superweapon was a weapon with capacities far out of line with normal military technology, such as destroying entire planets or star systems, and often requiring great resources to create.

"Develop technology without wisdom or prudence and your servant shall become your executioner."
―Walex Blissex[src]

Centerpoint Station[2] Thuruht and other Killik hives (formerly)[3]
Corellia[2] c. 1,000,000 BBY[3] 40 ABY, Corellian system[2] Designed by The Ones[3] Pre-Republic era[3] through Legacy era[2]
Corsair[4] Sith Empire[4] pre-5,000 BBY[5] 3,996 BBY[4] Modified Derriphan-class battleship[6] Old Republic era[4]
Sun Razer[7] Sith Empire[8] 3,640 BBY[8] A large space station capably of rapidly producing a variety of superweapons[7] Old Republic era[7]
Ascendant Spear[7] Sith Empire[7] c. 3,643 BBY[7] 3,640 BBY[9] Advanced battlecruiser design that served in the Imperial Navy[9] Old Republic era[7]
Planet Prison[10] Galactic Republic (formerly)[10]
Sith Empire[10] 3,640 BBY[10] Could supercharge the upper atmosphere of a planet, essentially turning the entire atmosphere into an enormous ion cannon[11] Old Republic era[10]
Shock Drum[12] Galactic Republic (formerly)[12]
Sith Empire[12] 3,640 BBY[12] Generated intense ultrasonic vibrations, which could ultimately shatter a planet[12] Old Republic era[12]
Death Mark Laser[13] Galactic Republic (formerly)[13]
Sith Empire[13] 3,640 BBY[13] Consisted of an orbital platform that was able to fire highly accurate beams of super-concentrated energy at a specific individual[13] Old Republic era[13]
Alderaanian Superweapon[14][15] Alderaan[14][15] These weapons were eventually stored on the Alderaanian War Frigate Another Chance[14][15] Rise of the Empire era[14][15]
Conqueror[16] Galactic Empire[16] 1 BBY, Mustafar[16] Modified Imperial-class Star Destroyer[16] Rebellion era
Baradium fission device[17] Galactic Republic
Galactic Empire[17]
Rebel Alliance[17] Planet buster used in a failed attempt by the Rebellion to destroy the Bilbringi Shipyards[17] Rise of the Empire era[17]
Baradium missile[18] New Republic[18]
Galactic Alliance[19]
Imperial Remnant[20] Used to destroy the moon Boreleo and large capital ships[20] New Jedi Order era[18] through Legacy era[19]
Baradium bomb[21] Galactic Republic[22]
Sith Empire[21]
The Gormak[21] Baradium was used to create some of the most powerful explosive weapons in the galaxy,[22] the Gormak attempted to use a scavenged baradium bomb to destroy the city of Voss-Ka[21] Old Republic era[21]
Composite Beam Superlaser[23] Galactic Empire[23] Armed with a superlaser capable of rendering a planet uninhabitable by piercing the planet's core.[23] Rise of the Empire Era[23]
Concave Dish Composite Beam Superlaser[23] Galactic Empire[24][25][23] 0 BBY[24]; 4 ABY;[25] The primary weapon of the Death Stars. Can fire a superlaser capable of destroying an entire planet in one fell swoop.[24][25][23] Rise of the Empire era through Rebellion era[24][25][23]
Cosmic Turbine[26] Celestial (formerly)[26]
Dark Jedi[26] 4,250 BBY[27] The activation of this weapon triggered a chain reaction which killed all the Dark Jedi and destroyed the entire Vultar system[26] Pre-Republic era[26] through Old Republic era[27]
Darksaber[28] Besadii kajidic[28] 12 ABY[29] 12 ABY[29] Design based on the set of plans from the original Death Star[28] New Republic era[28]
Dark Reaper[30] Sith Empire (formerly)[6]
Confederacy of Independent Systems[30] c. 5,000 BBY[6] Killed anything within range by draining its Force energy and focusing it into destructive energy beams[30] Old Republic era[6] through Rise of the Empire era[30]
Desolator[31] Sith Empire[31] 3,640 BBY[32] A ship mounted weapon that was used to destroy the planet Uphrades[31] Old Republic era[31]
Death Star I[24] Confederacy of Independent Systems (formerly)[33][27]
Galactic Empire[24] 0 BBY/ABY[24] Its superlaser was used to destroy the planet Alderaan in 0 BBY[24] Rise of the Empire era[33][27] through Rebellion era[24]
Death Star II[25] Galactic Empire[25] 4 ABY[27] Armed with a planet-killing superlaser, it was a much larger and more powerful version of the first Death Star[34] Rebellion era[27]
Devastation[35] Confederacy of Independent Systems[35] 21 BBY[36] 21 BBY[36] Modified Subjugator-class heavy cruiser[37] Rise of the Empire era[38]
Eclipse-class dreadnought[39] Galactic Empire[39] 11 ABY[40] Armed with a superlaser that could penetrate planetary shielding and devastate worlds[39] Rebellion era through New Republic era[39]
