An officer is a member of a group typically in the areas of the military, police, or some other form of authority. In a military service, an officer's typical role is to command and direct, maintain discipline and make plans and provisions for operation. Certain organizations have special criteria in order to achieve the status of officer. An officer is a person who has a position of authority in a hierarchical organization.
Officer (armed forces)

Shipping industry

Captain (nautical), the person in charge of a merchant ship
Chief Officer, typically the person in charge of the deck department of a merchant ship
Second Officer (nautical), typically the navigator and medical officer on a merchant ship
Third Officer or Third mate, typically the safety officer on a merchant ship

Law enforcement

Corrections officer
Customs officer
Officer of the court
Parking enforcement officer
Probation officer or Parole officer
Law enforcement officer or Peace officer
Police officer
Security officer

Politics and government

Chief Medical Officer
Presiding Officer
Returning officer
Foreign Service Officer, a diplomatic officer

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