Robotech is an Americanized cartoon show called Macross, produced by Studio Nu in Japan in 1985. The original series was considered too short for station owners in America to syndicate, and so two bogus shows where added by Harmony Gold, and the original storyline was massively altered to add to the deception. Some examples of these changes are: The size of the SDF-1, (via spoken word), certain characters hair color and style radically change over time (Dana Sterling) the fate of both of the shows main characters was also altered.

The first 40 or so episodes of Robotech are worth viewing though, and are available at most movie rental stores, and on Macross can also be purchased, but as of now, there are no English re-voiced versions.
Robotech/Macross is considerd one of the greatest Anime shows of all time.
Robotechnology is the general term applied to the various advanced technologies reverse engineered from the alien spacecraft that crash-landed on Macross Island in 1999. When the object, officially classified as Alien Space Ship One (ASS-1) but commonly referred to as simply "The Visitor", crashed the world was embroild in a Global Civil War. With the arrival of the Visitor a truce was declared and an international team of scientists and engineers, led by German scientist Dr. Emil Lang, began work on deciphering the advanced alien technolology found within the spacecraft.

Under a strict veil of secrecy the science of Robotechnology was born. Work on Robotechnology was restricted to two locations, the original crash site on Macross Island (where work proceeded on the repair and refit of ASS-1) and at the newly established Robotech Research Facility near Tokyo.
Elements of Robotechnology

Human knowledge expanded almost exponentially as the ship slowly gave up its secrets. Several advances in science and engineering were made within the first few years, but the priority was on military technology. Those who knew of the alien ship also knew that one day that ship's original owners might come looking for it and they wanted to be prepared. The most significant advances to come out of Robotechnology were

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