Eye of Palpatine[41] Galactic Empire[41] 12 ABY[41] A colossal asteroid-shaped dreadnought[41] Rise of the Empire era[41] through New Republic era[41]
Electro-proton bomb[42] Galactic Republic[42] Could release a powerful electromagnetic pulse capable of disabling or destroying droids[42] Rise of the Empire era[42]
Galaxy Gun[43] Galactic Empire[43] 10 ABY[43] 11 ABY[40] Fired hyperdrive capable projectiles equipped with a particle disintegrator warhead that could destroy an entire planet[43] New Republic era[43]
the Gauntlet[7] Sith Empire[7] 3,640 BBY[32] A light-speed Cannon that was capable of eliminating hyperspace targets[7] Old Republic era[7]
Gravitic polarization beam[44] Confederacy of Independent Systems[45]
Galactic Empire[44] A beam weapon that disrupted matter on an atomic level, causing it to rip apart[44][45] Rise of the Empire era[45] through Rebellion era[44]
Hyperspace Collisions[46][47] A hyperspace collision could destroy[46] or devastate a planet, even if a planetary shield was in place[47] Pre-Republic era through Legacy era
Interplanetary Ion Cannon[23] Galactic Empire[23] Its ion beams could vaporize a terrestrial planet's atmosphere[23] Rise of the Empire era[23]
Ion Ring[48] Galactic Empire[48] Used a modulated ionic beam that could influence planetary weather systems[48] Rebellion era[48]
Kumauri Battleship[49] Kumauri Empire[49] 10,000 BBY[49] The design of this planet-buster battleship was copied by the Galactic Republic[49] Old Republic era[49]
Mass Shadow Generator[50] Galactic Republic[50] 3,960 BBY[50] 3,951 BBY[50] Used to destroy the planet Malachor V[50] Old Republic era[50]
Malevolence[51] Confederacy of Independent Systems[51] c. 21 BBY[52] Modified Subjugator-class heavy cruiser[37] Rise of the Empire era[51]
Omega Frost[53] House of Tagge[53]
Galactic Empire[53] 0 ABY[53] 0 ABY[54] Could instantly flash-freeze anything caught between two conductor towers[55] Rebellion era[53]
Orbital Nightcloak[56] Galactic Empire[56] A network of hundreds of satellites that would prevent all sunlight from reaching a planets surface thus killing all life[56] Rebellion era[57] through New Republic era[56]
Planechanga[49] Hutt Empire[49] Railguns capable of accelerating asteroids to planet cracking velocities[49] Pre-Republic era[49]
Planet-cracking missile[49] Mentioned by Grand Admiral Osvald Teshik as a method of destroying planets[49]
Planet Killer[58] Confederacy of Independent Systems[58] Could allegedly destroy an entire planet[58] Rise of the Empire era[58]
Resonance Torpedo Launcher[23] Galactic Empire[23] Could allegedly destroy an entire solar system with resonance torpedos[23] that would trigger supernovas[59] Rise of the Empire[23]
Shawken Device[60] Shawken[60] Could allegedly destroy all matter in the universe through a series of hyperspace collisions[60] Old Republic era through Rebellion era[60]
Silencer[7] Sith Empire[7] Rapid-recharge "Fleet-Killer" Megalaser[7] Old Republic era[7]
Sovereign-class dreadnought[39] Galactic Empire[39] Armed with a superlaser that could penetrate planetary shielding and devastate worlds[39] New Republic era[39]
Star Forge[61] Infinite Empire (formerly)[61]
Revan's Sith Empire[61] 30,000 BBY[27] 3,956 BBY[27] Giant automated shipyard[61] Pre-Republic era[61] through Old Republic era[61]
Starkiller[62] Confederacy of Independent Systems[62] A hyperspace-point destabilizer, whose destruction devastated the planet Kromus[62] Rise of the Empire era[62]
Sun Crusher[59] Galactic Empire[59] 11 ABY[63] This nearly invincible weapon used resonance torpedos to trigger stars to go supernova[63] New Republic era[59]
Tarkin[64] Galactic Empire[64] 3 ABY[27] 3 ABY[27] Its superlaser was used to destroy Aeten II[65] Rebellion era[27]
Thought bomb[66] the Sith[67]
Brotherhood of Darkness[66] Was the result of an ancient ritual that could unleash the full volatility of the dark side of the Force[66] Old Republic era[66]
Undying[7] Sith Empire[7] Old Republic era[7]
World Devastator[39] Galactic Empire[39] Its tractor beam projectors would tear a planet apart and then military hardware would be created from the collected natural resources[39] New Republic era[39]
Yo'gand's Core Tactic[68] Yuuzhan Vong Empire[68] 15,000 BBY[68] A dovin basal targets a planetary satellite to slow its orbit and then crashes it into a planet[68] Old Republic era through New Jedi Order era[68]
Republic Superweapon (Equanus)[69] Galactic Republic[69] 23 BBY[69] Accidentally wiped out all life on the planet Equanus[69] Rise of the Empire era[69]
