Alien Cardassian Endo
2uo7n0rmah5b103h65emdoe407132610.JPG-final.jpgCardassian endo is a Zarco Contra.He was made by SAT.SAT has had Cardassian endo made as that is not what he began as.Now has been remodelled by Skylar.He is now a design of Skylar's too.Skylar uses him for manpower and covert ops.He is also a pilot.He is a class endo.He can fight really well and knows alien training in fighting.Skylar's endo and he is the one Skylar goes to in Macross.He has Cardassian attributes and Zarconian.He acts like a person but has his personality shaped Cardassian.He is to counter the Dragon Empire.But since that is long time from now he can go through 100's more experiences til that day.He can technician and enginuity.He has some force fields and suit of technology.It has weapons proofing.Types of hostile weapons in space and on duty military.He is a leader and can make use of his environment like a commander.He is strong.He uses laser firearms.Other objects from Contra.He is infiltrator.But this is an officer tactic.

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