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"Today we conquer! Oh, if someday we are defeated…well…War has its fortunes. Good and bad."

- Commander Kor (2267) (TOS: "Errand of Mercy")

The following is a list of all military conflicts, rebellions, coups, etc that have occurred from the distant past to the far future, organized by date.
Distant past Edit
AtomicBombAn Atomic bomb is used during the Time of Awakening on Vulcan
Vaadwaur homeworld surfaceOrbital bombardment of the Vaadwaur homeworld

War in which the Slaver Empire fell: one billion years ago
Sargon's species final war: 500,000 years ago
Orbital bombardment of Iconia: 200,000 years ago.
Unspecified Mesopotamian battle in which Flint fought : c. 39th century BC
A series of conflicts on Beta III: ended c. 39th century BC
Battle of Thermopylae: 480 BC
Time of Awakening: c. 4th century
Final battle at Mount Seleya
Battle of Clontarf: 1014
Hur'q invasion: c. 14th century
Promellian-Menthar War: c. 14th century
Battle of Orelious IX
Ventax II period with wars: ended 1367

Or more precisely, until 1000 years before 2367; this date assumes that Ventaxan years are equal to Earth years.

Orbital bombardment of Vaadwaur homeworld: 1484
Overthrow of the Klingon Second Dynasty - 16th century
Pueblo Revolt: 1680
Spanish reconquest of areas lost in the Pueblo Revolt: ca. 1690

The episode specified this as ten years later.

Eminiar-Vendikar War: started c. 18th century, ended in 2267
American Revolution: 1775 – 1783

19th centuryEdit
Timestream image 5George Washington crosses the Delaware during the American Revolution
American Civil War, TimestreamA scene from the American Civil War

19th century

Human slave uprising on a Skagaran colony
Denobulan-Antaran wars (end date)
Battle of Trafalgar: 1805
Battle of Waterloo: 1815
Battle of the Alamo: 1836
American Civil War: 1861 – 1865
Sherman's March to the Sea: 1864 – 1865
Battle of Pine Mountain: 1864
Battle of Fort Hindman
Battle of Hampton Roads
An unspecified war fought on 892-IV (before 1868)

20th century Edit
First World WarEarth's First world war
White Sands zero hourNuclear Weapons development, part of cold war strategy

20th century

Anthracite strike of 1902: 1902
World War I: 1914 – 1918
Chicago saw a near-breakdown of conventional government and takeover by gangs in the 1920s.
World War II: 1939 – 1945
Battle of Britain: 1940 – 1941
Pearl Harbor attack
French Resistance

Additionally, the atomic bombing of Nagasaki was alluded to with a picture of the Fat Man bomb in the resetting time stream.

Brush Wars: ~1960s
Unspecified Asian coup d'etat: 1968
Tiananmen Square protests

The violent supression of this 1989 protest was glimpsed in the time stream as it reset.

Earth Cold War: ~1947 – 1991
Eugenics Wars: 1993 – 1996
Simultaneous coup d'états in 40 countries
Operations in North Africa

Conflicts of the 21st century Edit
Bell RiotsThe Bell Riots
PostAtomicHorrorTrialA court during the Post-atomic horror

21st century

Vulcan-Andorian conflict
Vulcan annexation of Weytahn: 2097
World Trade Center attack: 2001

Though an image of a burning World Trade Center was seen in the timestream, no information besides the image was given concerning the nature of the incident.

Nakan massacre
Irish rebellion - ended in 2024 with the Irish Unification of 2024
Bell Riots: 2024
Unrest amongst students in France: 2024
Xindi Civil War: c. 2030s
World War III: c. ~2053
Post-atomic horror: second half of 21st century
Earth-Kzin Wars: c. 2060s
Earth-Terra Nova dispute: ended 2083

Furthermore, while the Iraq War was not explicitly mentioned, it was heavily alluded to, through an article in Daniel's database which mentioned George W. Bush's plans to unseat Saddam Hussein.

Conflicts of the 22nd century Edit
Xindi weapon beamThe Xindi probe strikes Earth
Vulcan cruisers open fire, Kir'SharaBattle of Andoria, the final battle in the Vulcan-Andorian conflict.

