Admiral Rick Hunter
kusoCartoon_13633772853518_.jpgkusoCartoon_13953696219759_.jpgRick as Admiral changed paths in what his work was.He was involved with robotics and he became under Queen Armada.Queen Armada is Abigail McLaughlin of Galactica and Ireland.Her cousin could be Rick.This is Rick Steve Trachsion.He is a baseball players son.They live in space on earth class planet.Rick Trachsion and his fate of robotech and each generation.That is why Rick does not go with robotech world and uses things like modulated machines.He uses Transformation and will be in Transformers Universe.He will be a car.He can fight and will live in another galaxy far from me.We all met and were made as a generation and unit when we broke from each family. Transformers Gobot.He was one of the ones that was made into one by my system.He displayed talent but is a car.Rick Trachsion will meet himself changed to Cybertron Gobotron universe.He earned this and that is how much a transformer he is.He is older brother younger than Abigail by yr.He will bring his knowledge and be hs real self.He is very ancient muslim civilization and has his likes as I have shown.He would be educated in Antarctica but does not want to go.Rick is not a rock on.He will display being a former houser.And now he is relgious days but internets and is a bread winner.He brings back income. .Can my brother get us Astro fighters our our own type for robotech in exchange or trade using robotech. This adds to his Transformer.All of his inventions are hidden.Then he will colaberate with Princess Armada to make new inventions and warships.He will talk in the new UN runned military forces and high ranks.I say for him to go with aircraft fighters.And the 20th Century fighterscraft of North America and ON.Cartoon fighters.Fighters are important to make a module fighter that can out do Invid in abilities being one simple machine but complicated,module.Carry heavy weight and fight violent.And to make our own bioroid.A good guy US Navy Seals bioroid.And more of Pre-Crime and Minority Report.Troops.Mechas.Make a fighter part mecha.Part space plane part mecha.Warship to be a battleship.SDF battleship from earth and WW1 and WW2 and Cold War.Bread and butter.They brought cartoons to us.He is fast but that is who Rick is.Wonder to him being a car.He is not compatible with what he used to fly and make.He ended up being a space car.He is a contributer.Contributes but is valuable.He can fight well and with Cybertronian arms and training.He though is not as powerful as who he follows King Edward.The way the cartoon depicts him is not partially right.He used to be houser.He does not like things in a robotech chronology and knows I am improving things.I have power on robotech .He would trim his hair.And to improve things he would be on Andromeda battleship of Star Blazers.And in Gi Zarco Admiral Rick Hunter and New Fuhr as cars,Transformer GobotskusoCartoon_13633762150503_.jpg6fqhr71e50d1kn0tadnnciflp4693416-final.jpg
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Joe.His ideas are from this and movies like "Chronicles of Riddick".Instruments drums and DJ'er.He is though more grown up and pays bills.He does not get into things except PC games as Civilization's.Other than that he has a boring life but goes out to visit friends.I am into the lego and games.My brother is outgoing of Abigail McLaughlin of Ireland Queen Armada of Galactica.Rick.He is redundant.He has all of his University in ancient civilizations.Interestes and life is ancient muslim.They practice some islam in their religion.Most of it are white teachings in space.Rick wants to pilot gundam.Gundams is his favourite fighter to fly.He can uses his figher abilities to fly gundam.My brother and Rick can are great in mecha mini starships.He has great strategy and skills in our space tank units.He has his friends from