Cpt.Kindred Mothman Regent
2D60F4C4-F06E-4679-AED3-C6A2328F1BFE.jpgThis is the Kindred Mothman Regent of Zarconian Inbit Regime.He is a high ranks and is very powerful.He is intense thinker and strategist.He is very smart like a Dr.He has a mild personality and is calm.He does not show frustration.He then travels to other choices and paths.He can fight.He fights like a high ranks and is very strong.He is a military tactician.He is an elder.He is a conquerer.He in Macross will have understanding between our Inbit Regime and Macross which were going to be all out enemies.He manipulates.He is very wealthy.He partly ironic.He knows the universe wisdom.He used to know the universe but as Zarconian expanded his smarts and knows Allah's systems in outer space.He will get into Macross and findout about SDF-1.Reckage it.He though has his flagship.He is very intelligent in applied Sciences first hand experience real things in outer space.He organizes his hives.He has immortality.But this invincible power has its tolerance as he has fought.He also is a Captain of his warship and Space Battleship.We wanted to make our own Galactica class Spacebattleships.He is a Space leader.Representative as he'll show how much people Inbit are.He is very positive.He is religious. Pages with broken file links
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