22nd century

Vulcan-Andorian conflict
Coridan civil war: 2150s
A series of three Andorian intrusions of P'Jem: last one in 2151
Andorian orbital bombardment of P'Jem: 2152
Andorian re-occupation and defense of Weytahn: 2152
Battle of Andoria: 2154
Dominion-Teplan conflict
Unspecified conflict in which the Denobulan Infantry was involved.

Can be deduced to be between 2115 when Phlox became a doctor and 2149, when he joined the Interspecies Medical Exchange.

Krenim-Rilnar conflict

Wiped from history, but implied to be restored.

IKS Somraw raid on Xarantine outpost: 2151
Tessic's colony conflict with Klingon Privateers: Ended 2152, ongoing for "five seasons"
Periodic coups on Xantoras, including one in 2153
Border Incursions of 2112: 2112
Klingon Empire internal struggle: until 2151

This was described as a "fierce internal struggle", but falling short of a civil war.

Tandaran-Suliban conflict: started in 2044, ongoing as of 2152
Zobral's clan rebellion: 2150s
Temporal Cold War: 2151
Outbreak of violence aboard the Seleya: 2152
Outbreak of violence aboard Vaankara: 2152
Religious war on Triannon: Ended in 2152 or 2153
Xindi incident: 2153 – 2154
Battle of Azati Prime
Augment Crisis: 2154
Vulcan High Command persecution of Syrranites: ended 2154
Bombing of United Earth Embassy: 2154
Bombarding of T'Karath Sanctuary : 2154
Babel Crisis: 2154
Terra Prime crisis: 2155
Earth-Romulan War: 2156-2160
Battle of Cheron
Federation-Klingon Cold War
Borg assimilation of Species 262: late 22nd century

Late 22nd century to mid 23rd century Edit

Within their sphere of influence, the Romulans fought a number of campaigns against an undisclosed force or forces.

Based on dialogue from TOS: "Balance of Terror".

Conflicts of the 23rd century Edit
Klingon invasion of OrganiaKlingon invasion forces on Organia
USS Enterprise misses the ReliantBattle of the Mutara Nebula, Khan Noonien Singh's final stand

Federation-Klingon Cold War
Battle of Donatu V: 2245
Mass execution of colonists on Tarsus IV: 2246
Battle of Axanar
Raid on Caleb IV: c. 2260s
Pralor-Cravic war: ongoing as early as 2222 and at least until 2372
Federation-Sheliak Conflict: 2255
Borg assimilation of El-Aurian homeworld: 2256
Neutral Zone Incursion: 2266
Federation-Klingon War: 2267
Klingon invasion of Organia
Gorn attack on Cestus III: 2267
Interplanetary conflict in the region of Altair VI: ended ca. 2267
Planet killer intrusion in Federation space: 2267
Destruction of all life in the Malurian system by Nomad
Coup on Capella IV: 2267
Conflict between the Hill People and a neighboring tribe. : 2267-2268)
Conflict between Southside Territory and Northside Territory on Sigma Iotia II: ongoing in 2268

It seems likely that this conflict started at some point after the cultural changes on the planet which started in 2168

Elasian-Troyian war - started "decades" before 2268, possibly ended in that year
Ekos-Zeon conflict : ended 2268, duration a "few" years
2268 - removal of all Zeons from the Ekosian capital

Kirk called the events of the episode a civil war.

Disrupter's rebellion: Ended 2269
Attempted Son'a takeover of Ba'ku: 2270s
Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt: 2271
Battle of the Mutara Nebula: 2285
Feira Incident: before 2287
Albino raids on Klingon colonies: 2290s
Ansata struggle for independence; started 2296, ongoing as of 2366
Khitomer conspiracy: 2293
Battle of Khitomer: 2293

Conflicts of the 24th century Edit
Wolf 359 wreckage 1Wreckage after the Battle of Wolf 359
Federation Alliance fleetThe First Battle of Chin'toka, part of the Dominion War

