A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm. Magazines can be removable (detachable) or integral to the firearm. The magazine functions by moving the cartridges stored in the magazine into a position where they may be loaded into the chamber by the action of the firearm. The detachable magazine is often referred to as a clip, although this is technically inaccurate.[1][2][3]

Magazines come in many shapes and sizes, from those of bolt action express rifles that hold only a few rounds to those for machine guns that hold hundreds of rounds. Since the magazine is an essential part of most repeating firearms, they are sometimes subject to regulation by gun control laws seeking to limit the number of cartridges they hold.Magazine is the name for an item or place within which ammunition or other explosive material is stored. It is taken from the Arabic word "makahazin" meaning "warehouse".

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