Beam Cannon

A particle beam cannon was a weapon that utilized focused particles of energy. A particle beam was a form of projectile that utilized coherent particles of energy that could be fired from a particle beam blaster or particle cannon turret. The beam, usually a pale yellow bolt, differed from a normal particle bolt emitted from blasters, in that a particle beam utilized particles that where not as densely packed, but where much more energized: resulting in a bolt that was both unstable, but very powerful.

Due to their unstable nature, particle beams acted like blaster bolts when fired, but upon contact with an energy field or solid object, would explode violently. This made them extremely valuable in artillery weapons, such as the Particle cannon turret. As well as an effective backup weapon, as seen in the Police cruiser backup units particle beam blaster. Particle beams where thus also very effective against lightsaber wielding opponents, as even a rifle grade particle beam blaster couldn't be deflected by a lightsaber, as it would explode in a small yield burst upon contact. .

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