24th century

Tomed Incident: 2311
Son'a conquest of Tarlac & Ellora species: 2320s
Alpha moon-Beta moon conflict: ongoing since 19th century, ended 2337
Mordan IV civil war: 2319 – 2359
Occupation of Bajor: 2328 – 2369
Bajoran Resistance: 2328 – 2369
Raid on the Haru outpost
Raid on Pullock V
Liberation of Gallitep labor camp: 2357
Destruction of a Cardassian orbital drydock around 2360
Kendra Valley Massacre
Kiessa Monastery massacre
Dominion annexation of Yadera Prime
Federation-Cardassian War: c. 2340s – 2367
Setlik III massacre: ~2347
Attempted Cardassian annexation of Minos Korva
mining of the Beloti sector
Unauthorised destruction of an Cardassian outpost by the USS Phoenix: 2367
"Constant border disputes" in the sector containing Draygo IV; ongoing in 2370

The dialogue heavily implies, but does not make it explicit that these disputes are between the Federation and the Cardassians.

Battle of Narendra III: 2344
Khitomer Massacre: 2346
Klingon raid in which Neral's family was killed: 2350
Klaestron Civil War: mid-24th century
Gentonian trade wars: mid-24th century
Norkan Campaign: mid-24th century
Tarsian War: mid-24th century
endemic feuding on Acamar III: ongoing until the mid-24th century
Federation-Tholian conflict
Tholian Attack on a Federation Starbase: 2353
Battle of Maxia: 2355
Galen border conflicts: ~2357
Battle at Castal I
Destruction of Galen IV colony
Parada Civil War: started 2358, ongoing in 2370
Federation-Tzenkethi War: c. 2360s
Rekag-Seronia dispute: 2360s, intensified in 2369
Klingon raid into Federation space: 2362 (Aquiel)
Antican-Selay wars: ongoing as of 2364
Destruction of the USS Drake: 2364
Operation Lovely Angel: 2365
Civil war on Daled IV: ongoing for centuries in 2365
Husnock attack on Delta Rana IV: 2366
Destruction of a station in the Cuellar system: 2367
Kriosian struggle for independence: ongoing in 2367
Lysian-Satarran conflict: ongoing in 2368, started "decades" before
Klingon Civil War: 2367 – 2368
Kriosian-Valtese conflict: ongoing for centuries as of 2368
Battle of Mempa
Ktarian takeover attempt of Starfleet: 2368
Ennis-Nol-Ennis war: ongoing in 2369
Breakdown of government onTilonus IV: 2369
Cardassian attack on Solarion IV: 2369
Paqu-Navot dispute: 2369
Destruction of two Ferengi freighters by Cardassians in the Igo sector: 2369
Proxcinian War: c. 2370s
Attempted coup d'état by the Alliance for Global Unity on Bajor: 2370
Maquis insurrection: 2370-2373
Destruction of the Bok'Nor: 2370
Orias assault: 2371
Attacks on Veloz Prime and Quatal Prime: 2373
Marquis annihilation: 2373
Palamar conflict: ongoing in 2373
Battle of Veridian III: 2371
Conflict between USS Equinox and the Krowtonan Guard: 2371
Two week Bajoran government standoff with Shakaar :2371
Voyager-Kazon conflict: 2371 - 2373
Rogue Jem'Hadar raid on Deep Space 9: 2372
Breen privateer raid on Free Haven: 2372
Conflict involving the Manchovites: armistice before 2373

This conflict would have active during the professional career of Gaila

Palamar conflict: ongoing in 2373
Q Civil War: 2373
Year of Hell: 2374
Battle of the Briar Patch: 2375
Brief war between beings Doctor Chaotica and beings of the Fifth dimension: 2375
Territorial dispute in the Goren system: 2375
Conflict between USS Equinox and nucleogenic lifeforms: Ended in 2376
Attempted Reman takeover of the Romulan Star Empire: 2379
Battle in the Bassen Rift: 2379

Dominion cold war and warEdit

Dominion cold war: 2370 – 2373
Battle of New Bajor: 2370
Battle of the Omarion Nebula: 2371
Attempted United Federation of Planets coup by Vice admiral Leyton: 2372
Klingon-Cardassian War: 2372 – 2373
Destruction of Korma outpost: 2372
Federation-Klingon War: 2372 – 2373
First Battle of Deep Space 9: 2372
Battle of Ajilon Prime: 2373
Battle at Ganalda IV
Raid on Archanis
Dominion War: 2373 – 2375
Second Battle of Deep Space 9: 2373
Dominion taking control of Kepla sector: 2373
Battle of Torros III: 2373
Battle of the Tyra system: 2374

Between the battle of the Tyra system and Operation Return, a large operation called the "Bolian Operation" also took place. It is unknown if this was a battle or something else, though many lives hung in the balance.

