not perfect to people's perfection in robotech.The cockpit and many interfaces in robotech between people and the mechas.
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The Headmasters were invented by the Transformers and robotech by the Robotech Forces.They both gain abilities from interface of soldiers and machines.So Shadow fighters and VF-1 Valkyrie are like Headmasters.VF-1 Valkyrie is
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Skyfire.Robotech macross has VF-21 and that has interface and high ability.What are Headmasters in the robotech universe and what could they be are they better?How are they compared to Southern Cross?That means Transformers has their own humans and people.The veritechs had high abilities as like Headmasters? http://tfwiki.net/wiki/Headmaster_%28technology%29 http://tfwiki.net/wiki/The_Headmasters_%28cartoon%29 Powermasters are combination of pilots and robots vehicles.They merge when bracelets are given a command by pilot and they change like a Headmaster to merge as in Ginrai is on belly of Optimus.Then he speaks and is piloted. ark%20addendum%20-%20Chromedome%20transform.jpg
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