Reflex Weaponry

The use of Protoculture power sources led to new advances in beam weapon technology. The near-inexhaustable energy available from the Protoculture-based power systems meant that practical vehicle-mounted energy weapons were now possible. The new series of mecha combat systems were the first to be equipped with beam weapon technology, followed by more conventional military equipment. Space-based platforms were outfitted with larger, even more powerful energy weapons that would not be practical for use in a planetary atmosphere. The peak of Reflex beam weapon technology was the Reflex Canon. These powerful weapons generated massive energy beams hundreds of meters across which were capable of destroying anything in their path. The first of these Reflex Canons was the Main Gun of the SDF-1. Three planetary defense versions (called Grand Canons) were slated to be built on Earth but only one, located at RDF Alaska Base, was completed before the Zentraedi orbital bombardment of 2011. The Alaska Grand Canon dealt a powerful blow to the Zentraedi fleet, destroying hundreds of enemy ships, before it was disabled in the planetary assault.

Beam weapons were not the only systems created from Reflex Weapon technology. Through a fortuitous accident engineers aboard the SDF-1 discovered they could adapt the Reflex energy used for the Main Gun into a defensive energy shield to protect the ship during combat. This barrier system proved unstable when used to shield the entire ship but proved very effective in protecting smaller regions through a series of individual, movable shields. This system was referred to as the Pinboint Barrier System. Robotech engineers experimenting with other uses for Protculture-based energy systems also developed Reflex energy powered warheads for long range missle systems, which allowed a large destructive payload to be deployed from existing ground, ship, fighter and mecha-based launch systems.

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