Operation Return: 2374
Battle of Betazed: 2374

At this point in the war there was also some kind of Jem'Hadar mission to Coridan, though it's unclear if this was an attack or some kind of covert operation.

Romulan strikes on 15 bases along Cardassian border: 2374

These strikes were said to be the opening strikes in the Romulan involvement.

Three Second Fleet attacks on Betazed: 2374
First Battle of Chin'toka: 2374
Battle of Monac IV: 2375
Siege of AR-558: 2375
Raid on Trelka V: 2375
Battle of Ricktor Prime: 2375
Invasion of Septimus III: 2375
Breen attack on Earth: 2375
Second Battle of Chin'toka: 2375
Battle of Avenal: 2375
Cardassian Rebellion: 2375
Battle of Rondac III: 2375
Attack on Adarak Prime
Attack on Tevak shipyards
mission to Kelvas repair facility
Dominion destruction bases of the rebellion
Attack on Jem'Hadar barracks at the Cardassian capital city
Battle of Cardassia: 2375
Destruction of Lakarian City

Conflicts involving the Borg Edit

Caatati-Borg conflict: ended in early 24th century
Federation-Borg conflicts:
Battle of Wolf 359: 2367
Rogue Borg attack on Ohniaka III: 2369
Rogue Borg attack on MS I colony: 2369
Battle of Sector 001: 2373
Borg-Species 6339 conflict: started 2371, assimilation nearly complete in 2375
Borg-Species 8472 War: 2373 – 2374
Borg-Species 116 conflict: centuries, until c. 2374
Borg-Species 10026 conflict: Near-complete Borg victory in 2375
Borg-Brunali conflict: ongoing in 2376
Borg Civil War: 2377

Delta Quadrant regional conflicts Edit

Excluding those involving the Federation through USS Equinox or USS Voyager.

Uxal war: early 24th century
Kazon uprising: 2346
Talaxian-Haakonian War: mid-2340s - mid-2350s
Battle of the Pyrithian Gorge
Alsaurian resistance; started at the latest in 2360s, active in 2372
Banean-Numiri conflict: ongoing in 2371
Etanian-Nezu conflict: 2373
Vori - Kradin conflict: ongoing in 2374
Great War: beginning in late 2374
Iden's Rebellion: 2377
Lokirrim Holographic insurection : ongoing in 2377
Conflict between: Aksani, Antarian, Chessu and one more species: ended before 2377
Vojean-Wyngari conflict: started 2378

Conflicts of the possible future Edit
Battle of Procyon VBattle of Procyon V

26th century

Battle of Procyon V

31st century

Temporal Cold War
Temporal War

Conflicts with indeterminate dates Edit
Klingon-Borg encounterUnspecified battle between the Klingon Defense Force and a Borg cube

Kohm-Yang war: implied to be millenia before 2267
Galactic Wars (before 2269)
Trabe conquest and subjugation of Kazon (before 2346)
Battle of Prexnak (before 2374)
Battle of Zambrano (at most last 15 centuries before 2365)
Erselrope Wars (before 2364)
Kenzie Rebellion (before 2366)
Violent rebellion resulting in the independence of Mexico from Spain.

While not named or dated in canon, this seems to refer to the Mexican War of Independence fought between1810 and 1821.

Andorian-Tellarite conflict

Asuming Tellarites have Human-like lifespans, this was most likely in the 22nd century.

Attack on Station Salem-One (before 2366)
Final war on Cheron (between ca. 47,732 B.C. and 2268)
Six conflicts in which the Mizarian were conquered, in the 3 centuries before 2366.
Ghorusda Disaster (before 2266)

Asuming Betazoids have Human-like lifespans, this was most likely in the 24th century.

