Conquest X-30
GIj.pngWrite the first section of your page here.Conquests are very monuverable and are a superiority fighter that is small like A-4.Delivers damage.Under Zarco Macross they would be made into a fighter and spacecraft.We want aircraft made into spacecraft and as a module.They don't change but are sophisticated.They could do the damage as Macross has spacefighters and uses veritech too much.The don't know North America 20th Century military design and on other worlds is dangerous against the enemy.Complicated and upgraded.X-30
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The Conquest X-30 super-sonic jet was first introduced in the 1986 run of the toyline,[7] packaged with the Slip Stream action figure. The Conquest is an advanced forward-swept wing jet fighter, based on the real-life experimental Grumman X-29 aircraft. It is armed with a laser guidance system, twin 25 mm revolver cannons, and four "AIM-12 Light Sparrow" missiles. The Conquest X-30 carries "11k" (presumably 11,000 pounds) internal fuel, and two 350 gal. external fuel tanks.[8] Hasbro marketed it as the Joe team’s counterpart to Cobra’s Night Raven.

It was recast in a red and black cross "Snake Skin" camouflage, and released as the Python Conquest in 1989, as part of the Python Patrol line.[9] It was later released again as the Conquest X-30 in 1998, with a different color scheme, and bundled with a different character, fellow G.I. Joe pilot Ace. It was released once more in 2003, again with a different color scheme, and Slip Stream back as the pilot.
In the Marvel Comics G.I. Joe series, the Conquest first appeared in issue #54, where it squared off against the Cobra Firebat. It would not be until G.I. Joe: Special Missions issue #5 that it would fight against the Night Raven. The Conquest X-30 is featured heavily in the second season of the TV series, when it replaced the Skystriker as the Joe team’s primary fighting aircraft

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