Blue Thunder Chopper
2013-11-28%2020.57.56.jpgDescribed in the film as having 1 in (25 mm) "no-lock metal armor",[2] Blue Thunder had a chin turret with an "electric" 20 mm (0.79 in) six-barrel Gatling gun able to deliver 4,000 rounds per minute.[3] Surveillance used twin cheek-mounted Nitesun spotlights,[3] infrared thermograph, and airborne TV camera with 100:1 zoom and night-vision capability.[3] The cameras fed 3⁄4 in (19 mm) videotape, with a locker in the belly of the aircraft. External audio pickups were capable of hearing "a mouse fart at two thousand feet".[3] A "whisper mode" granted her the ability to operate in silence.
Blue Thunder's cannon was controlled by a Harrison helmet[3] in conjunction with a "Harrison Fire Control System" (which is named after one of the special effects prop designers and not an existing fire control system). The project cost was described as US$5 million.[3]
Another view of Blue Thunder, as once seen at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Florida
A mock-up of Blue Thunder, as part back-lot tour of the Disney Hollywood Studios, Florida. Exposure to the elements led to deterioration, and they were scrapped by 2009.[4]2013-11-28%2020.53.50.jpg
Blue Thunder v. Gazelle Blue Thunder is a variant type for Zarco Macross pilots troops to fly.It will be made more complicated and have EM rotors.It will be made of electronics and be a module chopper with alien technology.It will have force fields countermeasures and new alloy of space.It will be many times better and able to go mach 15 to warp.Rotors spin fast enough with energy.It will use gravity in space to make poliarity when rotors spin.Turbine thrust in mach speed.New Blue thunder enhancements and laser gatling gun.It will have rockets.Module from electronics its own CPU and reactor core.Run on radiation for a more advanced power sources.Person AI Gobot Pretender mode Azalea Khan Princess Armada pilot,will change to a Blue Thunder for her transformation.Janna Khan older sister backup pilot.
Gazelle Blue Thunder
Crew 2 (pilot & copilot) 2 (pilot & weapons technician)
Passengers 3 1-2 (non-crew may use the copilot seat
and/or a seat behind the technician's seat)
Length 49.54 ft (15.1 m)
Height 11.68 ft (3.56 m)
Weight 4,555 lb (2,066 kg) unspecified
Speed 149 mph (240 km/h) Advantages
-speed (can do bursts of 1.5 mach with turbo thrusters)
-lighter/more agile
-more armament (chain guns and rockets)bt_3dmodel2.jpg
Blue Thunder2013-11-28%2020.55.09.jpg
kusoCartoon_13652032591442_.jpg-advanced surveillance/tracking avionicsbthunder1.jpg
-space age armor (can deflect most small arms fire)
-potent gatling gun/movable, can track targets
Range 373 mi (600 km)
Ceiling 12,800 ft (3,901 m)
Power (x2) 618 hp (461 kW) unspecified
Miscellaneous equipmentbt_render.png
The helmet-controlled gun turret and Target Acquisition and Designation System (TADS) was inspired by the AH-64 Apache, which uses an "Integrated Helmet And Display Sight System" (IHADSS), wherein the nose-mounted sensors and the 30 mm chain gun are linked to the gunner's helmet. Police helicopter pilot Scheider is chosen to test an experimental high-tech chopper that can see through walls, record a whisper, and level a city block. Seems anti-terrorist supercopter is needed to ensure security during 1984 Olympics Advantages
-speed (can do bursts of 1.5 mach with turbo thrusters)
-lighter/more agile
-more armament (chain guns and rockets)
Blue Thunder
-advanced surveillance/tracking avionics
-space age armor (can deflect most small arms fire)
-potent gatling gun/movable, can track targets
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