Koinonian Wars ("centuries" before 2366)
Talosian nuclear holocaust ("thousands of centuries" before 2254)
Tarellian Civil War
Saltah'na power struggle (before 2369)
Dominion conquest of the T-Rogorans (before 2370)
Borg-Sakari conflict (some time before 2373)
Based on assimilated individuals, both Klingons and Romulans seem to have had undocumented encounters with the Borg.
Uprising of Human slaves on a Briori planet: 15 Human generations before 2371
Motali Empire-Bara Plenum war: before 2375
Forceful displacement of Native Americans from their ancestral lands: centuries before 2370
Warlike period on Zeon: ended "dozens of [Zeon] generations" before 2268 (TOS: "Patterns of Force")
The Spanish, Dutch and the Portuguese had engaged in conquest under the guise of exploration. (TNG: "Time's Arrow, Part II")
Attacks on the Diana and USS Muleskinner: Before 2364

This was shown in a viewscreen graphic on the USS Enterprise-D, taken from the Spaceflight Chronology, which further explained the attacks were by Romulans in the buildup to the Earth-Romulan war.

Triacus marauder attacks on the worlds of Epsilon Indi
The Aquans had apparently been attacked by air breathers in the past.
Destruction of Gol

Involving the Klingon Empire Edit

Battle of Tong Vey

Since this battle was commanded by a Klingon Emperor called Sompek, and the last Emperor reigned in the mid-21st century, it can be assumed that the battle took place before that time.

Failed Klingon invasion of the Breen. (during the Klingon Second Empire)

This was also ordered by a Klingon emperor, and thus most likely before the mid-21st century

Klingon annexation of Raatooras: some years before 2153
Klingon conquest of Krios: after 2152
Battle of HarOs (before 2370)
Betreka Nebula Incident ("ages" before 2372)
A battle at Korma Pass (During the life of Kor, before 2372)
An attack on Romulus (During the life of Kor, before 2372)
Romulan boarding of ShiVang's flagship

Martok's quote that he has hated Kor's "name for almost thirty years" would put his service on the flagship and the Romulan attack sometime in the late 2340s/early 2350s.

Conquest of the Zora Fel
Liberation of Vrax
A Klingon-Romulan battle at Tranome Sar

During Kahless' life Edit

Some inconsistencies exist concerning the exact dating of Kahless' life. See the note here for details.

Kahless-led uprising against Molor
Battle of Qam-Chee
Battle of River Skral
Kahless slaying of the Fek'Ihri
Battle at Three Turn Bridge

This battle might or might not be part of his uprising against Molor.

Involving the Romulan Star Empire Edit

Conflicts involving both the Romulans and the Klingons have been listed under the Klingon Empire section.

A 100 year long war between the Vulcans and the Romulan Star Empire
A battle involving the Romulan commander Chulak at Galorndon Core (before 2370)
Battle of Vorkado (before 2377)

Alternate timelines Edit
White House, Storm FrontGerman forces occupy Washington, DC
EarthExplodingEarth destroyed by the Xindi

Nazi Germany conquest of Earth

Seen in TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever"

An alternate version of World War II
Nazi conquest of France, Belgium and the Netherlands
Nazi conquest and occupation of the United States
Battles in Virginia
American resistance
American counter-offensive in southern Virginia, eastern Pennsylvania and at the Ohio River
Nazi invasion of Russia and capture of Moscow
Nazi operations in Africa
United States of America counter-offensive, crossing of the Ohio River

Seen in ENT: "Storm Front". Given that the sinking of the Enterprise was thought to have left no survivors, it was probably also sunk as a result of a battle (as opposed to scuttling).

Alternate reality invasion of Federation space by the Borg. (before 2370)

This reality was evidenced in one of the realities witnessed in "Parallels". The borg were discribed as being "everywhere".

Federation-Klingon War: c. 2340s – 2366
Zahl conquest of Krenim Imperium
Klingon Empire conquering of the Romulan Star Empire

Seen in Q's anti-time timeline.

