A Battloid is defined as any non-transformable ground mecha with a humanoid shape. Technically a subclass of Destroid, they possess a set of legs and as set of arm like apendages. While all [Veritech] Fighters have a battloid mode, they are not battloids as they are capable of transformation. This term also excludes Zentradi power armor and veritech cyclones
Types of Battloids

Bioroids Robtech Master combat Vehicles

Salamander Combat Battloid

Unicorn Civil Defense Battloid

Invid Scouts Invid aerial mecha

Invid Trooper Invid ground forces

Royal Command Battloids Elite Invid Warriors

Invid Pincer Commander Battlefield commander
A Battloid is a term for a humanoid shaped piloted non-transformable mecha. Bioroids, destroids, Invid fighters are types of battloids. However, Zentraedi Power Armor, Veritech Cyclones and unmanned vehicles are not counted as battloids. (Robotech Infopedia)

Battloid also refers to the "battloid mode" used by Veritech mecha.

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