A reactor core (or just reactor) was a central power generating facility found in starships, space stations and planet-bound power plants of virtually any size.
e term reactor may refer to:

Antimatter reactor, a power source that used antimatter as a fuel
Bio-reactor, medical technology that could produce viruses
Dolamide reactor, a power source that used dolamide as a fuel
Field reactor, an ancient containment field generator
Fusion reactor, a later version of the nuclear reactor
Holodeck reactor, power source for starship holodecks
Impulse reactor, power source for starship impulse drive
Microfusion reactor, Cardassian power generating device
Nuclear fission reactor, nuclear power source for vehicles
Nuclear reactor, nuclear power source
PXK pergium reactor, a nuclear energy source from the early 23rd century
Reactor core, power source for Romulan and Cardassian bases
Tetryon reactor, power source for the Caretaker's array

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