2013-11-28%2020.43.48.jpg9-1259_1.jpgairwolf-6.jpgCreator - Charles Henry Moffett.
Operator(s) - The F.I.R.M and Stringfellow Hawke.
Maximum Person Capacity - Four to five individuals. (NB: This requires removal of all weapons due to space/weight restrictions) [4]
Weapons - 4 Chainguns, Strike and Hellfire Missiles, 1 ADF pod, regular and Sunburst heat-seeking chaff.
Defenses - Bulletproof glass over the front cockpit and bulletproof armor over the whole body of the craft, as well as armored grates over the engine intakes.
Weakness(s) - Only one major one. Moffett revealed it - in Shadow of the Hawke - as the mid-air refueling port, and that one bullet up it would destroy the whole craft, but like any other aircraft, Airwolf is also vulnerable to direct rocket and missile hits, and has also proven to be vulnerable to certain types of laser weapons.
Main Pilot(s) (Seasons 1-3) - Stringfellow Hawke, Dominic Santini, and Caitlin O'Shannessy. (Season 4) St. John Hawke, Michael Rivers, and Jo Santini.
Maximum speed - Mach 2, or over 1400 mph.
Maximum operation ceiling - 80,000 - 100,000 feet.
Propulsion - Turbos, main and tail rotors.
Sensors - Airwolf is equipped with a variety of sensors:
Advanced Self Protection Jammer - this sweeps the area ahead to protect Airwolf from radar lock on.
Doppler Velocity Sensors - Designed to monitor in coming missiles.
Forward Looking Infra Red - displays an image of the area ahead of Airwolf in poor visibility conditions.[5]
Other equipment -
Target Acquisition and Designation System - Matches scan target against information stored in the on board database, and displays target info.
Identification Friend/Foe - Identifies the ID code transmitted by any aircraft, and displays this next to the radar image.
Carries a winch of unknown capacity in the rear of the cabin for rescue missions and supply pick ups while in the hover.[5] This is attached to a monorail recessed in the cabin ceiling, and operates out of the rear doors.[6]
Prior to the finale of Moffett's Ghost, Airwolf's onboard computer carried what was believed to be the only remaining set of schematics - Moffett having deleted the copies held in the F.I.R.M's computers before the destruction of the test facility. [1] Airwolf’s “Design Specs”
950 miles (armed crew of 3)
Midair refuel capable
1,450 miles long range (crew of 2)

Flight Ceiling

11,000 feet (3,400 m) unpressurized
89,000 feet pressurized
100,000 feet pressurized


300 kn (560 km/h; 350 mph) (conventional)
Mach 1+ (turbo thrusters)
Mach 2 Maximum Speed

Wing Guns

30 mm Cannon (×2)
.50 BMG Chain guns (×4)
Firing up to 40 rounds per sec.

Missiles and
‘Heavy Weapons’

AGM-12 Bullpup missiles
AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles
AIM-95 Agile missiles
AGM-45 Shrike missiles
AGM-114 Hellfire missiles
Paveway Bombs
(ADF Pod launched)
M712 Copperhead shells (×6)
FIM-43 Redeye missiles (×12)
AGM-114 Hellfire missiles (×6)
(Auxiliary bay launched)
AIM-4 Falcon missiles (x4)
Red Laser


Sunburst anti-missile Flares
Chaff (radar countermeasure) anti-missile decoys
Bullet-proof armoured fuselage
Learning flight/combat computer
Radar/Radio Jammer
90% Radar absorbent skinairwolf16kq0.jpg

Airwolf vs. Bell 222airwolfiv4.jpg

Bell 222



2 (pilot & co-pilot)

2–3 (pilot(s) & weapons technician)



1–2 (non-crew may use the co-pilot seat and/or a seat behind the technician’s seat)


49.54 ft (15.10 m)


11.68 ft (3.56 m)


4,555 lb (2,066 kg)



149 mph (240 km/h)

345 mph (555 km/h) conventional, Mach 1+ with turbo thrusters


373 mi (600 km)

950–1,450 mi (1,530–2,330 km)


12,800 ft (3,900 m)

11,000 ft (3,400 m) unpressurized
100,000 ft (30,000 m) pressurized

Power (×2)

618 hp (461 kW)

unspecified Princess Gloria Khan Armada as pilot Airwolf in her person AI Gobot Pretender mode and co-pilot is her younger sister Janine Khan.

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