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Zarco Macross is an Empire of Robot vehicle beings that are good guys that are taking on the universe of evil.We merged and have loyalties in Macross.We won and have Zarco Macross.Macross as beings..Zarco Macross overlaps and crosses over alot to our loyalities.Our technology and part of Zarconian we are an Empire from the resources and ideas from many URL's. They are armies and Navy for space.Zarco Macross is a branch of Zarconian military.They are a branch from Zarconian.The new class warships are on Zarconian.Its all the fighters,mechas that we have advanced technology to assemble as having computer CPU.Its a war on our enemies the Vampire and other robotech British forces or American.Micronians are our enemy and we are a Regime.They don't count us in on the Zarconian world or robotech.We Zarco Macross are a force to be reckoned with.We are manpower and technology with might of Zarconian.They are constructing away and marching.We can build all types of futuristic technology now and in the past.Support for Zarconian technology like our engines are part Macross as our defense barriers.We have Zarco Macross that are all mecha designs from my planet deep in space from UFP to change each mecha in living beings like Gobots and Transformers.We change our SDF-1 Contra Empire.Contra warship.Zarco Macross is on Zarconian wiki and makes sense with Macross that has Cybertron and Gobotron support.We are going to make new autobot Guardians out of Macross mechas.Its our technology we use on Zarconian technology.We have troops and bases with warships.Assimulated robotechnology to Zarconian.Has an edge closer to our enemies.Use this technology for our fighters.These design North America and Europe 20th Century and 21st fighters are superior in avionics than veritech.They have heavy firepower attatches to them.They are monuverable but can't fly in outer space.They beat the VF- series of fighters in weight and monuverability and firepower.These jets go severly with our Star Blazer's like navy for Zarconian.Modules complicated systems to firing and using sensor sweep.From plain sections and bulkheads we don't get that.Zarconian and Zarco Macross are composed of modules.We will make these designs into space fighters that like a veritech change but light weight.Many vehicles and machines that were on earth from US and Europe.They were before the Macross and robotechnology but pioneer of series of fighters and weapons.They are F-design,A-design and MiG and Su design mixed together to make new fighters that change with pilot interface in cockpit.They combiner.This is the epic story of the Autobots and Guardians in our part of space.My universe is the Pretender European Gobot Combiner Universe of people.We're a Master race.These designs we can use the info on this wiki to build them ourselves.See if there are loyalties.Epic war of Space Islam and our enemy of sinners or racists and destructive things they will do shocking and criminal.Our territories but its part epic story of Transformers and Gobots from the people race of Pretenders and Gobots.Combiners.We know about the factories but some of them were separate race of robot beings from Gundam,Star Blazers,Voltron,Force Five,Armored Core and Macross,Ace Combat.They all were robots that have no CPU's and Inbit Invid are our troops and separate wing of of our military.Zarconian Cybertron Inbit Gobotron Invid.We have troops that were in other wiki's now merged into a Zarconian and Zarco Macross troop.Power and resources to start over and in a far off universe these are our outer space forces.They from Macross took over and we have alot of Macross but crossovered and from many wiki's like Helghan and more,Combine.No more Combine but Zarco Macross.Merger of all loyalties of that universe under Zarconian.This wikidot has authentic information on fighters mixed with robotech.Its about robotech and theme of my favourite fighters and military technology that goes with Zarco Macross.More hopefuls for military technology.As the future happens Macross leaves the 20th Century North America and Europe military technology and manpower.They faded and could not beat their enemies with proper state of the art warfare.This technology is more powerful than Macross but can't fly in space.But as ideas and structure to Zarconian Macross.Gundam is part of Macross as all of the REF technology is part of Macross.From the UN Spacy they were developing the VAF-6 blueprints.And from Tirol they had on the Robotech Expedition VAF-6's.Gundam is after Invid Invasion and shows wars Oz did in galaxy near Tirol.Gundams are models that were invented in wars humans had vs each other.The Military technology is part of Macross like the F-14 Tomcat and the Huey Cobra in reality were made before robotech.The earth was using F-15 Strike Eagles but they did not favour them.So my Macross exists and are our loyalties in Macross Universe with Zarco Macross troops.We specialilze in army forces and Naval ships carry Army.New class Macross warships and technology are based on Zarconian wiki They have new mechas and warships as I have few.Troop endos and works,tanks.Macross never had artillery or tanks and the new versions are on Zarconian wiki.More powerful with the neighbouring solar systems of people and their military 20th Century and WW1 and WW2 technology to 21st Century North America and Europe.They are all part of the Zarco Macross forces and my people from UFP Stargate Gobot Pretender Combiner AI Europeans of another dimension like explains in Sacrid Religion of Zarconia.We talk backwards with language like Star Wars and have Dutch accent.We can speak clear english from these neighbouring galaxies and our forces exploring.New Cruisers.And our Gobotron Cybertron Invid Inbit forces.Our Macross technology you can tell how many of technologies of Zarconian military behave.We have Gundam wars and combine them on Macross.After VAF-6 is Gundam and how do Robotech pilots take to gundam.Gundam is feirce and invincible with Gundarium.Has its pilots that are under Gundam system.Teaches that Gundams preformance.And in modern day to WW2 the tanks preformance part of machine robot technology.Galaxy transport and its thrusters as verniers.Gunship choppers and the epic of Zarco Macross as they are Zarco Macross as the EF-18 Growlers.MiG-27 Floggers.Ace Combat world and their technology to Gundam and robotech.Fighters are better than veritechs because of the load and design proven in Ace Combat.Ace Combatbots.Choppers and tanks are part military world as artillery trucks they all have instruments part of our Zarconian world of Macross.We carry new variant from learning and making out of date gundams replaced by mecha mobile Droids.Gundams are in our arsenal and story of where the gundams were in the 3rd Generation robotech stories.Gundams have scientist that make mechas.Armored Core and the rest of the robots in mechas.Destroids.AC.
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