Shock Cannons

A shock cannon was a type of turbolaser used on the Yamato (Argo in Starblazers) and other ships in the EDF (star force in Starblazers). A shock cannon worked charging up energy and forcing it thru the barrels of the turret, and cause great damage. Each barrel could move independently and take on ammo cartridges instead of the normal turbolaser blast.. The shock cannon was standard on most space battleships. Such ships that had this were the Yamato, Andromeda, Gailmon ships, and Desslok's flagship.The three 45.9 cm and two 15.5 cm three-barreled gun turrets of the original Yamato have been converted into powerful energy guns. Each turret fires three energy beams which spiral around each other to form a single, more powerful beam, capable of severely damaging or destroying enemy warships. The cannons are operated by seated human controllers, aiming orders transmitted from Bridge One. In addition to firing energy blasts, the guns can be loaded with other ammunition, most notably cartridges containing the devices used in the Rotating Asteroid Defense (see below). In the movie Be Forever, Yamato they are used to fire missiles containing Wave Motion energy, which even with a hundredth the power of the Wave Motion Gun cause tremendous destruction.

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