Xindi eradication of Humanity
Xindi destruction of Earth: c. 2154
Xindi destruction of Mars, Alpha Centauri and Vega colony
Xindi destruction of a Human convoy in the Mutara system: 2165
Battle at Human colony on Ceti Alpha V: late 2160s

This timeline was seen in "Twilight".
A few vaguely referenced incidents might also qualify. "The Visitor" showed hostilities between the Federation and the Klingon empire, and while war was not mentioned, these seemed serious enough that Starfleet was forced to hand over control of Deep Space 9. Given Janeway's confidence, her assertion that the Borg are no longer a threat to the Federation in "Endgame" might have been proven in combat. The same episode also mentioned a seemingly serious conflict between Voyager and the Fen Domar. "Shockwave" showed a future where Earth was in ruins, but did not specify if this was the result of direct conflict.

Alternate reality Edit
MA 2009 Warning! This section may contain spoilers for new Star Trek material.
Vulcan consumed by black holeVulcan destroyed by Nero

A battle between the Narada and 47 Klingon ships: 2258
Battle of Vulcan: 2258
Battle of Earth: 2258
Attack on Daystrom Building: 2259
Confrontation in Ketha Province: 2259
Battle of Luna: 2259

Mirror universe Edit
Shotgun used by Zefram Cochrane (mirror)Zefram Cochrane sets of Terran expansion into space

note that many of these events are without clear dates

Terran Empire rebellion : 2150s
Battle at Tau Ceti: ca. 2155
Unnamed battle between Terran Assault Fleet and rebels: 2155
Hoshi Sato's coup d'etat: 2155
Gorlan rebellion - before 2267
Terran conquest of Bajor
Klingon-Cardassian Alliance conquest of the Terran Empire
Terran Rebellion: 2370s
Battle of Terok Nor: 2372

A number of unspecified conquests seem to have taken place also. Between 2063 and 2155, Earth had conquered the Vulcans and the Gorlans, and seemingly at least partially conquered or enslaved the Andorians, Tellarites, Denobulans, and Orions, as well as some unidentified species.

Averted conflictsEdit

These are planned conflicts which were stopped before they could start.

Aldea cloaked itself to go unseen by Marauders and other hostile passers-by who might rob and plunder. (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks")
Ekosian Final Decision: aborted at the last minute in 2268. (TOS: "Patterns of Force")
Some time before 2269, Garth of Izar ordered the annihilation of Antos IV inhabitants. His crew refused the order. (TOS: "Whom Gods Destroy")
In 2365, conflict nearly broke out between Altec and Straleb. (TNG: "The Outrageous Okona")
A Romulan invasion of Vulcan was planned but averted in 2368 (TNG: "Unification II")
A 2370 Maquis attack on Aschelan V.
A 2370 Maquis attack on Bryma.
In 2372 Garak attempted an unauthorised orbital bombardment of the Founders' homeworld using the USS Defiant. He was caught. (DS9: "Broken Link")
Shortly before the [[Federation-Klingon War (2372-73)|Federation-Klingon War]], representatives of Federation worlds along the Klingon unsuccesfully called for a Federation preemptive strike. (DS9: "Broken Link")
A Kelvan invasion of the Milky Way. (TOS: "By Any Other Name")
In 2373, the Regent of Palamar planned a campaign on Nassuc's homeworld, but was killed before it could begin.

Accounts of conflicts proven to be falseEdit
FerengiAlleged advance scouts for the Ferengi invasion of Earth

In 1947 Nog managed to bluff the United States Army by suggesting a Ferengi invasion of Earth was imminent. (DS9: "Little Green Men")
After the USS Enterprise was attacked (and managed to evade) Ekosian missiles in 2268, the Ekosian government spinned this event as the succesfull defeat of an attack by multiple Zeon spacecraft. (TOS: "Patterns of Force")
Under the influence of the Beta XII-A entity, Pavel Chekov falsely believed he had a brother, Piotr Chekov, who had been killed by the Klingons on Archanis. (TOS: "Day of the Dove")
The Beta XII-A entity created a false memory of an agricultural colony on Beta XII-A being destroyed by Klingons. (TOS: "Day of the Dove")
In 2367 elements in the Federation feared that the Cardassians would try to annex the Igo sector. This proved to be incorrect. (TNG: "Realm of Fear")
In 2368, Romulan admiral Alidar Jarok defected to the Federation with information that a Romulan invasion of Federation space was being prepared. However, the admiral had been fed false intelligence to test his loyalty. (TNG: "The Defector")
New Berlin colony reported a Borg attack in 2369. They proved to be mistaken. (TNG: "Descent")
Eris claimed to have been a citizen of a planet called Kurill Prime which was conquered by the Dominion in 2370. However, her story was a fabrication. (DS9: "The Jem'Hadar")
After Seven of Nine modified her alcove to double as a cortical processing subunit, she incorrectly deduced that USS Voyager was trying to establish a military presence in the Delta Quadrant. (VOY: "The Voyager Conspiracy")
The Romulan senator vreenak was lead to believe that the Dominion was planing an invasion of the Romulan Star Empire. However, the incriminating evidence turned out to be Faaake. (DS9: "In Pale Moonlight")