raves.Both do.He is a better leader than portrayed as Rick on robotech.He imputs many more technologies like our own space Contra.He has many more ideas then robotech.He is better with our Deployer Space Tank War Vessel.His imput and to improvise.Taking order to colaberate. Rick's interests are passed to Koji as New Fuhr of Comet Empire too.That is why he is not oriental in appearance.My brother is smart scientist and so as Rick.Smart in biology and organisms.Then to insects and too even future and technology.That is why he is into GI JOE RAH.He can be a great fighter being from our Transformers Universe as people with Nana on a continent like North America but in UFP Federation.They have their mainframes and rules.Then they are people as Nana visits my brother alot and Rick.They are close as rest of our family lives on these planets.Many of them made it like my uncles.My brother is a sportsman and had a dream of being a catcher and then a goalie in NHL.Catcher and when he does practice his 2nd position is short.Then he is catcher to give orders to get hitters out.He likes being with his white possie.His friends are all from University and they are good guys.They are not neurotic and are all calm.They are sharply dressed.They socialize and Rick and my brother have priorities of socializing so Cheers and Magnum is up his allyway.Some Friends or Frazier.That is the way my 2 younger brothers are..He has likes and can be good in dinosaurs.He was very smart in zoology.I am glad he made it and is there but he's gone socializing.Its 1st in his life then he comes home.His favourite rap and some types of edge music.But he has favourites from 80's metal.Def Leppard and AC/DC. and our neighbourhood gangs. He likes the handle the F-14 and F-4 Phantom have.Loves their sturdiness and how fast they go as his classics.He likes thrust and go over specifications.He likes swing wing on F-14.He likes weaponry and systems on F-4 Phantom.Its something from Cold War he really likes and likes the Huey Cobra.He likes weapons from Vietnam war.He also likes Star Trek Next Generation.He loves the Enterprise and crew.His favourites are Riker and Wesley Crusher and Worf.He loves the technology of Galaxy class Enterprise and Picard.Its a wonder to him.He likes the warp engine and its phasers.Photon torpedos.And its shields and warp engines.Its a classic to him.Likes Enterprise with Jonathon Archer. Rick is my younger brother my brother is Queen Armada's brother.His technology and skills I know where originates.My brother wants the veritechs to be Transformers and Gobots.His favourite cartoons when we grew up were GI Joe RAH,G1 and G2 Transformers and Challenge of the Gobots. or Rick Hunter is also a huge
[1] .Added by Queen ArmadaStar Blazers fan. as his favourite and Star Trek.His favourite Transformers are the Dinobots.His favourite fighters are the Cosmo Tigers of Star Blazers.He also likes Soundwave and his cassettes,cassettebots.His favourite fightercraft is the F-14 Tomcat and the "Skystriker" from GI Joe.Favourite Joe is "Snake Eyes" and the "Dreadnaughts" and Duke.Ace,Sgt.Slaughter,Wild Bill.Rick Hunter likes helicopter gunships like Huey Cobra and Apache Chief.His other.Rick is a Jedi Knight Ezra.He is Admiral Hunter.He has Jedi powers and is part of the Senate.Ezra is when he was on a Micronian planet at an airshow and Ezra can fly fighters but Zarconian.Ezra is part of Zarco Macross.He has a light saber that is a blaster too.Things people don't know about Rick as a Jedi Knight and his powers with the force.He uses Rebel scientists in construction of robotech which is not robotech.His robotics.Ezra is an autobot in Zarconian he is a black truck.He had secrets on Macross Island and regained all of the ones like the Togawa crashing to erase what he sent to earth and Ezra's interests on earth.Not from earth.Bridger is Rick's name.

