The Go-Bots cartoon series serves as a companion to the Go-Bots toyline. It centers on the adventures of Aero-Bot, Beast-Bot, Buzzer-Bot, Speed-Bot, and Strong-Bot, a group of robotic protectors sent to Earth from their home city of Botropolis, which is located on a comet. These Go-Bots can transform from their robot mode to a variety of altmodes, each representing one of the toys released under their name (For example, Beast-Bot can turn into both a gorilla and a cheetah).
“ Since the dawn of time, the city of Botropolis has been home to a race of highly adaptable… robots!
Each year, the Council selects a team of Go-Bots to protect and serve the planet which needs the most…
This time, that planet… is Earth.
They chose "The Very Best" in Aero-Bot.
"The Fastest" in Speed-Bot.
"The Strongest" in Strong-Bot.
"The Wildest" in Beast-Bot.
And "The Most Clever" in Buzzer-Bot.
In a dimension beyond the records of even the Transcendent Technomorphs two factions of metallic beings, one friendly and one evil, fight an ancient war on a ravaged technological world. After untold years of battle that war has spilled over onto Earth, where the combatants alter their bodies to take on disguises of land and air vehicles and continue their conflict among us!

Yet these seemingly mechanical beings are not Autobots or Decepticons. They're not even robots, but cyborgs: Guardians and Renegades from the shattered planet Gobotron. They are the GoBots.
Strange as it seems, these beings of metal and flesh may be their universe's counterparts to the Transformers as, according to an edition of Ask Vector Prime in Transformers Animated: The AllSpark Almanac II, their home planet Gobotron is the aspect of the omnipresent Primus for their very distant portion of the multiverse.

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