Teleportation is the transfer of matter from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them.
Teleporters were devices that were developed by the Rakata's Infinite Empire. These machines allowed their creators to transport beings from one site to another. They were installed on the prison world of Belsavis at the Tomb where they allowed rapid transit around the planet as well as beyond it. Special teleportation control hubs were used in the control of them. These devices emitted a special form of energy signature that was capable of being detected and tracked.

The existence of teleportation technology remained unknown to the Galactic Republic until the years of the Cold War. At that time, Republic scientist Lora theorized that the original architects of Belsavis had used a teleportation system to move throughout the massive prison. She tasked a Republic spacer with scanning several Rakatan terminals in order to provide an analysis of the technology.

At that time, a breakout occured on Belsavis that saw the captive Esh-kha unleashed where some of their warriors commandeered the teleportation system to transport their soldiers onboard a frigate in high orbit. This fact attracted the attention of the Republic Strategic Information Service where Agent Moritt recruited a Republic spacer with preventing the Esh-kha from escaping through the use of this technology in the lower levels of Belsavis.

Agent Poz of RSIS studied the technology and helped the spacer with using the teleporter to enter the deeper levels. She theorized the teleporters might not be capable of matter transmission but perhaps replicating matter of a subject or even perhaps functioned as fixed dimensional pathways. As the possibilities were infinite, Poz them "Instantaneous Travel Device" and tracked the Esh-kha to an older vault who were controlling the teleporter. Thus, a Republic strike team led by Captain Devlin teleported through the device with the spacer to ssault the Esh-kha.

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