Wild Bill - "Don't do what a stranger says" - A G.I. Joe PSA(00:31)
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favourite fightercraft is the F-4 Phantom.The planes veteran history and the way Col. handled the fighter in combat.Scrambled to take on MiG's in Vietnam.The F-14 during the Cold

GI JOE Season 2 Intro(01:03)
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War.Swept wing design for its avionics and attack mode.He liked the NATO fleet F-14's.I remind him of the Cosmo Tiger and he gets into it to remember how effective in Star Blazers the Cosmo's were.This his interest in carriers from the Cosmo Tiger's in the Comet Empire episodes.I told him that the Transformers were superior than Robotech and told him of the "Headmasters".His favourite Transformer is Optimus Prime.Its because they are living with bigger brains than people.They can re-arm themselves and are military specialists,rankings.History.Gobots his favourites are Leader-1 and Scooter.He likes Frigates from Cold War and Destroyers.Favourite ships are battleships.He likes destroyers.They are fast with firepower.He likes the Yamato.In Star Trek the starships are his favourite with phaser banks the Daedileus class Enterprise is a hero to him.Phaser banks and photon torpedos.He likes Picard and Riker.Their tactical with "Warf".He is not war minded though.He spends his life socializing and attended North Park Secondary School.He is more into socializing

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shows and "Late Night"Comedy.Favourite movies were Van Admiral Rick Hunter
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Dam.Comedy Network.Sitcoms like "Seinfeld" and "Frazer"."Friends".When he was little military from interest at being a scientist.Faiyaz could have been really intelligent and to expand into dinosaurs.He used to like animals and sharks.Ichtyology and Intimology and astronomy.Still likes some astronomy.He did not take sciences and replaced sciences with socializing.He was good at gaining friends.He though did well in electonics and computers.Specializes in ancient history and ancient civilizations,religions.My brother also loves NHL and hockey.Favourite teams now are Flyers and Vancouver Canucks.His favourite player is Patrick Roy.Montreal Canadiens used to be his favourite players. and John LeClair to Flyers.He likes Trevor Linden and Sedin's.LIkes Martin Brodeur and Habs on NJ.Favourite music used to rap and dance but likes type of Indy music,Edge and non-popular groups.Green Day.Used to like Def Leppard and AC DC.My brother is not an open person and lives a personal life mostly.Not family.He works.He comes home late.He eats some and he eats Middle Eastern.He used to like Italian food and pizza's,spaghetti and macaroni.Still eats hamburgers,Wendy's.He is in Toronto during day.He will do chores.He replaced many interesting hobbies with neccesities like buying gas.His computer and games are hobby.No hobbies though.No kits.Having an extra brother a year younger than me and a year older than.My brother to Abigail McLaughlin who is Queen Armada from Galactica.She is Irish.Rick would be a great addition to our family from Steve Trachsion .He would be able to take the burden off my brother and pressure to give him the older brother he always wanted that looks similiar to him.Chat for Mom but is it real.Things that would improve is their strengths of 80's Cartoons and military cartoons.They should stay to GI Joe and change though and start watching new series about Transformers like Transformers Masterforce and RID.Keep watching what happened after Optimus Prime and it shows even in Transformers Armada and Beast Warriors.They have to catchup for its destructive on Rick.They are out of date need to put series on projector wall.Rick also has to find out problems my brother has and pressure on him to be a bread winner.Rick is year older and younger than me by a year and there are family problems.Rick to come home with Mom and Dad's secret name.We need the manpower.He has to stay to Gaiking and start collecting them,Star Wars and GI Joe was his dream to get these collections with money he makes from internet.That way he'll understand an old technology.And to use backyard to play with them to understand them more.Get up to date of 80's with 90's and 2000's series for Star Wars,Gi Joe and Transformers.He is all packed.Ideas for military for Rick and my brother.Too much movies without up to date of cartoons as things have changed from 80's.Get Teletoon Retro. There is also written info on internet about GI Joe and Transformers up to date.Tells about in comics.Key to Rick Hunter.Start up a collection of all the ones they wanted.Order.Not to be shy to add to his intelligence with Toys R Us and toy stores.That can add to your collection find value what you bought there.All the kids have from our roots in toys.They are very advanced not for kids like label.Get in to that and it will solve things. We Rick want to leave ON to Antarctica.Read about this because you might help in our move of countries.We then will hava a home bought in Antarctica.Put all of our belongings on airliner and have them picked up by moving truck straight to our new home in Antarctica.Get inside the civilization and Dad tribally.You could save your money once you and Dad have been there.Seen Delphia and Semei for computers. Antarctic University might change Rick's fate and help him like when I was in Galactica to fill in the things cousin Abigail McLaughlin has.Rick is my younger brother and to right wrong as we are around a circle of enemies,Europe which flies to us north to Canada,Asia and US.They would just destroy us down.We should become Antarctican if they are modern.Then University there could right problems and to have in future a military conference of space.Better space loyalities.Technology and thinking.
Rick's love for flying begins as a child. He is encouraged by his father, uncle and best friend, Roy Fokker, and the other members of "The Hunter Brother's Aerial Circus." After Roy leaves the aerial show to join the military, Rick takes his place and becomes an excellent amateur pilot, winning trophies seven years in a row. the two friends are reunited when Roy Fokker, now a member of the Robotech Defense Force, invites Rick to the trial launching of the SDF-1. That festive occasion turns into a nightmare as Rick and all the people of macross City, and the world, are sucked into intergalactic war with the giant, Zentraedi aliens.

Throughout the conflict, Rick struggles with his inner feelings in regard to his role in the war. Over the next few, war-torn years, Rick grows as a skilled Veritech Pilot as well as a person. The sobering experience of war, death of loved ones and consequences of one's actions, mold Rick Hunter into a courageous and strong leader. A role he reluctantly accepts. At the series' end, Rick and his love, Lisa, stand before the ruin of the SDF-1 and vow to see an end to this war. Ah, but our story does not end there.

Rick is now Major General Rick Hunter, charged with the rebuilding and revitalization of the Robotech Defense Force (RDF). In addition, the RDF must suppress Zentraedi rebels and keep peace in a war struggling to survive. His wife, Rear Admiral Lisa Hayes (Hunter), oversees the top secret construction of the SDF-3. A project that will ultimately send Rick and Lisa on an epic adventure among the stars

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