Hammer[70] Galactic Republic (formerly)[70]
Advozse Hegemony[71] Its massive gravity cannon could launch asteroids at near-relativistic speeds at a chosen target[70] Old Republic era[71]
Drill ship[72] Of unknown origin this ancient mining vessel could drill through and shatter a planet[72] Rebellion era[72]
Sky cannon[73] Tahlboor[73] Destroyed one of the twin moons of Tahlboor[73] Rise of the Empire era[73]
Cal-class battleship[74] Galactic Republic[74] The last Republic planet-buster battleship class that was based on the Kumauri Battleship design[74][49] Old Republic era[74]
Infinity Gate[75] Kwa (formerly)[76]
Nightsisters[75] 31 BBY[77] Used for interstellar travel, but could also produce a planet destroying Infinity Wave[75] Pre-Republic era[76] through Rise of the Empire era[75]
Shadow Arsenal[78] Galactic Republic[78] Interplanetary missiles, each armed with a cloaking device and a warhead of continent-shaking power[78] Old Republic era[78]
Anti-matter bomb[79] Galactic Empire[79] These bombs could render large areas uninhabitable,[79] an improvised bomb destroyed the Mascot Moon of Carida[39] Rise of the Empire era[39] through Rebellion era[79]
Gravity gun[80] Galactic Empire[80] 5 ABY[49] Could launch Gravity bombs that would generate intense gravity waves designed to shake targets to pieces[80] New Republic era[49]
Metal-Crystal Phase Shifter[63] Galactic Empire[63] Capable of altering the molecular structure of metallic substances, ultimately weakening them[81] New Republic era[63] through Legacy era[81]
Visual Electromagnetic Intensifier[57] Galactic Empire[57] A network of hundreds of satellites that would enhance and focus visible light onto the planet, effectively cooking it to death[57] Rebellion era[57]
Two-Wave Gravshock Device[57] Galactic Empire[57] This device used gravwaves to affect a planet's gravitational field, causing effects that resembled groundquakes and other natural disasters[57] Rebellion era[57]
Null Cannon[82] Galactic Republic[82] Fired energy blasts that could render enemy technology useless[57] Old Republic era[82]
Infant of Shaa[83] Annoo-dat Prime Terrorists[83] Served as receptacle for Force energy that, when released, would emit a disturbance in the Force great enough to rip a world apart[83] Rise of the Empire era[83]
Trigon One[84] Fromm Gang[84] Allegedly, at full power, this satellite could destroy a planet[84] Rise of the Empire era[84]
Darkstaff[85] Sith Empire[85] 19 BBY[86] An ancient Sith artifact that had the power to destroy planets[85] Old Republic era[85] through Rise of the Empire era[86]
Death Star prototype[59] Galactic Empire[59] 11 ABY[63] It did not possess the firepower of the first Death Star, but its superlaser was powerful enough to destroy a moon[63] Rise of the Empire era[27] through New Republic era[63]
A superweapon is a very powerful weapon compared to others of its time or era. In theory, such a weapon could turn around the outcome of a war very quickly. For example, a supergun could render all fortifications obsolete. However, in practice these weapons can be overwhelmed and are costly to implement on a large scale. Most superweapons are used to destroy civilian morale on the opposing side. They can also be helpful to propaganda machines. The German public was repeatedly assured throughout the months of 1943 and 1944 that Wunderwaffen, or wonder weapons, would rescue an otherwise doomed war effort.

Not many superweapons have been widely used. Although the V-1 and V-2 weapons were common during 1944 and 1945 in Europe, the Schwerer Gustav was the only other widely used superweapon. Nuclear weapons have only been used twice, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and nuclear artillery, bombers and submarines have never been used. Among superguns, the Paris Gun only fired on civilian targets, while Big Bertha was, though famous for shelling Paris from over 40 kilometers away, primarily responsible for smashing the Belgian forts near Liege during World War I in 1914 as part of the Schlieffen Plan.

In modern times superweapons are usually considered to be weapons of mass destruction, and close attention is paid to countries who possess and/or operate such weapons, as well as countries who have operated, researched, funded, or otherwise sought to gain such weaponry such as the United States. This is especially true of so-called "rogue states", as some consider possession of a superweapon by such nations to be a threat to international security

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