Hippocrates Noah mapEarth's continents destroyed.

Some of these might still be based on real events.

Massacre of Ferris VI
Invaders from the Ninth Dimension
Hirogen's Klingon simulation

Note that the other Hirogen scenarios featured in the episode were based on real incidents.

Doctor Chaotica attempted conquests of Earth.
Hippocrates Noah attempt to destroy the Earth's continents.

Other and unsureEdit
Sailing ship firing, TimestreamAn unknown ship, firing its cannons for unknown reasons.

The vast majority of species assimilated by the Borg were presumably, at least briefly, in conflict with them.
When taken together, The short life expectencies of Jem'Hadar, together with the fact that very few don't die in battle, would suggest that the Dominion is constantly involved in conflict, even beyond those seen on-screen.
A number of species were said to have once been warlike, even if no specific conflicts were named.
Argelius II was very violent before its Great Awakening. It is unknown if this violence extended to armed conflict. Skorr can similary be assumed to have been involved in many conflicts before their awakening.
Ekosians were a said to be a warlike people untill at least a few years before 2268.
By 2366, Chrysalians had been at peace for ten generations
A number of species were said to have a reputation as warriors or conquerers, even if no specific conflicts were mentioned:
Kelvans were implied to have a tradition of conquest.
Remans were said to have historically been known as great warriors, and as such presumably fought in a number of conflicts, even before the Dominion War.
On a few occasions, it was said that war was looming or imminent somewhere, and that statement was not followed up on.
According to Malcolm Reed, war was brewing on Gosis' species homeworld in 2152. (ENT: "The Communicator")
War loomed on Epsilon Canaris III in 2267. The Federation tried to prevent this, but the outcome is unknown.
"The Magnificent Ferengi" (set during the Dominion War mentioned that several Starfleet missions into Cardassian space had not returned. While not explicitly said, presumably this was the result of battle.
The Cardassian wars caused many deaths on Camor V. However, the exact cause was not explicitly stated.
2367 saw a Salenite miner dispute on Pentarus V. It is unclear how far this went, but it was said they were very prone to violence.
The fact that Romulans in the 2150 held a strict doctrine of Unlimited expansion would suggest that they engaged in conquest in the period before the Earth-Romulan War.
The N'Kree were attempting to recruit the Silver Blood USS Voyager into their battle fleet in either 2374 or 2375.
A particular sailing ship firing was seen in both the Guardian of Forever and the resetting timestream.
Armenia and Belgium Belgium were said to have been located on "natural invasion routes".
Trelane asked Kirk if Uhura was " "a Nubian prize, taken on one of your raids of conquest…?"
The Vaadwaur apparently raided and conquered many species before their defeat in the 15th century. This included conflict with the Talax-ilzay, and possibly the Turei.
Warlords were known to operate on Preenos and Kelis' homeworld.
The Carnelian minefield was presumably deployed in the context of some conflict
Ramses, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Lee Kuan and Krotus were individuals known to have pursued power and conquest. Genghis Khan, Maltuvis and Ferris were not explicitly said to have engaged in conquest, but were nonetheless compared to some of these people.
Quark mentioned a Minnobia-Vek war as part of a plot, and given the circumstances most likely would not dare to make names up
Luther Sloan claimed that his son was killed in a Dominion attack on a Federation convoy, but given that he was posing as someone he was not at the time, that may not be true.

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